We’re not surprised the vice president won’t be composing most of the tweets from his account. After all, it’s tough to remember Twitter’s “website number” and writing original material is awfully hard.


Twitter celebrates the VP’s reboot with the #JoeBidenTweets hashtag game.!/Nagler/statuses/189341891010105346!/Ben_Howe/statuses/189363446519840768!/Ben_Howe/statuses/189364707470221312!/ThePantau/status/189367561962536960

  • Chance Boudreaux

    I knew it!! Biden is an animatronic from Tommorowland, where all Liberals live in their heads! ah, Utopia!

  • Bpro2000

    Is this anything like Etch-A-Sketch

  • Rob

    Is he still a member of the “cracked head club” with Gabbie Giffords ?  I still can’t believe that meat head actually said that .