There are no words.

  • diskinetic

    Yes there are: stupid.

  • Jeffrey Claypool

    SMH…. I really can’t even comment on this tweet

  • Love of Country

    And Lindsey Lohan is why I never take my own abundant common sense for granted …. you just don’t always know what you have until it’s gone.

    • Brett McMicken

      maybe she was stoned during the last few hurricanes

  • Mark O’Malley

    Just. Wow.

  • kwaker


  • Brett McMicken

    beyond words…

  • ImTheNana

    And #DitzoftheDayAward goes to…

  • sanama51

    Her own words show her ignorance far better than anything I could write.

  • Scott

    LiLo needs to follow the yellow brick road to the rabbit hole and back to never never land!

  • Typewriterstreaming

    VAPID, how’s that for one? #namethatboob

  • JoH113

    Tie your tubes, woman.

    • TundraThunder

      Tied tubes can come undone. Tubes need to be cut AND tied.

  • cfc1905

    Boy, if Morontown ever needs a mayor….

  • detroit19

    Yeah…that’ll work. Words cannot describe the depth of your ignorance so quit using them, PLEASE!

  • afvet4america

    Doe she think the hurricane is like reading her thoughts? Sally! What a joke she is.

  • Mike Simpson

    Definitely *NOT* thinking with her #LadySmarts.

    • janicecourtney

      she’s neither a lady or smart…

  • Smart Grunt

    Growing up in the Philippines and dealing with several typhoons a year, I never got too worried about hurricanes. Stock up before storm season, refill it when you use it, and get out the way if it’s too much storm for your pad.

    • jimforbes

      My USAF son is on Okinawa. They are laughing at the Sandy reporting from here. Cat-1 is just a shower to them

      • dave lewis

        Why is something that is going to cause misery for millions of people funny?

        It would be one thing if the N.E. was sparsely populated. It is not. And even if it was, it wouldn’t be funny for the inhabitants.

        Last years Labor Day mess and Octobers snow storm in New England caused millions of dollars of damage. Roads, bridges, houses destroyed. This storm is could have the same results. I guess your sons sense of humor and mine are different.

        • Vanessa Rumrey

          Plus, it’s more than just a Hurricane. It’s days upon days of rain. Cold and Warm fronts DO NOT MIX.

      • sueseact

        It’s not the storm it’s the surge… millions of dollars of damage is not funny! People without power for weeks is not funny. Check out the pictures already and it hasn’t even hit land yet. Send them to your son, thank him for his service for me but this is NOT funny!

      • Sean Barrentine

        Gulf Coast native, here. Cat-2 or lower ain’t even worth waking up for for us. The issue is they don’t have the same preparations in place for those sort of storms. We ain’t got subways here, for example, and only a few cities have high rises. Manhattan is a textbook example of what you should NOT have if you’re in a hurricane zone. Even a weak storm like Sandy will do them like a solid Cat-3 would us.

    • WJGBalderama

      And make sure a bangka is at the ready.

  • FromNJ

    I bet she’d be worried if hurricane Sandy was headed for her dealer’s house.

  • nc

    Her agent should taker her Tweeter away.

  • Lady 12

    Well, what can you expect from a girl who starred in Mean Girls…

  • grais

    Yeah, Happy Thoughts and Prayers for Peace…great hurricane prep.

    • Jedd McHead

      Yeah, the 69 dead in the Caribbean were only killed because they didn’t “think positive”. If only this sage had tweeted sooner!

  • vcferlita

    Sounds lie she’s been hanging around Deepak Chopra.

  • Ree Fungorio

    all she’s doing is asking a question, why doesn’t someone answer her? I remain curious as well over what will happen during and after the hurricane. I guess I just know where to look. Is this MF going to knock buildings over?

    • Maria

      Okay, so.. Don’t go to a shelter or stock up on goods and go in the storm cellar if you’re in the hurricane’s path despite warnings to the contrary. Positive thinking will save us all! /sarc/

  • Brent Guthrie

    Just think rainbows and unicorns Lindsey. That mean ol’ hurricane will hear you and ….just……..go……..away.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    it’s like, water, you know? it’s like… helping things grow and stuff. like, everyone just chill. like, i know it’s windy and that does really freaky shit to my hair, HATE THAT, but like… pray for peace, and like… just love everybody.

  • Beth

    This is what you get when you cross massive amounts of drugs and alcohol, Hollywood, youth, and stupidity. She should not be allowed to breed. Ever.

  • Debbie

    Do you KNOW what a hurricane IS???? DUH?!?! We have tornados in Alabama and that’s just a TASTE of what a hurricane is…HOW CAN ANYONE be so DUMB??? Good grief…((and they walk among us))

  • Elda B

    Lindsay (I am going to call you Paquita) …Paquita…please, think…..a little bit..I know is hard for you, but try!!

  • EastValleyConservative

    The drugs and alcohol have not been friendly to her.

  • Francis Arsenic

    Poor lost girl.

  • Maria

    Really? Did she tweet that? L O L Okay you guys let’s all think positive and maybe the big bad hurricane will go away. Wake up, Sweetie. hurricanes don’t care what you think negative or positive, they don’t think, they are NOT alive! Sally? Umm it’s Sandy.

    Prayers and best wishes to any Twitchers out there who are in the hurricane’s path, or know anyone in the hurricane’s path. God Bless.

  • Charles Hammond Jr

    Positive thinking doesn’t provision supplies or fill sandbags.

    Prayer is no substitute for proper preparation.

  • Renny

    Happy, happy, joy, joy in LALA land.

  • Boon Companion

    This article was officially awesome.

  • papertiger0

    I just love her. She’s like that girl from Cripple Creek, “A drunkard’s dream if I ever did see one”

  • Yeeheecom

    too much msnbc, too many drugs or just plain stupid. Probably all three.

  • Snarky D

    Dear Ms. Lohan,

    The Jersey shore is lovely under the light of a full moon. Please check it out, you really must see it for yourself. Tonight would be good.

    With love,
    People with common sense

    p.s. Bring a surfboard and a lead belt so the pleasant breeze doesn’t blow you off of it.

  • Jim Russell

    I want to know why Twitchy gives this character any notice at all??

  • michael s

    why are you insulting your fellow romney supporter? has linz worn out her welcome? at least some of us knew she was vile from day one?

    • Wondering

      Haven’t you heard? She switched her endorsement and support to Obama last week.

      • michael s

        how sickening i still feel the same way about her.

  • RanierWest

    I’m going back to Sally, Sally, Sally (beat) I’m going back to Sally… hmph… I don’t think so!

  • RanierWest

    Don’t be so negative on Lindsay… She can provide a much needed job to some lucky American… Driver! Wonder what she would pay?

  • Amos

    Hollyweird is missing its village idiot

  • Jackson1961

    No wonder their leaders/gods promote abortion secrecy for their 14 years olds but won’t even let the adults buy a 24 oz. soda.

  • Andrewpalandrew

    Put the bong down and step away, slowly. .

  • Bazzy

    wonder how praying for peace will help her family on Long Island, in the path of record storm surge. can’t a judge put a gag order on her yet!??

  • Matthew T. Mason

    For the record, she made this statement while having a Twitter conversation with a pair of moronic sodomites. I know because I was there.

  • littleones

    are those her pictures of drugs?

  • AUBraves

    Isn’t that soooo cute! She (I’m calling her Linda) even took the time to pick out a new name for it.

  • Jedd McHead

    Lindsay, I keep trying to “think positive” and pray but, still, you keep popping up in the news.

  • linda

    Surfs up in the Atlantic. Grab your surfboard, Lindsay.

  • Wombat_socho

    Um…she’s telling people not to panic. Why all the hate, people? This may be one of the most sensible things she’s said (or Tweeted) in weeks.