Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), speaking on behalf of the unborn and in support of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (HR 1797), was brought to tears on the House floor when defending the defenseless:


Naturally, not everybody appreciates Rep. Foxx’s efforts:

  • Ben Bollman

    What a great lady, I hope it gets reported on but probably won’t.

  • adam

    The rich must pay their fair share, but the unborn don’t deserve a share. GG Libs

    • Bathing Suit Area

      A share of what? My uterus?

      • John (it true me am)

        That’s such a phoney argument, always has been. If two conjoined twins share a vital organ, one twin isn’t allowed to unilaterally have the other twin “terminated” without even a discussion so they can have it all to themselves. The moment you get pregnant it is no longer just “your” uterus but something shared with another living being. That’s how pregnancy works. It even goes beyond the conjoined twins scenario in that this is a life that exists directly because of your choices(having sex to begin with, accepting that small percentage birth control fails).

        “My Body, My Choice” is the single worst argument in politics.

        The abortion debate hinges on one thing and one thing only, when “life” begins. At what point is a fetus human. You want to make the case that it isn’t until “x” number of weeks or whatever, go for it. But this “my uterus” crap is just stupid.

      • journogal

        I personally don’t give a crap about your uterus, and what you do with it or what you let it in. Why can’t you take care of your uterus yourself? You say for everyone to say out of it, but you beg everyone to pay for your birth control. Why? Why can’t you budget your own money to pay for your own activities and choices? Why can’t you take responsibility for your life and stop expecting, no, demanding others through the strong arm of the government, to bankroll you through life. Yes, it might mean you can’t buy the latest iPhone, but prioritize. You talk about how grown-ups have sex, true grown-ups take responsibility for their choices and actions.

        • Bob

          Thank you for using that one word – responsibility. People want to claim a right to this, and a right to that – but no one wants to claim responsibility for their actions.

      • D-dubs

        Clearly you let a bunch of other people “share” your uterus, now try to be responsible and accept what the result of that is. Liberals love not taking responsibility for ANYTHING, especially when it comes to human life.

      • seek456

        I truly hope your uterus is barren. I don’t say that lightly but I say it with love for a child that would not be.

      • seek456

        I truly hope your uterus is barren. I don’t say that lightly but I say it with love for a child that would not be.

      • Junie3

        Your uterus is given to you for the purpose of procreating, it isn’t there as a dumping ground for sperm. If you don’t want a child, there are plenty of methods out there to prevent it. Yeah, be responsible, because for the rest of your life, that baby you destroyed is going to have conversations with you and you’re going to wonder, what if, what did it look like, did I really make the right decision, what do I tell God? What about that uterine cancer I might get? How do I put my soul back together after taking an innocent child’s life? Stop playing the stupid fem game.

      • radicallyalyssa


      • radicallyalyssa

        “Stop meddling with my body, except that you need to pay for my birth control and my abortion(s) because I can’t afford it. So like, it’s OK to meddle with that stuff, but YOU CAN’T CONTROL MY BODY.”

        Hell yeah, Feminism.

  • Danny Wheeler

    You said it, Virginia!

  • Clayton Grant

    Great speech, but why did she address “Madam Speaker” at 2 and 21 seconds in? Was Boehner not there or was she calling him a sissy?

    • grais

      lol I heard that, too. Twice, I think. Small matter, though.. Her speech was terrific.

      And that Josey knucklehead is a slacker-burnout-stoner littleidiot who thinks somebody gives a rat’s patoot about her damaged uterus.

      • Clayton Grant

        Read her profile. Medijuana user bragging about joints “as big as your face”.

        • grais

          I did. Medical—-sure, I read some tweets, too. She’s fried. Stupid kid.

    • TugboatPhil

      Each day after regular sessions of the House, members have time to read statements into the record. I couldn’t see the surroundings, so am not sure this was the case. But during that time and some others when the Speaker can’t be in the House, there are Representatives who fill the seat of the Speaker for the purposes of conducting business other than floor debate and votes.

      • grais

        Okay, that makes sense. Thanks.

      • Guest

        I was thinking it must be something along those lines. So this bill wasn’t too important for Boehner. Thanx Phil!

        • TugboatPhil

          Or it could have been that she couldn’t be in the chamber when regular debate was happening and she wanted it entered into the record. I’m not defending Boehner, just that they do crazy stuff in DC…but we already knew that!

  • Emily B


  • M F Scotto


  • Jeremy

    Great speech.

  • radjahshelduck

    Whenever you hear people say that Barack Obama could never have been elected president if we had the same type of America today that we had in 1961 when he was born, remember that he also could not have been elected president if we had the same type of America in 1961 that we have today. That’s because the American people are not in the custom of electing aborted fetuses to serve in the White House. Think about it: Stanley Ann Dunham was a 19 year old liberal college student who got pregnant from having unprotected, out of wedlock sex. Oh, and she had that unprotected, out of wedlock sex with a man from a developing nation, a man who could at any time hop on a plane, go home, and abandon her and her child–which, after all, is what he eventually did. In the same circumstances as those Miss Dunham experienced in 1961, she’d be just the type to make a trip to the Planned Parenthood clinic today. Please remember this whenever you hear her son, so pathetic in his lack of self-awareness, talk about how he wouldn’t want his daughters “punished” with a pregnancy. You mean like your mom was, Barry?

  • OLLPOH ~ America

    Question: Who Created Man, Heavens and Earth? Did Government?

  • Noah

    “stay out of my uterus. get out of my bedroom.
    But, before you leave, give me a hundred dollars for an abortion.”
    If liberal women want us “out of the uterus” then why are they making the government force us to fund abortion clinics?? You want “ownership of your uterus”, you pay for your own phucking abortions.

  • Junie3

    Proud that she represents the town I was born and grew up in.

  • radicallyalyssa

    How courageous…What a passionate woman, and good for her for standing up for her firm beliefs. That takes bravery in this country.