It’s true that Marvel Comics is introducing a Muslim-American superhero, a rather typical New Jersey teen who takes on the role of Ms. Marvel. Marvel had higher hopes for the character, though, than what emerged from Conan O’Brien’s tweet tonight, which didn’t fly well with many fans.

For what it’s worth, here’s the new Ms. Marvel, who’s a 16-year-old high school student.


  • Richard J Sunkle

    LOL bet she isn’t nearly as whiny is some of the complainers.

    • ValueEngring

      Tough to please the PC eggshell crowd. Must be one boring a** job when you’re only allowed to make crude jokes about old white men and Republicans.

      • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

        But they soldiered on for 5 years anyway..

        Liberals… joke that isn’t funny?

        “a busload of people died”!…

        Liberals…. joke they pee themselves laughing at?

        “a busload of republicans died!”

        har har har”!!!!!!!!!

        Stupid is lazy, and easily predictable.. and they NEVER change.

        • ValueEngring

          Sad part is liberals find both of those jokes funny; modern progressivism has a deeply antihumanist thread running from eco-radical, pro-abort, and anti-Christian factions that revel in gallows humor.

      • Spiny Norman

        If Conan had made the exact same joke about a “female Mormon superhero” the exact same tweeters would be congratulating him.

        • PRISM-theNewSocialNetwork

          How long would a Broadway musical about their Book last?

          • Ken Alan Draper

            right up to the first beheading.

        • StanO360

          Nailed it . . .

        • monamurray

          or a blonde.

  • Brad Donald

    These are the same people that made jokes about Romney having more then one wife.

    • Brad Donald

      Lets not forget they will scream RACIST. But Islam is a religion, not a race. But they are so ignorant they dont realize how stupid they just made themselves look.

      • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

        @ConanOBrien wow so this is fucking gross and racist. good job guys.
        8:20 PM – 8 Nov 2013

        That’s what I was wondering. Which “race” was being demeaned here, Muslims or women? I’m betting Lauren has a degree in Womyn’s Studies.

        • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

          I’m still puzzling over the ‘Muslim-American’ appellation. Whenever the hyphenated crowd start mixing and matching, it’s normally ‘ethnic group-citizenship’, not ‘religion-citizenship’. Does this make me a ‘Christian-American’?

          • Spiny Norman

            Yes, and it makes you a potential terrorist in the eyes of the Obysmal administration.

    • Patrick Callahan

      I guess it’s okay to make that joke if your target is a Republican, or if you disagree with that person.

      Case in point: Redskins controversy.

    • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

      yes, they are..

      and I note the lily whiteness of the offended libs.. most ball-less young lib males who keep their comic books in the same stack of magazines they put Hustler and Tiger Beat in.

  • WisconsinPatriot

    But they won’t kill him.Cause he is a lib…..

    • John Saleeby

      Cause nobody cares about him.

  • Gary

    Actually, I’m glad someone at least had the testicular fortitude to address Marvel’s PC offering.

    • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

      Stan Lee shamelessly did the same thing in the 70’s.. Remember “Luke Cage”… “Power Man”?.. or the black side kick they stuck with Captain America to show how like not racist and hip they all were?

      Lee was brilliant at creating new comics in the 60’s.. The Fantastic Four, Spiderman, the Avengers, Iron Man, the Hulk, all when he was still young, and not overly liberal..

      and he has coasted since on the talent of others…

      and most all his ideas since have sunk without a ripple.. makes you wonder, if they were ever his idea’s.. and not Jack Kirby’s.

      • JoFro

        They were never his ideas! I thought we all knew that by now!

      • DaMello ®

        Jack Kirby rocks!

      • Gary

        I bow sir to your far greater knowledge of the illustrator’s pen.

  • FreedomFighter

    WTF?? What the hell is wrong with making a joke about religion?? A rabbi and priest walk into a bar…… Jokes have been around for centuries. I am so sick of these pantywaist wimps that cant take a joke.

    • ObamaFail

      You can bash religion in America, except for the so-called religion of peace.

      • Jay Stevens

        Or they will kill you.

    • Jeff Koski

      They like the jokes as long as its others expense

      • Brad Donald

        You mean at the expense of those they hate. But its in the Ideological agenda right now to have Muslims on their side for the campaign money from Muslim sheiks.

        • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

          They’ll scream islamophobia…
          over the bodies of our Honored dead.. civilians.. our troops.. and the hundreds of thousands of dead Africans in the Sudan, the rest of Africa,. that the religion of Pieces has butchered today..

          I don’t care if the bad guy is care-bear pink.. he dies as quick as we can make it happen… and I’ll laugh at his lifestyle while we do it.

          a warrior does not do harm to the weak.. the innocent.. a barbarian savage chooses them first..

          I’ll spot islam 3 centuries, and we STILL are vastly morally superior.. even before the Civil War.. Who do liberals think sold the slaves in the first place?

          and we’re supposed to care about the sensitive feelings of 7th century Luddites, who can’t even make the tools they use to kill?

    • OneOut

      It’s not that they can’t take a joke.

      It’s just that the joke has to be on a Liberal approve subject.

    • D.I.

      A rabbi and an imam walked into a bar. The priest ducked.

      • Ken Alan Draper

        now there’s a joke-joke.

  • peteee363

    they get married at 10 years old, and do have many wives, so what’s the problem? are they mad because she is 16, or that she may have other wives to deal with? it isn’t all that funny, but it isn’t as bad as letterman hoping the Yankees would rape the teenage daughter of a former governor.

    • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

      but libs laughed at the youngest Palin daughter joke..

      raping the daughter of a conservative woman is… like.. duh.. funny..

      when they say “war on Women”… it’s a wonder lightning doesn’t strike them from the Heaven’s. That kind of stunning cognitive dissonance should be fatal..


    Watch a future issue offing herself by suicide bombing somebody.

    • peteee363

      or her dad performing an honor killing of her for getting married to a non muslim?

      • YERMOM182

        or going to a school dance with one

        • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

          or learning to read.. and having acid thrown in her face by the clan elder..

    • chewydog

      An entire issue should be devoted to her female circumcision.

  • ogama843

    Good thing the super hero isn’t Catholic, then she’d have no libs to defend her from from Jokes.

    • ObamaFail

      If the character was Catholic and O’Brian made a joke about Alter Boys these same PC libs would be laughing and each taking their own stab at Catholicism.

  • ObamaFail

    I don’t care that the character’s muslim, I care that Marvel is taking the lazy way out and instead of creating a new character with their own name and powers they are piggybacking them on an existing character. It’s lazy. It’s like the muslim Green Lantern. Instead of a new character they just added another Green Lantern to a book that is already watered down by too many characters. Ms. Marvel became Captain Marvel, now suddenly there’s a new hero with identical powers? LAZY.

    It’s like Miles Morales in Ultimate Spider-man. They killed off Peter Parker and replaced him with a half black-half latino boy who just also coincidentally got bitten by a radioactive spider. Marvel’s supposedly the “House of Ideas.” Well, they need to have some ideas for new characters that aren’t just minorities dressed in an already existing characters costume.

    They want diversity? Create new diverse chracters with their own name. Stan Lee did it. When he wanted to add diversity to the Avengers in the 60s he created Black Panther, he didn’t suddenly replace Captain America or Thor with a black guy to appear diverse. He created an original character with their own story and who was completely different than everyone else on his team. And it was awesome.

    Creativity in comics when it comes to creating new characters has diminished over the years. I remember when they killed Superman in the 90’s. They had 4 people step up to take his place, one of which was a black guy in a metal suit who had once been saved by Superman and Superman had told him to make his life count for something. So when Superman died he decided to honor him by disarming gangs in Metropolis who were using military tech that he had created (boy that sounds familiar). He went on to become a very popular character and a welcome addition to DC Comics. And while he was introduced in Superman’s comics, he wasn’t a cookie cutter replacement for Superman (meaning he didn’t turn out to be a Kryptonian). Lately they are using cookie cutter replacements to appear diverse. And as I’ve already said multiple times, it’s lazy.

    • SupplyGuy

      Marvel did try bringing out a series of black heroes, in the 90’s I believe, and they all flopped. Maybe they’re trying it this way so that it has a built in fan base already.
      I hope it flops.

      • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

        70’s.. they rode blacksploitation hard.. Luke Cage, a black partner for Captain America named Falcon.. who was basically had no powers and just followed Cap around in a costume, beating up rednecks in dinners.. a black Kung Fu master here or there.. copying the Enter the Dragon character..

        and Stan Lee was the main mover there on that, he’s always gone for the lazy exploitation… Lee was a major Clinton supporter, still is..

        and still lectures America on uncorrect thought..

        all his heroes were liberal if they expressed ANY thoughts at all on politics.. he showed two sides.. Liberals.. and those racist white rednecks.. republicans by name never existed in his worlds.. just the racist “other” side..

        and I read everything Marvel did from 69 through 81..

        • SupplyGuy

          No, there was about four of five new “black” super heroes that Marvel rolled out in the 90’s, trying to be more inclusive; I bought all of the first issues thinking they’d be a good investment. Yeah, not so much.
          I have them buried in my box of comics, but I’m too lazy to go look at them.

    • OneOut

      But Spidey and the Latino boy were bitten in different places on their body.

      Just how much creativity do you demand ? Are you never satisfied ?

  • jaun456

    It was kinda funny.

  • Brad Donald

    Lets just recall, they have made jokes about Catholics and catholic priests for years. Made jokes about Jewish people and mocked Mormons and evangelicals. But make a joke about Muslims and its now taboo. They can get bloody bent.

    • ObamaFail

      Catholics in my town still get called pedophiles every time they turn around. I like how libs remind people that not all muslims are terrorists, too bad Catholics don’t get the same treatment. In high school I had a catholic friend who was constantly being teased about it. I remember the day he turned 18. After his friends (me included) wished him happy birthday, he was then asked by some jerk “hey, John! You attracted to any little boys yet?”

      So if it’s okay to make jokes about our religions, than why should they be exempt from a good laugh at their expense every now and then?

      • Brad Donald

        Which is funny because a Teacher is 60% more likely to molest or rape a child then a priest. But they have a union and the media on their side.

        • ObamaFail

          Unions get away with way too much if you ask me.

        • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

          and they give hundreds of millions nationally to democrats over the years..

          My best friends were always Catholics for some reason… must have been something innately good about them.. maybe because they weren’t stuck up, or did charity just for show as so many others do… they did the right thing, even when nobody was watching..

          I knew some Mormons well while in the Service.. Jews.. almost every nationally known religion.. none were bad people..

          and then in training, we met the Saudi’s…

          Here to train with the Air Force.. and they were without a doubt, the most ignorant, dogmatic, hateful dicks I ever met.

          One tried to buy a Staff Sgt.’s wife for the night in a club we were in.. said outright.. “Why are you angry?.. your women are all whores”… and never thought it’d make the man p*ssed as Hell.. cost him a stripe, because he beat Hell out of the little douche, and two of his friends..

          But, he never had to buy his own beer after that.. we made sure..

      • Ryan Schneider.

        Any stick is good enough to hit a popish person with. You would never guess that Jack Chick and Ryan Murphy have something in common, eh.

      • NRPax

        ok…looks as though my earlier remark was deleted. That being said:

        why should they be exempt from a good laugh at their expense every now and then?

        Because we don’t threaten people with death for making fun of us?

      • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Because they don’t throw rotten fruit, they throw bombs..

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Silence! I kill you!

    • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

      libs can’t hide the truth in that simple joke…

      that’s why they loose the public on this.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    I wonder if the new Ms. Marvel is invulnerable to political correctness. Probably not since that’s why she exists in the first place.

    And for the record, Conan’s tweet was funny.

  • TJ

    No one would think it is bad taste if Ms. Marvel was not going to be a Muslim but a Mormon and Conan keep the same joke.

  • Matthew Koch

    As Graham Chapman would say, “Anything, but mindless good taste.”

  • CountClayton Kaufmann

    I suppose this is Jay Leno’s fault too.

    • Ryan Schneider.

      Their was an interesting Muslim girl superhero named Soorya, but I don’t know if she is still around. This joke would have potentially made more sense in her case, as she always wore her hijab, and was very traditional, though she was unable to find a man who would marry her. She was beautiful, from what could be seen, but she could turn into a cloud of abrasive sand, and men from her country considered her a demon. This new Marvel Girl seems relatively liberal by comparison.

      • Guest

        Sorry to get comic book geek on you, but it’s Ms. Marvel, not Marvel Girl. Marvel Girl is from X-men.

        The character you’re talking about, she was from X-men as well if I’m not mistaken?

        • Brad Donald

          2002 dust on one of the xmens teen teams. she had to leave her own country cause her own people would kill her for being a djinn.

        • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

          Who, you mean Storm, of the X-Men and Canadian Avengers fame? That’s the closest I can think of.. #MarvelUniverse Jawamax 8<{D}

          • Brad Donald

            Storm was not Muslim. Her religion was African tribal.

  • bedfordthegreat

    A shame that so many Muslim jokes bomb.

    • Angie

      I see what you did there. :-)

      • lakeside227

        Excellent!! 😉

    • Fhalkyn Phoenix

      Better be careful… the trolls here might explode with anger!

  • Angie

    WTF with people objecting to the part of the joke about her being married based on the fact the character is 16? Because the Muslim “prophet” Mohammed married a 13 year old girl, so it’s totes possible a 16 year old Muslim female would be married. That wasn’t the problem with the joke; the problem was it just isn’t funny.

    • Brad Donald

      9 year old, he married a 9 year old.

      • Angie

        Ah, you’re right.

        But the marriage wasn’t consummated until she was 13, so he didn’t *actually* prove himself to be the child molester that he was until then.

        • Brad Donald

          So they say. But many as young as 8 get raped to death on their wedding night. But we dont hear about a lot of them due to lack of anyone reporting its happening. Also he slept with her when she was 9.

        • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          Married at six, consummated at nine.

          • Brad Donald

            Yup thats how they justify raping those that are just about 9 years old. And those mass marriage ceremony’s they have at 5.

          • Angie

            No effing way! That so-called “prophet” is worse than I thought. I swear I thought it was the way I wrote (married at 9; consummated at 13). Ewwww!

          • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            Which is why some refer to him as “The Pedophile Prophet”.
            Which really upsets his followers. Of course everything upsets them.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Um…A married 16-year-old high school student..Here in the U.S.A.? Only if they live in Kentucky or Arkansas.. XD Jawamax 8<{D}

      • Angie

        Oh look, an idiot prog who has no problem bashing those whom he considers “hicks” on one hand while being the first to support Muslims for doing the same thing and too stupid to realize the cognitive dissonance of his positions.
        Since you’re too dumb to follow a conversation: no one is talking about or advocating consent of age laws in Kentucky or Arkansas. We’re talking about Muslim marriage customs. Now, try to understand the topic before commenting so that your comments can be germane to the issue at hand or, if you are incapable of doing that (which seems likely), then STFU.

      • GaryTheBrave

        At least in Arkansas and Tennessee they do get married. In California and New York they continue to live with Mom because they don’t know which ones are the fathers.

  • NRPax

    Dear thin-skinned, whiny, PC types,

    You are hereby invited to get over yourselves. If you want equality, you get to be the butt of jokes too. Hope this helps.

    • Brad Donald

      No my favorite is when they claim its RACIST. Only problem is Muslim is a follower of ISLAM a religion. Islam is not a race. Their ignorance when they screech racist is hilarious.

      • NRPax

        I keep pointing that out and get a bunch of blank stares. Go figure.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    1. Muslim isn’t a race.

    he’ll be the first super heroine who puts on a a mask to hide her secret identity.

    She won’t be allowed to read her own comic, but will be able to fly around on her Magic Musallah.

    If were the bad guy, I’d just set up shop at a Jello Factory.

    Remember, Islam is a political system, not a religion.

  • HanaFiveO

    Gee, I thought if you were a comedian you could get away with anything. I guess Muslim is the exception to every rule.

    • NRPax

      Muslim trumps gay, gay trumps black. White is trumped by everything, especially straight white male.

      • HanaFiveO

        Its getting so hard to keep up on the pecking order.

        Thanks, I wrote it down for future reference./

        • NRPax

          If political correctness was a program, you would need at least a 1TB drive per week to keep up with all the updates.

          • HanaFiveO

            I’m thinking per hour? The pivots have really gone full tilt! 😉

          • Deborah Hallsted

            Is there an ap for that?

          • NRPax

            Yes, but the programming team can’t keep up with the changes that easily.

          • Deborah Hallsted


      • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

        The only sub group that it’s safe to hate.. well that, and smokers..

        and buddy, does the left go there..

        layering on the hatred with a trowel.. as if the sins of an entire race over 20 millenia were all the fault of some Catholic kids, Mormons who never said a bad word about anyone..

  • whiteinterloper

    For the first time in my life, I thought Conan O’Brien was funny.

  • Ted H.

    First Issue Preview…

    Ms. Marvel gets punished with a baby, plays eenie-meenie-miney-mo on how best to kill the fetus:
    1) Coat hanger in a back alley, because the GOP defunded Planned Parenthood
    2) Hitchhiked to Canada, because Republicans put their filthy laws on your body
    3) Rape tent at #OWS
    4) Purchase gun courtesy of Fast and Furious
    5) Decide to have baby, then hide it from the father who’s on the Democratic presidential ticket

  • David

    If only he had made a joke about a Christian girl with super powers having more powers than her husbands other…..oh, never mind.

    • Emily B

      I’m thinking the Christian character in the comic must be the super-villain.

  • Hired Mind

    So, we’re not acknowledging that Muslim culture doesn’t frown on polygamy anymore? And we’re branding all Christians as crazy, snake-handlers with 50 wives each.

    Got it.

  • YERMOM182

    I can’t wait till issue 12 when her father kills her to restore the family’s honor.

  • Brown

    Holy crap this joke isn’t even offensive at all! This reminds me of when South Park had the Muhammad episode and Liberals/Muslims freaked even though SP has ripped the Catholic Church, Christianity, Judaism, and Scientology a new one in the past. Heck, SP had a episode where the Catholic Priests had little kids on leashes acting like sex slaves.

    • unknown

      I bet they were all howling with laughter at the Catholic episodes.

    • Shawn Fifield

      One of the funniest Sp to me was the John Smith Mormon church. I literally laughed my rear off, my wife misses it.

      • Brown

        I agree 100% plus the Book of Mormon is amazing.

  • Brown

    I wonder if the villain will be named Pig man or the super hero’s weakness will be pork?

  • CasualMeyhem

    I’m way out of date on comics, but what happened to the Black Lady Captain Marvel? She was cool!

    • YERMOM182

      she was too competent of a character, so we have to replace her with more of a victim.

  • Zathras11 @B5

    No, Ms. Marvel is a white woman named Carol Danvers who was in the military and F Marvel / Disney for changing her. Invent a new character and stop changing established TV / Movie / comic book characters from white to other races!

  • Jon

    Could have been worse — Conan could have said her power was the ability to repeatedly blow herself up around Jews.

  • Guest

    Comic books are for children.

  • SupplyGuy

    I agree that it wasn’t all that funny. It should have been more along the lines of being able to blow herself up in a crowded mall, but she could only use her power once.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Now THAT’S a Female Muslim Superhero Joke! Jawamax 8<{D} XD

  • Smart Grunt

    Well, at least she’ll be used to being covered from head to toe with no way of identifying her except her eyes.

  • san rafael blue

    That’s actually a very mild remark, compared to the truly Muslim qualities he could have showcased, that’s nothing. All these libs feigning shock are the same one’s who would call Dr. Ben Carson a Field N-gr for daring to object to O.

  • lilwren

    …so a priest, a rabbi, & a preacher walk into a bar –
    the barman looks up & says, “What is this, a joke?”
    c’mon, ya gotta laugh. sense of humor – can’t have one without the other.
    l.i.b.e.r.a.l. = lacking in basic ethics, reason, and love.

  • unknown

    I bet her main adversaries will be fundamentalists Christians that are trying to turn America into a Christian theocracy.

    • Deborah Hallsted

      I wonder if her nemesis will be a dog, a pig, or her father.

  • Deborah Hallsted

    Some people are going to have a real problem with her showing her face, some even her arms or hands. The shirt doesn’t look shapeless, either. Will she rescue dogs? Touch men who aren’t related, but need saving? Drive a vehicle? There’s going to be a lot of criticism; deservedly so.

  • jabberwocky

    When there is a field day ripping apart White people & Christians nobody gives a crap.

  • Patrick Callahan

    I actually thought it was pretty funny, but I guess jokes are only funny if they are targeted towards Republicans.

  • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

    and the one handed readers of female hero comics that are worse than cheap pandering are heard from….

    You dimwits had snot running down your faces when he made a Mormon joke about a real human being in 2012..

    but he jokes about a piece of fiction set to stroke you spider monkey’s sense of “diversity”, and you whine like a fat girl who lost her last snack cake box..

    so any religion can be mocked..

    as long as it’s Christian huh?.. and such a lily white liberal wave of sensitivity.. I doubt most muslim teens are permitted comic books about empowered females.. especially 16 year old girls..

    but that goes right over your heads too…

    like rational thought..

    and humor.

  • MSM

    Don’t worry. I’m sure the comic book artists will find a way to have her pose with her butt out and her huge breasts stuck forward. She’ll wear a headscarf, but underneath her outfit will be as tight as the artists think they can get away with.

    Oh and interspersed in all that fan service will be lessons of Islam that comic book geeks so care about… not.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    So, what’s the Punch-line, CoCo? I’m sure you’ve not only offended Muslims worldwide, but you’ve also offended Stan Lee, and the gang at Marvel as well!…I’ve gotta get me a copy of this Comic book and see it for myself! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Tigerspike

    The writer and editor of the new Ms. Marvel are Muslims. You can be sure that this is nothing more than an attempt to normalize Islam. Lately comics have been pushing just about anything except Christianity.

    • Aicha Lasfar

      What’s wrong with normalizing Islam and Muslims?

    • Onyx

      There are one-and-a-half billion Muslims in the world; in what way does Islam need to be “normalized”? Seems pretty normal already.

  • andycanuck

    Good joke but wrong because we all know that there are no 16-year-old Moslem wives.

    • Scot Harvath

      Yep. 16-year-olds are too old for Muslim men. They like them in the age between 9 and 12.

  • DavidKramer

    Hmmmmm, Muslim American. Christian American, Lutheran American, Catholic American, Jewish American…………nope, those descriptions are never really used. What exactly is a Muslim American? Seems kind of strange to me……

  • JT

    Hypocritical liberals and their butthurt are just so amusing to watch. :-)

  • Scot Harvath

    Haha. Libtards need an extra dose of KoolAid to cope with it. But I’m laughing again at sick people. Shame on me.

  • J P

    The joke was funny. End of story. #GetALife

  • chetnapier

    Learned all i need to know about muslims on 9/11


    I see the Liberal White Brigade is out in force.

    Their motto

    “We know what’s best for dark skinned people more than they themselves”

  • David Johnson

    Wonder if the fatwa has been issued yet?

  • Aitch748

    Making jokes about Muslims having multiple wives = racist.

    Making jokes about Mormons having multiple wives = free speech.

  • Chris Hightower

    I wonder how many of them would still be complaining about the joke if the superhero was Mormon?

  • Guest

    If they ever create a female Mormon superhero, he can recycle that joke and the PC police will be laughing and slapping him on the back again.

  • GaryTheBrave

    Who knew Conan fans lacked senses of humor?

  • John

    But is she allowed to drive?

  • John Saleeby

    Another lightweight from Harvard who somehow got the Number One Job and couldn’t handle it.

  • John

    I’m trolling some of the dumb tweets above. #goodtimes

  • SohnMan

    I assume her superpower is to be able to have an orgasm because she didn’t experience genital mutilation?

  • Marcy Cook

    The fact that one of them thought getting a Muslim super hero is a “victory” and that the “super hero” needs defending is hilarious.

  • Stephen McQuaid

    LMAO. Seriously? How many of you would have been upset if he made the joke about a Mormon. None of you would. So get over yourselves.

  • John Alvarado

    So does every religion get a superhero and when can we hear from Joss Whedon about the new Ms. marvel? And by hear I mean get a response criticizing the character’s religion like he has done with Christians.

  • Faceless Commenter

    Her superpowers:

    – has atomic orgasms despite being genitally mutilated
    – has x-ray vision so she can see through her veil
    – can drive car with brain-waves since she’s not allowed to get a license

  • Platar

    Congrats, all of you commenters. You’re all officially idiots.

  • Nic_223

    I guess it is Conan’s turn to find out there is no humor in Islam.Watch him bow to Sharia enforcers and the useful idiot kufars and dhimmi’s.Islam is a plague from the deepest pits of hell.

  • Earl of Sandwich

    Marvel’s launching a new Progressive Liberal Female Superhero.
    She doesn’t have any powers. She just bitches until all the other Superheroes kill themselves out of boredom.

  • Yeah I Said It

    Why isn’t that skank wearing a scarf over her hair? Tramp!

    • Worship Dancer

      AND horror of horrors her ARMS & FACE are showing. how DARE she behave like that. she must be stoned then beheaded for her disgracing her father.

  • abe-froman

    Fantastic Joke…way to go Conan. Hey superhero baghead was married at 9 and cant get her drivers licence so she has to get her male relatives to drive her around …wow what incredible powers. Does she fly in for clitorectimies…..

  • D.I.

    The Vile Progs™ don’t make jokes about that religion, and neither shall you, if you know what is good for you.

  • Michael

    Ha, is her disguise taking off her hijab?

  • Shawn Fifield

    Seriously? Are you going to say that it is OK for Conan to make fun of every single group EXCEPT muslims??


    The muslim community in the USA better grow a thick skin because Free speech is a fundamental right that I will be damned by whatever deity they choose before I give it up!

    I am sick to death of these jerks and they can learn to take it like any other group in the USA does, they can KMA!

    • Jer

      If Ms. Marvel were a Christian and Conan had said something like “She
      has so many more superpowers than her Bible-thumping, snake-handling,
      holy-rolling sister wives,” all the above butt-hurt complainers wouldn’t
      have batted an eye, and neither would most Christians, being used to
      it. I would have said “Pfffft,” and moved on.

  • Tania_Gail

    Funny, but sadly accurate.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Must not hurt religions feelings. Some times. Ask daddy 0’Bama if you don’t know when to hold your tongue.

  • marion vega

    she’ll lose those powers when she’s forced to marry her pakistani cousin so he can have a US passport

  • AZGunslinger

    Bet she changes into her Super Burqa by spinning around while shouting the shrill “la la la la la” ……just one question…. will she be able to drive a car? Or, is driving a car her “super power”?

  • Ken Alan Draper

    so I’m assuming the “tasteless, offensive’ part of the joke was that the super hero is Muslim.? did Conan make the rules that the cult of islam is supposed to follow? how exactly does a muslim female super hero advance the storyline? is she going to be fighting the constraints of Sharia law at the same time she fights villins leading to peter parker/spiderman type introspection? in other words, What is the point of having a female muslim superhero? if it’s just to have one to be politically correct then that’s pretty lame.

  • Misanthrope

    Is her superpower being able to date whoever she wants without getting killed by her male relatives?

  • John Vasiliou

    Oh what crap.

    These same people would probably be laughing their asses off if it was a joke aimed at Christians.

    I have no respect for this selective outrage.