As Twitchy reported, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi angrily confronted Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.) Friday night during border crisis debate, crossing the House floor to call him “insignificant,” among other things. Marino shared more of the incident with Fox News’ Shannon Bream.

Marino tweeted today that Pelosi needs to apologize to other “insignificant” Americans who consider border security a priority.



  • Search Bloc

    She also needs to apologize for giving the mentally insane a bad name….

    • Lamontyoubigdummy


      Alzheimer’s patients a bad name.

      Her and Harry Reid.

  • rambler

    Good thing she wasn’t carrying a gavel.

    • Lord Foggybottom

      She’s got rocks in her head. Close enough.

    • Sanchez
      • rambler

        Yup…..that one will do just fine.

        • TexasStomp

          Wasn’t it Pelosi who “censured” the guy who said “You lie?”

          As I recall she lead the house parade of indignant outrage and wasn’t too thrilled they only “censured” him. She wanted him expelled. And he didn’t even leave his seat when he said it.

          meh…. dems have always been conspicuous for their abject hypocrisy. Why stop now?

          • rambler

            Yup. She reminds me of the red queen from Alice in Wonderland.

          • conservativechick

            She was all over that little break in decorum! **GASP** I thought she was going to have a heart attack over Joe’s truthful outburst!

      • Ghee!

        Do jackals run in herds or packs? I keep forgetting…

  • stuckinIL4now

    If Peloony apologized to everyone who she thinks is insignificant then she’d have to apologize to, well–EVERYONE!

  • Michelle ✓classified

    And by ‘apology’ he means get into the Dr. for a mental health intake.

  • butte1

    I hope she doesn’t break a hip…. not

    • mountainwilliam3

      Not nice wish no physical harm on anyone. However she could use one of those fashionable love myself jackets:

      • butte1

        Please spare me, she’s been harming this country for decades… she’s got some bad karma coming to her.

        • mountainwilliam3

          Maybe her karma is this dementia she seems to be having. PS not saying she needs to be handled with kid gloves. But karma can bite us also. BTW I do think some form of dementia is getting her. Some of her behavior reminds me of an aunt a couple of years before her Alzheimer’s.(my aunt was a nicer person though)

        • Michelle ✓classified

          When you wish harm befall your enemy, you are the exact same as your enemy.

          • TotallyPeeved

            No, you are just defending yourself against those that would have you killed.

          • Michelle ✓classified

            Pretty sure Nancy Pelosi isn’t soliciting hit men to take me out. Way to take things out of perspective!

          • Cuffs

            The one thing libs can’t stand is to be laughed at.
            I suggest we all lighten up and make as much fun
            of her as we possibly can. Just keep the jokes
            coming and coming and coming.

          • butte1

            Pshaw! What if I said I wish she’d get shingles, or I wish she’d get irritable bowel syndrome? I have no genie in a lamp fulfilling wishes for me so is Nancy safe and sound from my wishes and I’m still not “exact same as your enemy” sorry hon but you’ve jumped the shark with that one.

          • Dirty Dutch

            Damn shore did!

          • Michelle ✓classified

            Then that speaks volumes of you. Wishing harm on someone you don’t like is for kids. Adults handle it by wishing she was out of office and retired, no longer in a position to ruin this country. Kids wish really bad things would happen to the big meanie. Sorry you can tell the difference pumpkin. lol – jumped the shark? Obviously that doesn’t mean what you think it means.

          • BeautifulAmerica

            Just go back in your corner, kindergartener.

          • Michelle ✓classified

            You are fantastically funny! I don’t know how you do it!

          • Al Bundy

            I wish harm on Islamic jihadists I’m not the same as them . How about you?

            No I’m not comparing . However you made a blanket statement.

          • Michelle ✓classified

            Trying keeping my statement in the context of what is being discussed and you won’t be so confused.

          • Al Bundy

            Following your predictable pattern of being defensive and snippy.

            You said “When you wish harm befall your enemy, you are the exact same as your enemy”.

            No qualifier there, sorry , you lose. To assert that “when” is restricted to Nancy Pelosi, proves that either you don’t know English, or you are backpedaling furiously.

          • Michelle ✓classified

            Oh. OK. Suggesting you keep a statement within context is being defensive and snippy. What an interesting world you live in. Good Lord, you must be really bored to try and pick a fight where there isn’t one. Have at it sport, you don’t interest me.

          • Dirty Dutch

            Oh paleeze. Love my enemies? Pffft.

          • Michelle ✓classified

            Do you often see things that weren’t said? You should see a Dr. about that.

          • BeautifulAmerica

            Are you American?

        • Al Bundy

          Here here . Nothing wrong with wishing harm on hitler, Stalin, Hamas , pelosi , or any other person destroying all good things.

          And let’s be very clear , no one here is suggesting anyone actually hurt her. But praying for lightning or a discarded banana peel is no crime last time I checked.

    • Jeff Noel

      I think it’s low class when “tolerant” liberals wish injury or death on people like Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin. We should hold ourselves to a higher standard. The rest of the country will never know who the real party of hate is if we allow ourselves to sink to their level.

      • BeautifulAmerica

        Oh really? Hmmm.
        Harm should come to those who DO harm others.

  • CainCan

    This woman is completely Out. Of. Control. She seriously appears to be in the throws of dementia. I I think it’s time that her children need to start talking about a nursing home.

    • David

      Can I have some more tapioca pudding Nurse Goodheart?

    • fedup

      Unfortunately she is not going anywhere. The people in the 12th district are so blind as to what is going on in Washington and she likes it that way. She is on the top 10 richest in Congress and she has 76% of the vote in her district. Lots of Money being thrown her way.

    • BeautifulAmerica


  • Wonder Pony

    .001% person Pelosi has laid her cards on the table. The rest of us are insignificant to her and her supporters…all 332 of them in her district.

  • CO2 Producer

    Crazy witches are witchin’ crazy about them undocs. Crazy witch needs her estate’s lawn mowed.

  • Jo K Eas

    Some animals are more equal than others

  • Apostic

    Still, it’s almost a shame that Marino is a class act: I can imagine paying good money if his repsonse had been telling Pelosi to go make him a sammich…

    • chetnapier

      I would have preferred a hearty Piss off bitch

  • Comrade Hadenov

    Congressman Marino, “Not surprised by anything she does…” “She looked bizarre…” Like sunlight to vampires is truth to liberals. We know we are insignificant to these crazy, arrogant fools and her true belief was on display for all to see.

  • Kristine ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I saw this interview. Shannon said that Pelosi said HE apologized to HER. He was all, “uhhh, NO”.


  • robert anthony

    She basically called ALL of Marino’s constituents ‘insignificant’. Piglosi needs to go…by any means necessary.

  • John_LC_Silvoney

    “I hope the people of California take action and vote Nancy Pelosi out.”
    Tragically,Pelosi perfectly represents her congressional district.
    It’s overwhelmingly populated by dimwitted,leftist moonbats.

    • bicentennialguy

      Sad to say you are correct – and she’s the most moderate on the ballot.

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    Yes, she does! Actually she needs to more than apologize for breaking her oath, that she swore to uphold the Constitution and RESIGN!

    • Hey, That’s Mildly Adequate

      That’s why there needs to be a new law that if a politician doesn’t uphold the constitution, they are immediately removed from office and charged with perjury since they lied under oath.

      Then corrupt politicians would never run for office. So that means the Democrat party would go away.

      • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

        That is a Definite piece of Legislation!!!!!!! We will take it up with our Senators and our Congressman.

        However, they will not FIX THEMSELVES, and write such, tho’!

        The issue is they “thought” that having an ‘ha!ha!ha!’ Ethics Committee would have taken care of that. . .

      • Cuffs

        Term limits would help too. People like Pelosi are so wrapped up
        in themselves and their power they become demented. Two terms
        and out. No more of this entrenched privilege. Pelosi is a sickening
        parasite along with her buddy Reid. They have both made themselves very rich manipulating legislation. The both of them
        are so dumb & arrogant they could have never made it in the private sector, so they sucked on government instead. Barry is no different.

  • ToyZebra

    If she apologizes to everyone she considers insignificant, she’ll be apologizing to every human on earth and God in heaven.

  • Charles Hargrave

    Pelosi broke every rule in the Senate when she attacked Marino.but she won’t get in trouble because the number one wacko-Harry Reid thinks she was right in the attack,Americans can only hope the uninformed voters in San Fran will vote her out of office and we can get rid of another insane politician.

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    Will she and her cohorts ever Apologize for the other …LYING?

    And like this…

    Barney Frank ‘Appalled’ By Obama Administration: ‘They Just Lied To People’

    Posted: 08/01/2014 3:02 pm EDT Updated: 08/01/2014 3:59 pm EDT
    Print Article

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

      ^^^^^^^^^^^Lies Like This^^^^^^^^^^

      • sooner58

        I can’t read all that but I’ll take YOUR WORD for it…….you’ve never lied to me…… ( smile…)

      • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

        P.S. Edited to Add:

        Everyone, we apologize, that you are unable to read the screenshot, as we are only allowed to upload 2 mg.


        This is a SCREEN SHOT of Pelosi’s Website, Dated 11/15/2013, 10:12AM
        The URL:

        If you type in the above URL today it will take you to her Website depicting: 404 Error

        Pelosi had made a public statement to the media that she did NOT say, “You could keep Your Doctor”.

        This was the Original Pelosi LYING, LIE Story…found here:

        So, we went to the LYING Liars Page and took a screen shot of it, and called her on the phone and told her that she was telling all of America, bare face lies, and that she was despicable, because her own Webpage stated, that which she denied is was actually a fact.

        Pelosi’s Website plainly stated that she was lying. . .



        Keep your doctor, and your current plan, if you like them
        More choice, with a high quality public health insurance option competing with private insurers … ]

    • miamihurricane101 .

      WOW, Thanks for posting this. I commend you for the strength to read a Huffpo article. You’re stronger than I. My computer cant go to a liberal website without melting down and exploding.

      • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

        We don’t…DrudgeReport…darlin’ Matt the Man!

  • roccolore

    It seems that Marino is so “insignificant” that Pelosi is going after him.

  • YooperNC

    “The insignificant man makes demands on others; the significant man makes demands on himself.”

  • CaptDMO

    No, she needs to be sued, and fired, for “hostile workplace” violations.
    Let’s have a look at The Duluth Model Power wheel on this one.

  • Jake Bradford

    Combine the arrogance of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama – they act like are Roman emperors.

    • David

      But . . . but . . . they all look so good in their togas.

  • Deserttrek

    she is a fine example of an old definition of pornography … she has no redeeming social value

  • Suzyqpie

    Rep. Jan Schakowsky is framing this event as an “attack” on Nancy Pelosi. And said it is “sexist.” This is a pluperfect example of roorback.

  • David

    “I had a rough day,” Pelosi said. “The illegals, er uh, the undocumented vineyard workers are demanding minimum wages.”

  • Lord Fhalkyn

    Silly Marino! Nobility doesn’t apologize to serfs like us!

  • Rulz

    Not that we care what Pelosi thinks, it’s just the principle.

  • Al Bundy

    Kind of ironic , considering she’s such an “equality” whore. (Gays, women, immigrants, minorities)

    I guess to her , some people are more equal than others.

    • Jeff Noel

      Brilliant, working Animal Farm in there. Well done sir.

      • Al Bundy

        Modest bow.

    • aemoreira81

      Those who actually create really are more equal…after all, without them, the economy grinds to a halt. Not everyone is a maker.

      • sooner58

        So numbnuts how does TROLLING conservative web-sites in any way shape or form make you a MAKER…..PSSST rhetorical question again…

      • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

        . . .

      • Pearl Forrester

        Well, you seem to really support the Democrat party; the party that is VERY welfare friendly. The party that loves telling people they are helpless victims. The party that hates capitalism. So if you are that militant about judging people’s worth by their contribution to society, then you should at least stop being a Democrat. That just literally makes no sense.

  • Magnifico

    Speaking of insignificant, Stretch Pelosi happens to be in the minority.

  • sooner58

    In my “day dream” when Pelosi goes bananas and starts walking across wagging that old lady bent finger at him……..she TRIPS and falls down and slides the rest of the way to him…..then has to look UP at him…

    • FreedomRecon

      That’s almost political p0rn! LOL

      • sooner58

        You should SEE it…… would need a “cig” and a “shot” afterwards…….(I do)

        • Ghee!

          * dims lights *

          Go ahead, finish the story!

          • sooner58

            I’ll leave that to YOUR imagination…..yours is much better than mine…….I’m sure there will be b00bs too….

          • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty
          • sooner58

            THANK YOU!!!!

          • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

            You r quite welcome…;’)

          • sooner58

            Listening to it as we speak……how did you know I was a HUGE Queen fan?

          • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

            You said you were.

          • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

            On our journey, working and listening to…

            Hooty and The Blowfish…


  • floridavet

    If Nasty Pelosi decides to apologize to every single person she considers insignificant, she would have to dismount from her broom, come down from her high horse, and face a crowd of…well, just about the entire world.

  • CLEmom

    What is wrong with the people in her district, that they keep electing this loon? Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that she is unstable and an embarrassment to all of us.

  • aemoreira81

    Marino should have elaborated—some people really are insignificant.

    • FreedomRecon

      Really? Who are these insignificant people? Why do you think they are insignificant?

      • aemoreira81

        The answer to all of your Qs would be based on what they are actually contributing out of their own hard work. Takers are insignificant in my book. That would have been my counter to Rep. Marino.

        • FreedomRecon

          So let’s say someone is born with a disability that prohibits them from ever working. Spends a lifetime on disability checks. Is this person insignificant?

          • aemoreira81

            They can find their working niche with the proper help. Hardly anyone is truly unable to work in some capacity. (A disabling injury while working does not constitute taker status.)

          • FreedomRecon

            You didn’t answer the question. Is this person insignificant that was born with disabilities that they would never be able to work?

          • aemoreira81

            You didn’t like the answer. That was my answer. Have a problem? TOUGH!

          • sooner58

            BEAT IT NUMBNUTS – Media Matters is looking for you!

          • aemoreira81

            You’re not my mother…nor are you a maker to have earned the right to talk to me. Hardly anyone is disabled enough to never be able to work.

          • sooner58

            What part of BEAT IT NUMBNUTS don’t you understand TROLL……PSSST that is a rhetorical question!

          • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

            Really will you graduate…

          • sooner58

            You are handy to have around….especially since I don’t have a clue how to “add” cool U-Tube stuff and snappy art work like this……You are a KEEPER in my book!

          • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

            *** Blushin’ Big Time ***

          • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

            YOU really have a jewel of a lifetime ahead of you. . .

            Happy Trails. . .and that does include cow patties…

          • FreedomRecon

            Oh you think people have to “earn the right” to talk to you on an open thread? LOL

            You have led a privileged and blessed life if you believe your statement about the disabled.

          • Koalablue

            Nancy….is that you?! If so, please impart your wonderful sage wisdom to us insignificant peons.

          • FreedomRecon

            Then I’ll take that as a yes, you think that person is insignificant.

          • sooner58

            I told ya…….he wouldn’t disappoint…..

          • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

            It is definitely TOUGH being insignificant isn’t it?

          • sooner58

            He would know…….

          • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

            Un-huh, definitely!

          • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

            Insignificant * TAXPAYER DOLLARS * Insignificant


            18 Billion in Job Training Lots of Trained Unemployed People


          • sooner58

            Good question…..too bad I already know the answer HE won’t disappoint you……look below…

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

      YOU are absolutely WRONG! All people are SIGNIFICANT!

  • kentercat

    I wouldn’t be too hard on her. After all, you have to pass the bong to see what’s in it. It was just that PCB was the flavor of the week.

  • Hey, That’s Mildly Adequate

    Pelosi made herself and her entire party look foolish and irrational when she acted that way on the floor of the House.

    And her calling him insignificant is also calling the people who elected him into office insignificant. Not surprising that American people don’t matter to Pelosi. But who knew she’d openly admit it?

    Her actions are also proof of why the Democrats can’t ever regain the House. They accomplished nothing the first 2 years of Obama’s presidency, and all of the things they claim to care about now obviously didn’t matter to them when they controlled everything, otherwise they had done something about it then. So obviously everything Dems “stand for” today is just a talking point to trick people into giving them more power.

  • Aimee

    I sincerely hope the “insignificant” continue to push her buttons. They need to be pushed.

  • sooner58

    I’m with Representative Marino when he told Fox news that “Ms. Pelosi is the reason we need term limits!” ….. No truer words have been spoken!

  • FaithColeridge33

    He showed a backbone and made Pelosi mad. How long before the establishment Republicans are gunning for him? Has Speaker Boehner reprimanded him yet?

    • sooner58

      The establishment are too busy in the House “licking their wounds” after the Eric Cantor ouster……I don’t think they want to “screw with” the Tea Party types this quickly…..

  • Richard Nightwood

    Don’t mess with America’s Granny, she swings that cane like the hammer of Thor.

    • sooner58

      They will have to take PELOSI out of congress in a PINE BOX!

    • Shubi

      Either one of my grannies (God rest their souls) would have whooped her azz, and they were twenty years older (at the time of their passing) than she is now.

  • Pearl Forrester

    This evil old hag just needs to go home. She has had the same job since I was a newborn, since Reagan was in office, and since Rick Astley was on the Billboard top 100. She is the epitome of that raggedy, bitchy, elitist woman who doesn’t want to do her job; she simply wants to rule over people. I would compare her to the character of Elaine Bluth, but Pelosi is much more cold and callous than that. She and Harry Reid need to retire, like yesterday.

    • sooner58

      Maybe they can put Dingy Harry and Ole’ Nancy in the same retirement home and let them DROOL away their golden years…..

      • Pearl Forrester

        That’s the least they can do. Plus, the two of em can “pretend” to rule over the other folks in the nursing home so that they can still feel important.

      • H50 ✓RAT

        I think they already do…

  • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

    She’s deranged. Alcohol and pills will do that to you.

    She needs to be removed from office.

    Found it hilarious that she was “escorted out” by the Serjeant-at-Arms. Such a comedown for this clown of a person.

  • AZWarrior

    Just more proof that the Left see themselves as inherently superior to the average American. I can’t think of a more sickening attitude for an American ‘public servant’ to have. She should be formally censured for her comment as a reminder to her and others that we don’t do nobility in The United States of America.

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

      You are definitely on them…

      Apolitical is EXACTLY what the founders definitely said we all had to be on the Look Out for…

      Here’s some more arrogance and the slam on our Constitutionally free republic…

      You know, like he and Zero, have no use for the Constitution, just their IDEALS over the Founding Doctrine…


      by Chuck Ross

      Holder Embraces Being Called An Activist ’1000 Percent’

  • butte1

    @Michelle I’m no kid but I’ll cut you some pacifist slack… Have you ever heard of humor? if not, go lecture your kids not me as I am in no need of your morality lessons.. have a good day.

  • snapper451

    That would be 99.9% of us! She is the Upper Crust, in her mind. A low level political hack from Baltimore that hit the jackpot.

  • NannoH

    Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid – THE DEMENTIA DUO

  • NotBuyingItEvenForADollar

    If she thinks a U.S. representative is insignificant, just try to fathom what she thinks about us.

  • #NeverHillary

    bats#!t cray cray

  • H50 ✓RAT

    She needs to resign, but she could include her apology in her resignation speech.

    We all know that pigs will fly out of Meghan McCains butt before Nan of Arrogant would apologize for anything tho.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Pelousy, Jarrett, and Clinton have been promised big spots in the People’s Republic of USSA after the NEW Order takeover, so she thinks she’s significant. But…we all know what happens to traitors after communists win….Buh bye, Nancy girl.

  • interestedobserver2

    San Francisco will continue to vote the loonybat into office until she drops dead. Heck, since dead people vote in Democratic districts, they can probably stand for office too, and they’ll probably vote her stuffed body BACK into office AFTER she’s dead. And at that, she’ll represent that particular part of her constituency perfectly.

  • poppavein

    Pelosi needs to check her privilege!

  • Red Pill

    There are a lot of things for which Nancy Pelosi needs to apologize.

    Here are just a few…

    1) Lying about what the Bible says.

    2) Promising “no new deficit spending” and then adding $5.3 TRILLION in new debt during her time as Speaker!

    3) Promising that under Obamacare, “everybody will have lower rates, better quality care and better access.”

  • PeterP

    If I ever get the chance to interview Nancy Pelosi I will ask her one question: “What’s it feel like to have a house dropped on you?