And don’t forget extortion, hostage-taking, and anarchy as well. And they laughed in September when Rep. Justin Amash suggested delaying the implementation of Obamacare would be doing the president a favor. And now, the administration itself says it will delay 2015 open enrollment for a month … right after the critical midterm elections.

  • WisconsinPatriot

    Please run on this you rascal democrats!

    • TexasMom2012

      How is he going to stop insurance companies from mailing out their notices? He only moved the enrollment period, right?

  • Jennifer

    When is Obama going to stop breaking his own law?

    • Joe W.

      When he stops lying. In other words….never.

    • rssllue

      He thinks that he IS the law. Judge Dredd he is not.

    • BerettaStorm

      When the GOP grows a pair and goes after him and his administration with a special prosecutor.

    • ked5

      when it stops being advantageous – to HIM.

  • The Penguin, Don’t talk shit

    Hopefully the moderate Dem voters will see through this horsesh*t and vote accordingly next year. The libertarians too.

  • Republicanvet

    Why is it such a brilliant legislative achievement by Duh Won! needs so many fixes or delays?

  • Maxx

    Independents, who by their very nature, tend to tack back and forth between political parties, aren’t beholden to the left in the same Pavlovian fashion as most party-line members. Democrats will follow Obama off a cliff like zombies but I have little reservation that the majority of Independents have seen enough of Obamacare to know it ain’t working and in all likelihood, won’t work.
    With that in mind, this attempt to shield the fiscal calamity beyond the midterms might fool liberals but it won’t fool the rest of the nation. If we can bring independents back to center-right in the fall, the recent move by Harry Reid will backfire in the most politically profound way imaginable.

    Can you say “sweeping conservative change?”

  • JeffWRidge

    The Republicans need to hang this law around the Democrats’ necks and make them own it. A lot of people have already figured out how damaging the law is, so it won’t take that much effort, or thought, by the GOP to use the Democrats’ own agenda to sink them. If they will just do it.

    • Al’s Sad Grampa ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      The problem is that even though they’re getting hosed by it in their personal lives, the media will always protect Dear Leader.

  • HanaFiveO

    Why is Stockman, Cruz and Lee the only ones beating this drum? Every R should be.

    • soxfan4evah

      Because the establishment GOP is just the weak half sibling of the Progressive Democrats.

      • HanaFiveO

        I had to think about it for a minute, but yea, I think you hit on something there. Thats why they are always snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

        • soxfan4evah

          It’s a skill they seem to have mastered.

  • ObamaFail

    So now Obama is a terrorist and an arsonist!! Hey, don’t blame me for calling him that, blame Obama and the Dems for making the ruling that any attempt to delay Obamacare was an act of terror.

  • Hotlanta Mike

    Gonna make for some good tv spots against Obama and the dems in next year’s elections

  • jukin

    The democrat party, run by criminals for criminals.

    The entire party should be brought up on RICO charges.

  • socalcon

    Welcome to the Dictatorship

  • John Smith

    By Obama’s and Democrats’ own definition, they are now holding guns to everyone’s heads and stealing money from children, waiting for the poor to die, and they are terrorists.

  • radicallyalyssa

    Obama is racist for delaying his own mandate.

  • Obama my Nigga

    Arson? Isn’t the executive branch unilaterally altering a law that congress has passed unconstitutional and illegal?