Accidents involving trains hauling oil seem to happen with relative regularity, causing environmental damage and hazardous conditions for local populations.

With that in mind, Mother Jones asked a simple question:

Why? This was a job for Captain Obvious!

When in doubt, just go to the old standby:


  • Vanakatherock

    Well, technically, the cars are a little dated and frack oil/gas is a little more volitale than the normal.

    However, I do agree there should be an XL pipeline built, but Warren Buffet’s BNSF is making tons of $$ off of hauling oil. They’re hauling so much, in fact, that they’ve had to get Union Pacific to help them with the non-oil cargo. UP has started helping BNSF with Powder River basin coal delivery to the southeast.

    • Donny Zunker

      I would mention a couple of things…. There is a WSJ article about rail traffic and the impact the dedicated oil trains are having on shipments for both BNSF and UP. It’s about 2-3 months old… Both UP and BNSF haul coal out of Powder Basin… Both UP and BSNF take turns paying to maintain the tracks, like 2 year cycles…. UP bought C&NW mostly for the coal they were hauling. Used to be a single track. Now there are at least 3 and possibly 4 or 5 tracks wide for dedicated coal trains in and out of Powder Basin. Lots of trains 24/7… I have been there… And lastly Canadian Pacific and Canadian National haul oil. I have seen dedicated oil trains running through Milwaukee… Canadian National can run a train from Canada to Louisiana and never leave the tracks they own. A lot of Canadian grain gets shipped out Houston and Louisiana.

    • Frack Engineer Dave

      Can you tell me the difference regular oil/gas and oil/gas coming from a well that has been stimulated or “fracked”?

      • Guest

        “fracked oil”, it’ll get you 15% better gas mileage :-)

        • Buffet’s Railway

          It’s more nutritious too!

          • Franken Stein

            Because electrolytes.

          • TheDarkHelmet

            Wait, isn’t that what plants crave?

        • unominous

          And it keeps your dog’s coat healthy and shiny.

        • Thale Taxurfeet

          And it’s a floor wax…

      • The_Pilgrim

        Regular oil/gas isn’t more volatile. All oil contains traces of other flammable liquids, some more than others. The railroads, like everyone else, believe crude oil wasn’t volatile, however, the movement of the trains causes the oil to release the other gasses and flammable liquids.

        We didn’t know this because in every case before we elected morons to control Congress and the White House, and libtarded organizations like Mother Jones were taken seriously, we simply sent all of our oil through pipelines…

        • Frack Engineer Dave

          Oh I know, I was trying to get Vanathrock to explain why to oil/gas would be any different if well was stimulated or not.

    • David Paul Craig

      Fracking has nothing to do with oil volatility. Hydraulic fracturing is the primary completion method used in virtually every oil field in the US and Canada, and domestic production varies from thick, viscous crudes to volatile oils to very lean gas. Oil volatility is a function of the molecular composition of the crude oil, and hydraulic fracturing cannot alter molecular composition. And, by all means, build the pipeline. It’s nonsense taking the US back to 1868 and transporting oil by rail.

      • Vanakatherock

        Yes actually, it does. The kerosene used in some fracking methods makes the oil more volitale than non-fracked oil. You’re carrying around two explosive fluids instead of one. While the amount of kerosene may be low when it is in a tanker, it is still present.

        • Scott Ziegler

          Me thinks thou shouldst return to high school science class

        • sgb1

          Kerosene for fracking? My oilman husband never mentioned it.

        • David Paul Craig

          Vanakatherock, you are so correct. It’s like adding a glass of water to the ocean and changing the salt concentration. You know, it makes it less salty. Right? It’s relatively rare to use kerosene in domestic hydraulic fracturing operations, and even if the industry did use 100% kerosene as a fracturing fluid, the reservoir oil composition would not be measurably changed. Fracturing fluid volumes represent a tiny fraction of the volume of oil in a reservoir–typically much less than 0.1%. So, it’s like adding 0.1 ounces of kerosene to a gallon of crude oil. Now, I’m willing to concede you’re correct, if you can take a “normal oil” composition and a “normal” kerosene composition, and demonstrate how adding 0.1 ounces of kerosene to a gallon of oil changes the volatility.

        • Dave Bowers

          The last documented use of diesel or kerosene in fracking was a little over four years ago. And that was at a concentration of 4 thousandths of one percent. Oil/gas companies have found better alternative lubricants since. Most states now have sites you can go to to learn exactly what companies are using in their fracking fluids. It’s part of the EPA and states efforts to make companies disclose what they are using and to follow up to make sure they are doing it correctly. Vanakatherock you need to educate yourself before you try to pass yourself off as educated.

          • McG

            Four thousandths of one percent? Sounds positively homeopathic.

          • Billy___Bob

            You could drink fracking fluid all day and suffer no harm.

            But if drank all natural salt water all day you would die.

        • Russel aka ‘Rusty’ Shackleford

          Low enough that it may as well be non-existent What stupid reasoning.

        • Frack Engineer Dave

          You do realize that using hydrocarbons as a frack fluid like diesel or kerosene isn’t commonly used and most likely using in the Middle East?

        • 91B4S

          Do you also believe molotov cocktails “explode”…if you do, you do not understand explosives, burn rates or the expansion of gas.

      • Mongocutwood

        Oddly, I heard that Natural Gas uses the same technique but liberals have no problem with that.

      • anonymous

        Yup I’m 55 yrs old and they have been using fracking around where I grew up longer than I can remember.
        that and high explosive perforating.

      • Mark_Melrose

        Excellent post!

      • David

        Don’t go using facts. We’re talking fracking here and we all know it causes earthquakes, dandruff, rain of frogs, and impotency. Anyway, it’s Bush’s fault.

      • Rulz

        And we’re told the GOP is all about the past….

    • Ruy Diaz

      If you build an important pipeline, fewer rail cars are needed–and the older, more dangerous ones are retired from service. It has an enormous effect.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      and frack oil/gas is a little more volitale than the normal.

      Got a cite for that?

      • Vanakatherock

        They use kerosene during the hydraulic extracting process. That makes it more volatile.

        • mike_in_kosovo

          It *can* be used – doesn’t mean it’s used in all cases.

          Still need that cite proving increased volatility solely due to hydraulic fracturing.

        • Scott Ziegler

          And Kerosene is made from????????????

        • Jon

          ‘Because I said so’ is not a citation.

          • journogal

            Unfortunately to liberals it is…

        • Dave Bowers

          I’ll say it again…Kerosoene is no longer used in fracking….Most companies have developed safer and much cheaper alternatives in the last four years. Making this statement over and over again does not make it true. It’s like saying that lumber is used to build ships.

      • Dave Bowers

        No. No he doesn’t, he is only repeating what some other liberal boob said. Anyone who wants to learn what is used in fracking fluids can go to the EPA website and learn about it.

        • Delphine

          Not in North Carolina, they can’t.

    • dave

      More volitile?…omg

    • Unknown

      coal is being banned soon, and there are also oil spills in the ocean and ships transporting oil to the states wasting more fuel. This would help our economy, which is something this administration and the Oligarchs behind it don’t want to have happen!

    • KansasGirl

      Then maybe moneybags Buffet should update his railroad cars.

      • uphogger

        Buffett doesn’t own the railroad cars, at least BNSF doesn’t. Most of them are privately owned. Look at the reporting marks (4 letters and a number). If the last letter is an X, it’s not a railroad-owned car.

        • KansasGirl

          Then let’s find out who these private owners are?
          I’m sure BNSF is paid handsomely for use of their tracks…no?

    • Buffet’s Railway

      “frack oil/gas is a little more volitale:”

      Good God, where do you clowns get this nonsense?

  • nc ✓s & balances

    Our world is so upside-down, even the kookie libbies can’t keep their causes straight anymore.

    • drw

      In other news, water is still wet.

      • Thomas Dunlop

        Sometimes but the dehydrated version isn’t.

        • Cantbelieveyouthinkthis

          I love that stuff. Put it in a glass and then just add water. POOF WATER!!!

          • Henry Rearden

            Finally! Someone answered the question of what to add to dehydrated water!

        • unominous

          But dehydrated water (aka dihydrogen monoxide) is dangerous stuff. Kills thousands every year and in gaseous form is a bigger greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

          Stay away from dehydrated water!

          • Cantbelieveyouthinkthis

            I know, 100% of people who have died, have drank water in some form or another. Amazing anyone is still alive.

      • reaper_69

        I was hoping nobody would mention that! Now the Obama EPA will want to shut that down too!

        • drw

          Sorry but, they been workin’ on that for the last three years.

    • LarryKingOfTheDullards

      One way would be this – if it hurts business, kills jobs, promotes communism, disarms people or kills babies – it’s a great idea.

      • William Richardson

        To a liberal.

    • Frustrated Teacher

      It happens when your ‘logic’ is more twisted than you can keep track of. Their lack of self-awareness is a self-parody. Liberalism is a mental disease.

  • Sam

    It’s not that they hate pipelines; they are simply trying to increase the cost of traditional energy as much as possible. They want you using less of it. They want to lower your standard of living. They want to force you into dense cities. They want to make you easier to control.

  • richard

    Stupid F ‘ing liberals.

  • JD Son

    And this is what happens when a large group of people vote in morons to run the country.

    • Donny Zunker

      … and state governments… local governments… who knew there were so many morons, who sway people to think just like them?

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    It’s those (*bwahahahahahaha!*) Eeeeeeeeeevil Koch Brothers! It’s sabo-tadgey! They’re the biggest leaseholders in Alberta– right, WaPo? And they’re looking to screw Warren Buffett, into the bargain! Yeah, that’s what it’s gotta be! Thanks, MoJo!

  • Nyota Uhura

    The pipeline answer occurred to me so rapidly I thought, well, no sense in just jumping on the bandwagon — so my answer to Mother Jones is “Harry Potter’s wand will fix those pesky rail cars.”

    • Ice Cold Troll

      Silly! The answer is: MORE GOVERNMENT REGULATION! That’s ALWAYS the answer!

      • Nyota Uhura

        Ah, yes — I love Big Brother. 😉

    • Thale Taxurfeet

      “The pipeline answer occurred to me so rapidly I thought, well, no sense in just jumping on the bandwagon –“

      Yep. Counting coup on a subject loses its attraction when that subject has already been hit so many times it resembles the surface of a golf ball.

      • Nyota Uhura

        Pretty amazing, though, that so many had the same initial thought.

        • Thale Taxurfeet

          “Pretty amazing, though, that so many had the same initial thought.”

          Indeed. There was a great rumbling in the Earthverse, as if millions of voices had screamed with one voice of logic and reason…

          • Nyota Uhura

            Sigh. Where’s Mr. Spock when you need him? I guess he’s too busy Being Leonard Nimoy 😉

          • Thale Taxurfeet


            Well, you have the Bridge Cmdr. Uhura.

          • Nyota Uhura

            Very good … time for some singing and dancing for all hands, then 😉

  • Dan13

    It just struck me: Railcars are inherently more dangerous and more inefficient than pipelines….

    • Wonder Pony

      Whoa! You might be on to something here…

    • NRPax

      Hey now; the left still loves high speed rail. You start implying stuff like that and backing it up, the tears will be epic.

  • Mr.Goodvibe

    It’s pretty funny how these people are all in a tizzy about oil pipelines and have no clue that there have been pipelines stretching from Montana to the Gulf Coast for decades now and even in Cali and also natural gas pipeline throughout the US. Keystone is blocked by Obama for a couple of reasons. His buddy and crony capitalist warren buffet is making millions with his rail transport business and two Obama gets to use regulation to curtail cheap energy which drives an industrial economy.

    • TugboatPhil

      And I believe that the alternative pipeline Canada might build westward, to British Columbia will benefit California moonbat Tom Steyer, who had pledged $100 million to Democrats who would fight the Keystone XL.

      • Mr.Goodvibe

        And China also.

    • Kris Langley

      I seem to recall that we, here in Alaska, have one of those pipe-liney thingamabobs. About 800 mile of big-ass above-ground pipeline..and no explosions in, what, 33 years?

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Wow, Michael Robbins (the writer credited at the link) really walked into this one.

    Oh well, I’m sure Harry Reid will be along any minute to try to blame this all on the Koch brothers. Why, I found the pre-prepared newspaper clipping:

  • SonofaCV15

    Maybe Mother Jones should simply consider boycotting any and all products or services that use oil and gas to be manufactured and delivered.

    … It seems like such a simple solution for such a simple mind to grasp.

  • Gallatin

    Maybe warren buffet should be drug in before a Senate committee to answer a few questions. No never mind the current Senators, dimocrats and RINOS alike, would just slobber on themselves.

  • keyboard jockey

    You know what’s great about Mother Jones? At least they are keeping people gainfully employed. I mean their product suxs but at least the people they have hired aren’t on welfare, and the rest of us end up supporting them. That’s the most positive thing I can think of to describe Mother Jones.

    • CO2 Producer

      Dirty capitalists!

      Seriously. They don’t take showers. Hurts the environment.

      • Thale Taxurfeet

        “Seriously. They don’t take showers. Hurts the environment.”

        I’d have to know to where their showers drain before I could make a comment on the harms the environment part.

        To shower ’em or not… That is the question.

        • CO2 Producer

          I intentionally implied interpretive insinuations there.

          • CoastalMaineBird

            You’re instinctually intelligent like that.

          • CO2 Producer

            I’d indicate with an “indubitably” if it didn’t ring imperious.

        • keyboard jockey

          Well there’s always the hose just puttin that out there as a shower alternative 😉

          • Thale Taxurfeet


      • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I know where they can find some showers that won’t harm the environment. Of course they might need some work as they haven’t been used since 1945.

    • plumberskid

      I wouldn’t be so sure about their writers not being on welfare. Just sayin’…

  • alanstorm

    Sounds like MJ has decided to try publishing comedy again.

    Good thing – that attempt at doing serious news never did work out.

  • Republicanvet

    That rag MoJo knows exactly what is going on and who owns the railroad. They feign being naive about this like many leftists….yet will claim they are the only ones smart enough and scientific enough to understand the situation.

    The one tweeter has it exactly right. If it were the Koch brothers who owned the train, Hairy Roid would be abusing all kinds of federal power to stop it, and leftists everywhere would be bussing into all these towns organizing protests.

    How is it the left can be so organized in protesting a non-existent pipeline in small towns across America, yet are completely silent when these trains burn in those small towns?

    eFing hypocrites!

    • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      They hate the people that live in small towns.

      • plumberskid

        Yep, and they’re either trying to kill us, or force us to relocate to their approved Population Centers, where they can keep a better eye on us.

    • xman_11530

      The Koch bros own a refinery in Minnesota. Failure to approve Keystone is likely helping them..they are laughing all the way to the bank.

  • King Leer

    The Buffett Express is Exhibit “A” in why the Blue Team is the Party of The Rich And Connected. Sadly, the Progunistas never seem intellectually capable of connecting the dots.

    • Heather Atkinson

      ‘ … the Progunistas never seem intellctually capable. ‘

      There, fixed it for you.

  • rambler

    Wait till the old pipe lines start breaking down because they are not being repaired or replaced with newer, safer pipes. What then, enviro-wackos?

    • cordycord

      The oil companies have NO REASON WHATSOEVER to keep the pipelines in tip top shape, including over-eager eco-weenies ready to jump on the smallest leak, right?

      • rambler

        The eco-wackos would like nothing better than to have no oil at all. We can sit in the dark and walk everywhere and they’d be fine with it.

        • plumberskid

          They think they’d be fine with it. How on earth would they make it through the day without their Starbucks Latte Grande, once the cost of doing business puts them into bankruptcy, along with every other corporation in the country.

  • jdog

    Dopey on display. Usually the absurdity is not quite this obvious.

  • Rosalee Adams

    I suppose the greatest reason is antiquated rail beds……..
    They are seriously in need of replacement
    Riding Amtrak from Portland to Chicago made me NEVER want to do it again
    I seriously wondered if we would stay on the track……..

  • clay parsons

    Barry probably hasn’t heard about the pipeline or the explosions on the news yet.

  • Di

    LOL the answers were right on point…A pipe…in a long line…a pipeline!

  • B-rad

    It’s Bush’s fault! Classic!

  • yennikcm

    what do the islamos do in the middle east?

  • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

    I wonder what they were fishing for with that statement. Maybe they were setting it up so their little disciples could tout the benefits of getting rid of all fuel and living an agrarian lifestyle with flowers in our hair.

  • jonhartz

    The Mother Jones FB site is a laugh riot! They lack content so they repeat every post a few dozen times. It sure seems that the MJ people are semi-retarded…

    • Howard Roark

      You should read the comments section at

  • jonhartz

    Gotta love how the libtards go for getting rid of coal-fired power, and don’t think of how they will fuel their little Prius and Sedgeway…

    • NDanielson

      Libtards think and vote with their genitals.

      • plumberskid

        And talk out of their poop chutes.

  • NDanielson

    Saboteurs. What better way for America’s enemies to weaken her but to pay leftist clowns to sabotage our own energy independence. Spending even a billion dollars would be pennies on the dollar compared to a conventional “war” on America. A billion dollars would fund greenies for quite a while.

    • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Environmental advocacy is a 100 billion dollar industry.

  • Vision Rider

    When was the last time you ever heard of a pipeline derailment? Yeah that’s what I thought.

  • StoptheInsanity

    Could it be sabotage? Nah, environmentalist would never do such a thing,

    • plumberskid

      There’s that, too. Same folks who cry about pollution and destruction of the ozone layer start the fires that contribute to the reduction in air quality, then stand back and say “See! Look how much worse the air is.” “Environmentalists” don’t actually give a flying fig about the environment, despite all of their wailing and gnashing of teeth. . It’s all about more government control and the destruction of corporate America.

      • xman_11530

        Most enviro-radicals are watermelons…green on the outside, red on the inside.

  • Unknown

    Because a pipeline in the US would go against their “Green Energy” ideas and somehow cause global warming when it doesn’t -_- If they want less acid rain, just use biodiesel which in today’s diesel engines it would use less water to make and reduce GHG emissions by ~80%! If they want to reduce methane they have to turn sewage disposal places into bio-reactors to produce energy from the methane that is produced from all that waste! Methane is 15-times more powerful as a GHG than CO2. To reduce Mercury contamination in the environment, outlaw fluorescent lights! In 2007 107 tons of mercury was put in landfills and burned into the air in NYC. LED lights last longer, have a warmer color temperature just like incandescent/Tungsten bulbs do, don’t flicker which make people sleepy, have headaches, and possibly cause seizures, and it reduces GHG emissions and energy bills because they produce some heat in the winter time unlike fluorescent bulbs do!

  • disappearing moderate

    Still great advice, “Follow the money” … right to Buffett and Steyer. Not that MJ employs journalists.

  • Howard Roark

    Buffett supports Dems, Buffett owns a huge stake in the railroad BNSF. Building a pipeline would harm a huge Dem donor

    • ToyZebra

      I have to wonder why Warren Buffet would even care at this point.

      • Yeah Buddy

        Being ultra-rich is a game.
        Money is the score.

        • Grand_Old_Partier

          It’s ultimately about the power of being ultra rich.

  • KeninIL

    ND oil fields produce 1,000,000 bbl per day. Oil tank cars hold 750 bbl — do the math — lots of tank cars–most heading east, not to Texas.

    Crappy Tar sands crude from Canada costs a minimum of $70 to get out of the ground. Some goes by pipeline to IN, IL and MN, some by rail to TX. If the market price of crude falls below $70, nobody will want this stuff. (Oil companies have been working since the 60s to figure out how to make this stuff commercially viable. It is only the $70 price that makes it worth mining.) So if the prices of crude falls below $70 b/c of a “glut” and Tar sand crude isn’t worth digging out of the ground, what are they going to put in the Keystone pipeline? ND crude, thus cutting off the supply of all the refineries in Eastern US that now get ND crude by rail. The Keystone pipeline is a scam to screw all the small refiners in Eastern US. Yes we need a pipeline, but not to TX !!

    • xman_11530

      The beauty of it is that- unlike all the ‘shovel ready infrastructure’ projects proposed by the left- if it turns out to be a flop- taxpayers didn’t just buy a Solyndra. Keystone loses- not our dime or our problem.

      • KeninIL

        Your are right, but. Keystone is a scam by large oil companies to squeeze out/bankrupt completion. Say It costs $20 to ship crude from ND to PA (Delta Airlines refinery) by train and $5 to pipe it to TX. Where are the ND producers going to sell their crude? So if the Delta refinery is going to run they need crude from somewhere, so getting it by tanker will probably be the option. (There are already idle refineries in NJ b/c of lack of crude.) Now what are TX refiners going to do with the product (gas/jetfuel/diesel)? They already have plenty in TX. What are TX refiners going to do when drilling in the Gulf opens up again?

        • xman_11530

          If the market is allowed to function, it all sorts itself out. The energy market is brutally efficient. The refineries with best net back can afford to bid higher for the crude. Refinery net back is based on demand for their refined products. If the US Atlantic Coast has the best pricing for products, the refineries there will bid more aggressively for crude to run. Imposing an artificial logjam by making certain grades of crude only accessible by rail, makes the market less efficient and hinders the final distribution of product to the markets that are calling for the product (by posting higher bids). What you are suggesting is that we should protect one set of refiners at the expense of others, which will certainly have unintended consequences down the road.

          By the way, there are zero refineries in the US not running because of ‘lack of crude’. Zero. There are refineries not running because it makes no sense to run them for environmental or economic reasons, but if it made sense to run them, they could buy all the crude they want.

  • sgb1

    We have many miles of pipelines in this country already. There have been very few problems with pollution. Why don’t we okay that pipeline? It would be be one of many. Perhaps Mr. Buffet could tell us.

    • WalterBannon

      Mr Buffet is busy right now paying Obama for colluding to prevent competition with his railroad investments….

      • phdkremlinonthecharles2

        I’m no fan of Warren Buffet, but his holding company (Berkshire Hathaway) owns the BNSF Railway which only amounts to approximately 24 percent of the rail system. These posts make it sound as if he owns it all. Straying from the facts allows leftist an opportunity to strike.

  • Larry Bavaro

    Maybe government operatives are doing it stop oil movement altogether.. like the off shore rig that blew up when Obama first took office…

  • Yeah Buddy

    If all the Progs and Dems would stop driving and using electricity, we could cut America’s petroleum by 40%. Problem solved.

    • NRPax

      We’d be comfortable, they’d be morally pure. Win/Win.

      • Yeah Buddy


        • NotaLemming

          So if Obama does not stay for a third forth and fifth term we will consider it a MANDATE.

  • geo brecke

    play around with this light crude a bit.. it goes up with a poof! very much like gasoline. Let’s put it in the pipe line ASAP.

  • you can’t win

    I’m not insane, I’m not insane, not insane!

  • Kevin James

    Keystone XL won’t be taking any (or very little) oil out of the bakken so it doesn’t matter if it’s there or not as far as transporting oil from ND. Transporting that oil feeds many, many families so suck it up. People build, maintain and run these trains and infrastructure so it is not perfect. All we can do is our best to transport it safely, sometimes shit happens. Build XL and run trains and there will be more jobs for those of us who care to work.

    • Ruy Diaz

      It matters. If you build a pipeline in region (A), it decreases the demand for rail cars in the country. The older, less safe rail cars are then retired. If you have a vested interest in the status quo, tough.

      I’m absolutely positively not going to ‘suck it up’.

      • Kevin James

        First off, you’re wrong, pipes don’t decrease the demand in the rest of the country because pipes go to only one location, rail goes everywhere. And second rail is not “less safe.” Pipes leak and pollute more so than trains, although, like an airliner crash, rail incedents are more sensational and therefore receive more press. There are many older tank cars and the increase in volume and safety is driving the manufacture of more cars. I live in northeast Montana and I want to see KXL built as it will create jobs and tax revenue in my rural county. I am also an engineer for BNSF and have run many “oilcans” myself and can tell you safety is paramount. The rediculous scare-mongering by ignorant armchair activists drives me up a wall. Increase new, safer tankcar production, increase infrastructure, and build KXL. More jobs, better ‘Merica!

        • Kevin James

          P.S. KXL will transport Tar Sands oil from Alberta, not Bakken oil from ND. KXL will not slow the transport of oil on the rail.

          • xman_11530

            Once the trunk line is built tying it in to ND will happen. Look at Colonial pipeline. Originally built to go from TX to NJ it now supplies the entire Southeast and US Atlantic coast as well.

          • Kevin James

            The quality of bakken oil vs tar sands is so different I have heard they don’t want to mix it. Besides, KXL is a canadian pipeline and running to Louisiana, Bakken oil either goes east or to the west coast. KXL won’t branch like domestic pipelines.

          • xman_11530

            Pipelines can carry various grades without ‘mixing’. Clean products lines carry gasoline, diesel, kerosene, heating oil and jet fuel in the same line (all of which have far more stringent specifications than crude- which will be run through a distiiling unit anyway).

            Tar sands heads to the Gulf because the Gulf Coast refineries are more sophisticated than those on the US Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

            Bakken primarily goes east and west because that is where the best net back presently is and where main rails in this country run. Gulf Coast refineries could easily run it- they can run almost any crude in the world, but because they are more sophisticated prefer- at the moment- to run cheaper crudes.

            If the demand for crude is there, Keystone would branch like every other pipeline has. Assuming the government allows.

          • Arkuy The Great

            That is actually not true. Look at the TransCanada website on KXL and they point out that Bakken crude will be transported in addition to AB oil sands dilbit. Ernest Moniz, when speaking about building energy logistics infrastructure, mentioned the proposed “onramps” to KXL in the Bakken region.

          • Kevin James

            Yeah, theyre going to use the bakken oil to lube the tar sands so it will flow better. Tar sand oil is really dirty. Besides, one pipeline cannot handle the volume of oil the bakken produces. In the last 2 years there have een 5 double loop track loading facilities built between williston and Minot and all of them are currently doubeling their capacity. There are more loop tracks in the works also. Each loop can currently handle 2 100 car unit trains each and can load them in 8 to 14 hours. And they leave s soon as their loaded.

          • Arkuy The Great

            AB bitumen will be diluted not with Bakken oil but natgas condensates. The latter would otherwise be flared at the wellhead as there is insufficient takeaway capacity in ND; the stuff does not do well in railcars and there are clearly no NG pipes.

            At any rate, it would not hurt to build out pipelines going to the east and west coasts as well as the GOM. There is plenty of refining capacity in CA and PA/DE/NJ as well. If I am not mistaken TransCanada’s Energy East project proposes to carry AB dilbit and Bakken crude from Saskatchewan. It would feed refineries in eastern Canada as well as provide “export” capacity (which I suspect will be consumed largely down the eastern seaboard). Regardless, I agree that the oil trains aren’t going away so soon.

        • Ruy Diaz

          Oh, wow. You are not familiar with the law of supply and demand. Have a hard time taking anything you say seriously after the first sentence in your post.

          • Kevin James

            Go back to your armchair, I’m done with you.

          • Ruy Diaz

            What an ignorant fool.

          • Kevin James

            Don’t be so hard on yourself.

          • Ruy Diaz

            Aren’t you a little too old to be playing childish games? “You are a dumbass.” “I know that you are, but what am I?” (…)

            Grow up.

  • Perso Nasplit

    remember the last time there was a runaway pipe that crashed into another pipe and destroyed an entire town and contaminating all the worlds water?

  • Glenn

    Because Eco terrorism creates their own self fulfilling prophecies. Deep Water Horizon was no accident!

  • Buffet’s Railway

    Someone had to point out the obvious to a liberal AGAIN?
    Gee, what a surprise…

  • Mark Alger

    Why do tank cars carrying oil keep GETTING blown up? FIFY.

  • Arkuy The Great

    While we’re at it, some new pipelines to bring that midwestern crude to refineries on the east and west coasts would be good too. That train that exploded in VA last month (only one car burned, BTW) was headed to a transloading facility that loads barges headed to PA, DE and NJ.

  • johngardner

    They’re blowing up because thats the way Obama likes it …

    • DaveGinOly

      How do you know Obama likes it? Maybe he hasn’t read about this in the news yet.

      • johngardner

        I stand corrected!

  • Mark_Melrose

    Follow-The-Money: It’s an Obama payoff to Warren Buffet. He owns the rails. And the crashes of oil cars.

  • Tex Taylor

    The reason is simple. Because everything Leftists touch either blows up or goes up in smoke. And it doesn’t get anymore corrupted, connected Lefty than smiling Uncle Buffett…

  • Kris Langley

    They explode because they were spec’d for Obama’s Intercontinental railway, not a Transcontinental railway.

  • Rogue Cheddar

    Because the captain of the Exxon Valdez moonlights as a train engineer? Just a swag on my part.

  • Youz Guys

    Since modern civilization’s complexity makes it more difficult to find the best niche for our unique skills and talents, stress and discontent tend to arise more easily as civilization grows more complicated and fast-paced.

  • Joshua

    Anyone else think of the Earth Liberation Front when it comes to these disasters?