U.S. Senator Cory Booker has used Twitter to “come to the rescue” of voters (not to mention dogs and cats).

Today, Booker was on snow patrol after being asked for a hand:

Booker was on it:

But help wouldn’t be needed after all:

Stand down, T-Bone!

Booker’s second career as a sort of Twitter superhero seems to be wearing thin for some:


This kind of thing goes on a lot in politics, except the substance that gets shoveled is not snow.

  • Matt

    Seems like a real man of the people.

    • ObamaFail

      Sounds more like someone trying to appear to be a man of the people, later putting policies in place that hurts the people. You know, like Obama. Obama claimed to be an ally of the Middle Class and said the rich would pay their fair share. Instead the rich have gotten off good under Obama while the middle class has gotten screwed.

      • puca58

        You are correct! Booker fancies himself to be the next ‘obama’.

        • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          Google “Chuka Umunna UK MP.”

          That’s who Booker thinks he is. He knows nobody in the US will recognize the script, and he thinks he can get away with it (like Biden, with Neil Kinnock).

          Oh, he’ll accept the Obama comparison, no doubt about it, but Cory went abroad, to find the pol most like him– a totally “boozhie brutha,” ready to feather his own nest at the expense of the poor (and stupid) people of his district, while all the while talking a good game, never delivering, and playing Daddy Slick-an’-Cool. (Or trying to, anyway, in Cory’s case.) Publicity hound extraordinaire, but unlike Obama, he figures (as does Umunna) just spell the name right, since any publicity is good publicity– especially to Low-Info Joe.

          • TheOriginalDonald

            don’t you mean BOOJIE?-Craig Carton #SportsRadio66WFAN

        • pajamakat

          He will be. Just wait and see. The Dems will run him. The sad part is that he would win.

      • Matt

        What makes you believe Booker is anything like Obama?

        • ObamaFail

          He makes grand gestures (like offering to plow someone’s driveways and talking about gay marriage), while ignoring the unemployment rate in New Jersey and the constituents who are going to lose insurance because of Obamacare. He is a PR guy first. Which is why he’s just like Obama.

          Plus there is his policies that ended up causing crime to skyrocket in the city he was mayor of before libs decided that his skin color qualified him for the Senate. Also, let’s not forget his “amazing” employment figures. When he took office as mayor of Newark, the city had an unemployment rate of 8.5%. Booker decided he was having NONE OF THAT. So put policies in place that ran it up to 14.5%, thus cementing his status as the perfect guy to be Senator (to libs anyway)

          • Brown

            Holy crap I didn’t know he did that bad of a job.

        • eric_in_NJ

          Well they are both lawyers who never really spent any time in court, they both have not really worked in the private sector- and Booker steering govt. contracts to his old law firm while holding office as mayor in Newark does not count as private sector work, they were both inefectual legislators who never accomplished anything, both became millionaires as public servants, and both were elected based almost entirely due to their race.

          • ObamaFail

            Both were also celebrated for “Standing for the little guy” while in fact they were causing unemployment rates to go up.

          • eric_in_NJ

            And that too!

        • lainer51

          you’re kidding, right?

    • Billie Slash

      You misspelled sheeple.

    • jabberwocky

      said nobody ever about any politician!!!

    • lainer51

      as long as you vote for him

  • ObamaFail

    Instead of focusing on the actual issues, Booker is more concerned with PR than doing his job.

    • Not The Penguin

      Hmm. Sounds like someone else we know doesn’t it?

      • Rightturn

        Haa. Feel the burn, Senator Cruz!

        • lainer51

          Haa. Feel the burn, Hillary.

  • CR

    Paging Mr. Booker
    Around 80 million people are going to lose their employer health insurance soon, and another 5 million individuals will lose their personal plans.
    A woman with cancer is even going to lose her doctors!!
    Please help!! Can you send me your cell phone number so we can talk about what you plan to do to solve this emergency!??!!?

    • ObamaFail

      Booker has too many driveways to shovel snow off of to focus on trivial things such as “unemployment and lost health insurance because of a law that HE supports.”

      • Brown

        Hey Obamacare is great and all the bad press is just republican propaganda! Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow told me this so it must be true!

        By the way making sure people need ID’s to vote is the same as Jim Crow laws or Slavery you racist teabaggers. Don’t you know old people and minorities are to stupid/poor to get ID’s.

        • CR

          But, apparently, not too stupid to fax in 27 different kinds of personal identifying information including licenses, social security numbers and passport so the oh-so-secure Healthcare.gov can verify their identity….

    • RblDiver

      But do you have enough hot pockets? That and snow are the only things he can take care of.

  • JeffWRidge

    Booker wouldn’t show up and help people shovel. He’d send T-Bone to take care of it.

  • Sara B

    Somebody give me his cell number I have a few choice texts to keep him busy….starting with the collapse of the middle class.

    • JMW

      Get it yourself. Just send a picture and say you’re a Newark resident that needs help with something… like a frozen water pipe or something… he’s bound to offer you some help next Tuesday for your vote today…

  • H50 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    What pissed me off about the whole dog left out in the snow B/S was they came and went for hours watching that dog freeze while they got the cameras lined up so they could knock on the door.

    Turns out the homeowners didn’t even realize that the dog was out side, or that it was snowing.
    The super hero meme has definitely gotten old. The first time, I was in the cheer leading squad, after that, it just became a photo op, publicity thing.

    You do good works/deeds not for recognition, but for the fact that someone needs help and you’re there.

    • TexasMom2012

      Exactly. And you just do it. Never ask someone to call if they need help, they never will. Better to just cook that meal and drop it by so they can eat it or freeze for later. Or just mow their yard every week until their sick child is done with chemo. Be NIKE, Just Do It. Kinda our family motto when it comes to helping friends, neighbors and family. Sometimes even a gift card to a restaurant can be a big help.

      • H50 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        It really is the simple things, neighbor to neighbor.

  • CO2 Producer

    He probably suspected they’d turn down the offer. But he made the gesture, and now a bunch more people think he’s awesome. Well played, Cory.

  • Off A Cough

    Captain Attention Whore to the rescue.

    • Rightturn

      Why are you being mean? Somebody asked him directly for his assistance.

  • Julius500

    I remember when John Ashcroft had shoveled snow for a neighbor. The left still hated him and there was no twitter to talk about it. I heard it on Rush.

  • Republicanvet

    Hey Mikey, if you’re too stupid to put your vehicle in reverse and drive out of that little amount of snow, you are too stupid and dangerous to be on the road. Take the bus.

    And Booker…you’ve done enough shoveling of BS, no need to show us you can shovel snow too.

  • Republicanvet

    Compare Booker to the 90yo WWII Pearl Harbor veteran bumped from the United Airlines flight who, although he shot down an attacking Japanese plane, said he was no hero.

    Yet Booker runs around proclaiming himself a hero rescuing a cat, shoveling snow or inserting himself in issues and self-publicizing.

    • Rightturn

      Why do you say that Booker proclaimed himself a hero? Do you know that in order for that to be true, he would have had to proclaim himself a hero?

  • BoscoBolt

    Booker is really good at shoveling it.

  • Lindakl

    Cory Obama?

    • Billie Slash

      If Obama had a son…….

      • lainer51


  • Chip

    Good deeds should be like peeing in black pants. Gives you a warm feeling, but nobody knows you did it.

  • http://freerepublic.com GOPcongress

    Finally, a shovel ready job for a shovel ready idiot.

  • Mike Rogers

    I give him a little credit. At least he is rolling up his sleeves and really helping unlike most politicians. Still would never vote for the Obama supporting dem though.

  • John Alvarado

    His kryptonite is people making fun of his beloved Newark.

  • JohnFLob

    Senator Booker: What you are shoveling ain’t white and it ain’t flacky

  • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

    Shoveling BS, Shoveling Snow; it really isn’t that much of a stretch.

  • cant_believe_it

    Aww lookie, how cute – the rightwingers are eagerly gulping down the Haterade…

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Dear Peter Visclosky

    Could you come and help me dig out from the huge piles of cow flops you’ve voted me into?



  • Turd Burglestein

    I have a dangler that won’t break loose. Will Cory Booker come help me so I don’t have to wipe 10 times?

    • lainer51

      Half of my taxes go to a corrupt govt… could you send me at least 7/8 of that back?
      Will be waiting patiently for your cell phone number to discuss.
      Thanks so much.

  • jabberwocky

    What a BS Artist

  • MissyT111

    Why didn’t he just make life better for people in Newark? Why doesn’t he actually make a difference in the tax situation for people, no, he’ll shovel snow but actually do something to make an economical difference would be a revelation.

  • Perso Nasplit

    Id be the guy that took him up on the offer, while standing next to him in a speedo and possibly eating a raw meat so the cameras caught it. Then again, probably not, because I would have moved from that craphole area as soon as I could.

    • cant_believe_it

      You want to show the world you are a pervert with a screw loose, while Senator Booker is shoveling snow in your front yard? I am very sorry!

      • Perso Nasplit

        speedos are what a “pervert” would wear? thank god YOU arent the morality police. Men and women would have to wear bhurkas. Or is it that the NJ SUCKS idea hurt you? :,( theres a tear for ya. Hope you get to move someday, just be sure and leave your failed politics and morality

        • cant_believe_it

          Nope! The speedos are actually just proof that you have REALLY bad taste on top of everything! :-)

  • Treelea

    Scam man