Rapper Big Boi is unhappy with the George Zimmerman “not guilty” verdict:

Big Boi re-tweeted a Michael Vick comparison:

The rapper also re-tweeted a mention of New York Giants’ receiver Plaxico Burress:

It’s important to note that Burress went to jail because he broke New York gun possession laws, not because he shot himself.

  • Love of Country


    (not my best post)

    • SideTraKd

      That’s a hell of a presumption!!! lol

  • Lftcoaster

    OJ Simpson viciously stabbed to death two innocent people and walked with a no prison time…..Ooops, just like the Zimmerman trial the Jury dispensed justice…. The Law says innocent until proven guilty…. Thugs want their side only to count.

  • Maxx

    Using the anti-Zimmerman narratives, there are no Big Boi’s, only skittle-carrying children.

  • Maxx

    Using the anti-Zimmerman narratives, there are no Big Boi’s, only skittle-carrying children.

  • Karl H

    So if I understand this correctly Thug rappers are upset because a kid tried to act exactly like they tell people to act and is killed for his effort.

    They are also upset that a jury just found a man innocent of murder when shooting a 17 year old athletic kid who was taller and more physically fit. and had a reputation as a petty thug and was trying to live the thug lifestyle as well as illegally trying to sell/obtain or some other way illegally traffic firearms (shout out to the grand thug master eric holder on that crime) and was the aggressor in a physical fight that resulted in the death of said 17 year old wannbe Gangsta?

    So the short version is let us rob your houses, shoot your toddlers in the face (yes that is a real black on white crime) Basically live out our rapper thug lifestyle fantasy and if you fight back we want you tried and found guilty of some type of criminal activity.

    Yeh sure I will put that on my list of unbelievable BS. As for those calling for harm on Zimmerman, you are proving exactly why those jurors found him innocent. They do so because it is a foregone conclusion that you are typical terrorists. Your argument goes like this Give us your shit and everything else we demand or we will take it and do harm to you.

    Great way to earn respect by acting in ways that convince people you are not capable of civil discourse and debate. FIne whatever riot threaten beat people up but just remember people including your own are fine when you kill each other but take it outside of the hood and this wont be some make-believe Spike lee Special. If you choose to attack people outside of your neighborhood do not be surprised if they respond in much the same way Zimmerman responded.

    • Damien Johnson

      Big Boi isn’t one of the “thug” rappers but otherwise, pretty much.

  • Jeremy

    never heard of this guy and something tells me that is a good thing.

    • Damien Johnson

      He’s one half of Outkast. Hits include Rosa Parks, The Way You Move, Hey Ya. Great songs but like I said, I tend to enjoy the media and not the people involved themselves.

  • tops116

    Once again, at what point did one of the definitions for “innocent” come to include “violently assaulted someone performing neighborhood watch”?

    Well, actually, never, as evidenced by the jury’s decision.

  • Stephen L. Hall

    Let’s be honest. It was people like this promoting a violent rap/thug counter-culture which influenced Trayvon to believe that he had the right to physically attack a stranger which got him killed. These Rap stars are more to blame than anyone for Trayvon’s behavior which led to his death. If Big Boi wants to know who is responsible for this teenager getting killed, he should look in the mirror.