Witnesses on the scene of today’s terrorist attack on a mall in Nairobi, Kenya, paint a picture of panic and carnage and indiscriminate killing. This tweeter claims to live across the street from the scene, a vantage point which allowed him to see shootings taking place.

Daniel Howden writes for The Independent and is a contributor to The Economist.

Alan Boswell describes himself as a “recovering journalist.”

  • TJ

    Will anyone call this a false flag, complete the reports of it happening yesterday and police units told to stand down and leave.

    • Andy from Beaverton

      Go and take your retarded 9/11 truther crap elsewhere. Lots of innocent people have died AGAIN at the hands of the religion of peace. Wait until the bodies are buried before the start with your conspiracy crap.

      • TJ

        Sorry about that forgot the /s sarc tag. I will not call it a False Flag but there are posts out there and people that will all based on a time stamp of a report on the internet and a picture that looks staged even if people are dying in it. The only way to beat the truther crap is to point out it how dumb it is and know when someone points it out they are not truthers.

        • Andy from Beaverton

          Maybe HTML6 with come with a sarcasm tag?
          Thanks for revising and extending remarks.

          • TJ

            In the end the whole conspiracy of false flags are a result of the agenda driven media. There will never be a question asked about the people that did this attack are the same as he ones being armed in Syria. Twitter is the only place any real news of the attack is happening and that is in bits.

  • no_more_deceit

    Islam – the “religion” of pieces (as in pieces of anyone who disagrees with them). Where is CAIR’s condemnation of this atrocious act? They deserve ridicule.

  • DondaLonda

    A missionary boarding school is near there. My brother (a missionary in Tanzania) and his colleagues visit that mall often for various trips and flying in and out of Africa. Some of that team were at that mall last week and were planning to go next week. Some of that team have lost family and friends in the massacre.

  • Michael Curley

    A bad Muslim throws the rocks a good Muslim handed to him!! It is a intolerable religion of hate!! The media says Al Shabab but never identifies them as Muslim!