It looks like the feds can take that giant tarp off of the Grand Canyon.  Gov. Jan Brewer, who had proposed using state funds to keep the site open during the government shutdown, is announcing tonight that the Grand Canyon will be open tomorrow. That follows similar announcements by the governors of Utah and South Dakota.

Arizona Central reports that the state will pony up $651,000 to keep park open for one week.

The money will come from a mix of state and “other” dollars, Brewer spokesman Andrew Wilder said, including funds contributed by Tusayan businesses.

The announcement came after an afternoon conference call to iron out the details, and after the Interior Department had reached similar re-opening agreements with Utah and Colorado.


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  • nc ✓s & balances

    Just the words, “The Grand Canyon Is Closed” are too ridiculous.

    • Jeremy

      Yeah it just makes me laugh at the idea of closing a large canyon.

      • floridavet

        Down here in Florida, the feds announced that the “ocean” is closed.– mostly the area around Flamingo State Park. I’m not entirely positive, but pretty sure the ocean really doesn’t care.

    • floridavet

      I’m sure “The Canyon” doesn’t even know or care whether it is “open” or “closed.”

  • annoyinglittletwerp

    Whatever Jan. You lost me when you cave on Obamacare.

    • JMW

      Yep. She should’ve just told Obama to pound sand in the first place and had the state police up there to open the roads back up and send the Feds off to where ever the heck they go when not closing parks. Any Governor could’ve done that and the people of their states would’ve supported them. Our Gov. in Wisconsin didn’t even consider closing anything when Obama tried that s***…. he said no way… state citizens pay our share of costs and they are staying open….. didn’t hear another peep from the Feds or Obama on it. I wish Obama would’ve said something ’cause I have a feeling Walkers response would’ve been epic.

  • Constitution Warrior

    A Deal? For AZ land Unconstitutionally taken? Should have called up the National Guard and took it back.

    • JMW

      Yep. Time for the States to take back all federal land in their respective states. Just do it.

  • aegean1

    $651,000 a week to keep a CANYON open. Only the gov’t would think that necessary..

  • aegean1

    seriously, what does it cost to keep the SKY “open?” what about the moon?! the sun, the stars, rivers, lakes, patches of dead grass…holy crap, no wonder we’re broke.

    • Jason Call

      Those things are gifts from Barry Soetoro. Get with the program, please.


    Should keep it closed. I loved the mass civil disobedience in regards to the federal government. Proves how inefficient Obozo is.

  • Maxx

    I say close it.

    Can’t wait to see 2,343,365 orange cones surrounding the Grand Canyon.

    • arttie

      We need to buy stock in the orange cone company. Its the only part of the economy that is going to prosper.

  • sludog

    My family from Germany got F’ed. They drove by today and were unable to do anything. Rangers were rude.. of course.

    • WhoMeToo

      The National Park Service has become a National Disgrace.

  • agroulx

    So $650,000 has to be given to the federal government to open a big hole in the ground? What the hell sense does that make?

  • san rafael blue

    So after seven days then what?

    • Yeah I Said It

      That’s what I was wondering.

  • Dan Sanders

    Arizona will find another lawsuit brought to them by Holder’s DOJ for trying to abide by the Tenth Amendment.

  • JonBoi

    Hahaha.. That is exactly what I was thinking.. How in the world can it cost that much to keep a natural wonder working??? Last I knew the Colorado River would flow without help, the Sun will rise and set without a budget, and the wind will blow with or without the American Governments permission…..