In early 2011, President Obama said that Mubarak should go, and the transition “must begin now.”

Here is today’s White House position:

What a difference a coup makes:

Meanwhile, the National Security Council tweeted a photo of a meeting concerning the situation in Egypt (not pictured: John Kerry):


Breaking: Egyptian army says Morsi is no longer president; Updates

Amazing photos: Countless anti-Morsi protesters flood Egyptian streets

‘Wake up America’: Egyptian protesters continue to slam Obama [pics]

  • digitalPimple

    Bold move cotton. /s

  • MTPockets

    POTUS: “An honest, capable and representative government is what
    ordinary Egyptians seek and what they deserve.” —>US citizens seek

    • Jeremy

      damn right. he is such a joke.

    • Jeremy

      damn right. he is such a joke.

    • Jay Stevens

      Define “ordinary Egyptians”. Is that part of the Muslim majority or the Coptic minority?

  • calico_kitty

    Obama needs to check out those 15 pics on theblaze.com…he’s not well thought of these days by the Egyptian people…

    • ObamaFail

      He helped promote the fascist they ended up having to overthrow. I really don’t blame them.

  • NixTyranny

    U.S. ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson June 18 speech discouraging street protests:
    “Some say that street action will produce better results than elections,” Patterson said. “To be honest, my government and I are deeply skeptical.”
    How to square that with the statement somebody wrote for King Barack today?

  • OLLPOH ~ America

    Photo opportunity is just what you see for his Library.

    Here are the real photos…


  • Jeremy
  • Jeremy
  • Joe W.

    I’m STILL waiting for that White House Photo of the Situation Room during the Benghazi Attack. I believe the gossip that Barky was high on something that night and unfit for duty. Prolly a reunion with his Choom Gang pals.

  • LegalizeShemp

    Almost has hilarious as when liberal Demonrats were going around chirping that “Obama has stabilized the Middle East by getting rid of Mubarak and backing the Muslim brotherhood”. Why these people are in charge and not in mental institutions shows you how informed the average American voter is.

    • American_by_Choice

      Well, to be fair, they claim that they ‘feel’ that the Muslim Brotherhood is a largely secular organization, with no discernible desire or political will for anything remotely similar to the desires of the Islamists… such as the total destruction of Israel or control of Western Civilization.

      So, it’s truly just a matter of your opinion -v- theirs… there’s nothing out there which could impart truth, fact into the discussion

  • Jay Stevens

    Where is Sec. State Kerry?

    He is out sailing? Never mind.

  • American_by_Choice

    LOL! Classic…

    Imagine that its 9-11-01 and you’re on a message board stating, even as the ash from the fallen towers is still raining down on Manhattan, that in just 8 years, the Left will elect as President, an individual, who will promote “CHANGING’ the governments of the largest governments in the Middle East to that controlled by ISLAMISTS who support THOSE WHO JUST HAD CONVERTED FOUR FULLY LOADED AIRLINERS INTO CRUISE MISSILES AND USED THEM TO ATTACK INNOCENT PEOPLE…

    You’d have been called CRAZY!

    Now to be fair, I did that, minus the specifics on the President ACTUALLY using his influence to DELIBERATELY PROMOTE THE INTERESTS OF THE ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES… I just said that they’d elect a President who would APOLOGIZE for the US making Islam attack us.

    Even I couldn’t imagine that we’d have sunk THIS FAR, this soon.

  • Dexter Alarius

    Oblamer: “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, whose the Pharaoh of them all…?”