Congratulations to Reggie Miller for being named to the 2012 basketball Hall of Fame class today!

Nobody will dispute how great the legendary Indiana Pacers guard was in the prime of his career and he certainly deserves his spot among the NBA’s greatest of all time.!/AndrewC316/status/186865544115388418!/TallyET/status/186865455435223041!/NYStateofMind21/status/186865357506625537!/funnymatt/status/186865165889835009!/Artise1/status/186864603358175232!/BrothaManTroy/status/186863903165259776!/beneg92/status/186863365841371136!/iEatCookiez/status/186863138111631360

  • twolaneflash

    Gotta love Reggie Miller.  Is it true that Star Trek modeled the Ferengi characters after Reggie?  lol.  He made Shelton “spike” Lee’s life miserable for years, repeatedly punking the courtside midget.  Now, if Reggie would just slam-dunk Lee over his Trayvon-inspired display of racism and incitement to violence against innocent people.

    • Rulz

      Ha Ha!!!

  • Rulz