Bill O’Reilly tonight revealed that he once donated $25,000 to Al Sharpton’s charity to help buy Christmas presents and dinners for the poor in Harlem. Why announce that now? It seems O’Reilly wasn’t happy about Sharpton claiming he was again attacking the poor and had called all welfare recipients “parasites.”

It’s true O’Reilly had used the word parasite, but only to refer to one man — Jason Greenslate, an able-bodied 29-year-old featured in the Fox News special “The Great Food Stamp Binge” who’s been collecting SNAP benefits for years, spends his days surfing and declares the free food “awesome.”

The Right Scoop has the video.

  • peteee363

    sorry bill, you should have given that money to a more worthwhile charity. I would bet rev al wasted your money!

    • GaryTheBrave

      I wonder how much of that money actually was used to feed the poor?

      • bidentime

        I’ll bet the good reverend was feeling poorly that day so 100%.

        • Jeremy

          yeah I am sure he pocketed it all.

        • Elaine

          He mentored Jesse Jackson Jr, – so that should tell you!

      • Jamie Wilson

        exactly what I was thinking – and I bet it’s in the back of Bill’s head now.

      • John Alvarado

        I think Rev. Sharpton used it all to fix his hair and lose weight. Hopefully, all of what I said is a joke and not the truth.

  • Patriot

    This comment might be a little “out there”, even a little radical but I think Al Sharpton craves attention. There. I said it. /sarc

    • V the K
    • Ty in TX

      Not really, back in the 90s Ol’ Al went on a hunger strike. Most people thought it was a load of BS. Who you might ask? Well the Wayans Brothers, that’s who. On their old In Living Color show, they did a skit of Al’s “hunger strike.” It mostly consisted of his usual BS and then distracting the crowds to look elsewhere whilst he horked down HO-HOs and a bunch of other stuff hidden under his coat. Can’t find it on Youtube, but I found listings for it on Hulu, so yes it did happen. :)

      • Jamie Wilson

        I remember that skit!

    • Sheerie Knoll

      Al Sharpton!!? The Reverend Al Sharpton!!?? CRAVE Attention!!?? I don’t believe it……/sarc

  • therealguyfaux

    The Rev Al “Charlatan.”
    ‘Nuff said.

  • bidentime

    Bill O’Reilly puts his money where his mouth is. Al Sharpton puts his mouth where the money is.

    • trixiewoobeans

      Al Sharpton’s charity is………Al Sharpton.

    • AmericanMom

      Sharpton wears his Rolex proudly – those donations help him upgrade his lifestyle.

    • mountainaires

      Best Comment!

  • nc

    I understand that this donation was made a number of years ago but really, how many $25K and over donors has Sharpton had over the years? Did he really “forget” BOR’s generosity?

    • Love of Country

      No way …. and for him to go on TV and say O’Reilly thinks poor people are parasites is slanderous defamation at best.

      And I bet Rev Al hasn’t even read the Bible in at least 25 years ….. so he’s not even any good at what he thinks he’s good for …. unbelievable!

    • Night Owl

      I think people like him rely on the politeness of others, thinking that Bill wouldn’t be so crass as to call him out in public like that. He probably had reason to believe that, but it looks like O’Reilly is about as fed up as the rest of us.

    • John Howard

      I think $25,000 is about what Sharpton charges to fly in and make one of his race-baiting personal appearances.

    • Fired Up

      Al didn’t know BO donated. That’s the beauty of the smack down. Christians give without notoriety and credit and BO in this case did just that. The only thing Sharpton has forgot is what a fat, racist, lieing. loudmouth, he is.

      • Jamie Wilson

        No, Bill said he handed the check to Al himself, on the spot, after Al told him they were having trouble making ends meet.

        • Fired Up

          Thanks for the correction. Double shame on Al, then. He is still a FRLL.

  • Maxx

    Bill’s first mistake. Instead of donating monies to buy turkeys, he donated money TO the turkey.

    What’s left begs the question. Noting Sharpton’s record, just how much of that $25K actually made it to the poor?

    • Clete Torres

      Far less than should have, certainly.

    • WhoMeToo

      Next on O’Reilly….. “How much of that donation went to the poor?” ~_^

  • John Howard

    Score: O’Reilly 25,000, Sharpton 0

  • Clete Torres

    Billy, Billy, Billy. You know, you could have given that $25k to the Salvation Army and it would have gone much, much farther than the race-baiting Sharpton’s pockets.

  • lesterwink23

    Very generous gesture by Bill, but I’m willing to bet that $25K went right into Al’s wallet

  • Republicanvet

    Why was Al Sharlaton calling out O’Reilly? Was he wearing a rodeo clown mask or something?

  • Taylorcaudle

    Hm I wonder how much of that money he got BACK in his tax returns.

    Jesus people, you REALLY think Bill o’Reilly just gives money away?

    This man lives in a CASTLE. He doesn’t have a single EMPATHETIC bone in his body

    • Fire and Adjust!

      Here’s your chance hero….. Prove O’Reilly didn’t make the donation and be the guy to show the world who you think he really is or STFU…… You don’t think Sharpton would be doing EXACTLY that RIGHT NOW if that wasn’t the case? Seems to me, O’Reilly just showed the world who Sharpton really is, (though most intelligent people already knew), and YOU just showed who YOU really are! Congratulations on outing one person…… Maybe next time it won’t be yourself you embarras.

    • World B. Free

      F off, you jackass. Do you know how many poor people that $25,000 probably fed? After Sharpton skimmed a few thou off the top, that is.

      What the hell do you care how much O’Reilly makes or that he wrote it off on his taxes?

      You are a sick [email protected]

    • J. Cox are right,people who give to charities,then claim them on their taxes are evil.What’s worse is that he is a rich,white fatcat that somehow made his money by enslaving millions of cats in 3rd world countries.Now the Rev. Al on the other hand…why isn’t he pope yet?

    • J. Cox

      BTW…coming back as a guest to give yourself a up vote…that is just pure class.I am in awe of your awesomeness…no really…I am.

      • Taylorcaudle

        You know what’s great? I DIDN’T come back as a guest.
        Which means someone AGREES with me.

        • J. Cox

          Wow..your awesomeness astounds me yet again…you completely ignore every other post challenging your statement to say “nuh-uh…someone else is as moronic as me”.FYI…being happy that you have another fool agree with you does not make you less foolish..but keep that hate and classism going…how’s that worked out so far?

        • TocksNedlog

          Around here, being an a-hole gets you banned.

          Being a hate-filled liar just gets you pointed at and made fun of.

    • Night Owl

      I would be willing to bet you’ve never donated anything to anyone in your life.

    • TocksNedlog

      Hey! If you’re gonna spew bile around here, the least you can do is address us properly!

      It’s “Jesus’s people”.

      • Taylorcaudle

        Uh, No, it’s not.
        We aren’t “Yeshua’s People.”

        Lol, I bet you dot even know the Discliples names- they’re REAL names.
        Wikipedia doesn’t count

        • TocksNedlog

          Uh, yeah. See, I was chiding you for writing “Jesus people,” which, if you meant it as an exclamation of frustration, should’ve been written as “Jesus, people!” with both the exclamation point AND the comma in-between the two words. But, when you write “Jesus people,” it sounds like you’re addressing us as “the people of Jesus,” which is nice, and I daresy most of us will accept that as a compliment; you just have to include the apostrophe (‘s) to show possession — possession of us by Jesus. M’kay?

    • Markward

      So, what have you done?

      Put up or STFU!

      • Taylorcaudle

        I’ve done lots.
        And also, how does GIVING MONEY AWAY make it OKAY for O’Reilly to get on NATIONAL TELEVISION and tell lesbians “not to flaunt their homosexuality,” or accuse Transgender men and women of being “LIARS and DEVIANTS.”
        Oh, but he gave $25,000 to charity, and then were it off.
        Whoopee for him.

        • Markward

          And what does that have to do with the topic at hand?


          So seeing that you have done much to help the poor you should appreciate that $25,000!

        • Todd Hill

          “I’ve done lots”

          Right… Except for letting Bill O’Reilly live rent-free in your head, what have you done for society that has been of any substance whatsoever? Perhaps you picked up a piece of trash from the sidewalk and put it in the trash can, or maybe you broke with tradition and spoke kindly to someone?

          Should I infer from your rant that if a person has sufficient funds to donate $25,000 to a local cause, he or she should refrain from doing so? That seems to be the point of your argument.

        • TocksNedlog

          Claiming a charitable donation on your tax return makes you a disingenuous charitable giver?


          Guess that’s one more reason to hate the Obama’s.

    • NRPax

      He doesn’t have a single EMPATHETIC bone in his body

      Typical liberal. All about the feelings, facts don’t make an appearance.

      • Taylorcaudle

        So when he said, “We shouldn’t care that our Military is BLOWING UP CIVILIANS,”

        That was his Empathy Bone, then?

        Or when he said Athiests are all FACISTS, and then turned around and explained why Gay people shouldn’t be allowed to be married because HIS religion says so.
        More empathy?

        • NRPax

          How about when Al Sharpton deliberately slandered several law enforcement officers to push a false rape case, was that empathy? Funny thing about that; I remember Christianity having a rule somewhere about bearing false witness.

          And I’m sure Al felt oh so empathetic about the riots in Crown Heights he started that resulted in an innocent man being killed.

          Now let’s take a look at your statement above and I’ll answer it with this: So what if he lives in a huge house? So what if he claimed the donation on his tax returns? Should people like him just give all their money away because of “Social Justice” or something equally stupid? As trolls go, you’re kind of boring. You need to work on your A game a little bit.

          • Clete Torres

            Let’s help young Taylor with his history lesson:

            Tawana Brawley, Crystal Magnum, Bernie Goetz, Crown Heights, Freddie’s Fashion Mart, MSNBC, and of course let’s not forget George Zimmerman.

            That’s all anyone needs to know about Al Sharpton.

        • DouginCO

          His religion is Catholicism, practiced by a billion or so people. That religion believes that marriage is between a man and a woman, and has believed that for a couple thousand years. Whether or not you agree with that belief, doesn’t mean he lacks empathy because he follows his religious principles. Oh, there is another religion practiced by a billion or so people that doesn’t believe in gay marriage. I’ve read that some of its adherents believe in executing gays. But I would guess that you aren’t brave enough to criticize that one.

        • TocksNedlog

          No doubt, everything you’re ‘quoting’ is correct and in-context.

      • Allan Hamilton

        It’s ALWAYS the case that typical liberals will accuse those around them of precisely that which they are guilty of themselves.

      • Allan Hamilton

        It’s ALWAYS the case that typical liberals will accuse those around them of precisely that which they are guilty of themselves.

    • bonnieblue2A

      What a sad little life you must lead to attack anyone for donating $25K to feed the poor. To be envious and bitter of charitable acts made by others reflects a hollow and empty soul.

      • NRPax

        Bill is the wrong kind of rich person to folks like him; he’s white, conservative and not afraid to express his viewpoint.

    • John Howard

      At least he’s never killed Americans at an embassy.

    • Clete Torres

      Fact is, Conservatives far and away out-donate to charity than liberals.

      • poh

        Unless you’re the Clinton’s and give so much money away uh, hum, (to your cronies) that your charitable foundation is in debt and is looking for a government bailout. Maybe Bill can auction off some of his finer cigars and Hillary can go on the international lecture circuit for embassy security to raise some $.

      • poh

        Unless you’re the Clinton’s and give so much money away uh, hum, (to your cronies) that your charitable foundation is in debt and is looking for a government bailout. Maybe Bill can auction off some of his finer cigars and Hillary can go on the international lecture circuit for embassy security to raise some $.

    • Jamie Wilson

      Wow. How much have you done for charity lately? FYI, folks like Bill PAY taxes; they don’t get cash back. Charitable donations become untaxed income – that’s it. And yes, I REALLY think he just gives money away. If he lied about this, how long do you really think it would take old Rev Al to gleefully spill the beans?

      Living in a castle does not mean you have no empathy. It means you worked your butt off, so now you have a bunch of money with which you can choose to do good. Good for Bill. He’s an inspiration.

    • DouginCO

      I’m not a tax expert, but I don’t think Bill O gets back more than he paid. Let’s work this out – the charitable deduction means you can deduct charitable giving from your taxable income. So let’s say he’s in the top federal tax bracket – roughly 40% (I rounded for simplicity). So he reduces his taxable income by $25K, which reduces his tax burden by $10K. SO the charity gets $25K, and BO only “actually” pays $15K. Two things: a) he still gave a net of $15K; b) the charity got $25K. So let’s take your argument a little further (I’m thinking you are against the deduction for charitable giving) – let’s say that BO can’t deduct his contribution. What does he do? Donates $15K. He is still out $15K, but the charity is now out $10K. So who loses? The charity.

  • ConservaWynne

    BO needs to turn down the outrage considering that he has been propping up the Rev Al for years by having him on his show as a legitimate guest.

    They are both a joke if you ask me.

    Which no one has.

    So there!

  • missyree68

    Al Sharpton and Al Gore are the same. They make up a situations (Tawana Brawley sp?) for Gore (global warming). Both of these were based on a bunch of lies (pure fabrication) but it was for the Als to make money. I know Al Gore is not the topic but thinking about Al Sharpton just brought Gore to mind.

  • Snarky D

    We should consider the fact that Al Sharpton probably knows something that we don’t. Namely that the $25,000 probably went to benefit Al Sharpton instead of the poor.

  • Jeremy
  • Markward

    I normally don’t like Oreilly, as he comes off a bit pompous at times, but that was magnificent how he hoisted Sharpton on his own petard.

  • fivebyfive

    So, he got hustled by the great race hustler Al Sharpton

    • NRPax

      I’m more interested in why Al’s charity ran out of money. It couldn’t be racism mismanagement, could it?

  • Yona Loriner

    Inferiority DEFINED!

  • Axelgreaser

    I BELIEVE O’REILLY’S ANGER IS CERTAINLY WARRANTED. But how could you admit giving one thin dime to this racist for hire? This ‘frequent visitor’ to the White House. And isn’t O’Reilly just another media person who at one time or another has maddeningly prefaced a Sharpton face slap with: “Now, I like Al Sharpton and respect what he does, BUT…” Supporting any ‘charitable work’ of this blowtorch of racist rhetoric only would add to Sharpton’s toxic half-life.

    • Joe W.

      For once, Billy, I don’t agree with you. O’Reilly has always attempted to take the moral high ground and has always tried to meet the opposition openly and with a good deal of respect, although that respect is seldom warranted. To mock and vilify him for his generosity, particularly when it came from the heart and not from some sense of “look at me” bragging, is not helpful.

  • Jeff H

    If it were anyone but a liberal, that $25K would’ve at the very least bought silence. But Al Sharpton stay silent? Puh-leeze…

    • Joe W.

      What would Bill O’Reilly want to “buy silence” for?? Puh-leeze enlighten us.

  • Matt

    Idiotic to contribute to anything being run by Sharpton or anyone associated with him. I’m not giving Bill any credit. Why support race baiters and hustlers? Idiotic.

    • Joe W.

      Well, Matt, Bill O’Reilly’s obvious intention was NOT to line Sharpton’s pockets, but to assist the poor and downtrodden folks in Harlem at Christmas. And I don’t give 2 turds or a pint of piss if YOU give him credit for the gesture or not, Needlenose. And I doubt Mr. O;Reilly does either. By the way, sonny….how much money did YOU contribute to charity this past year?? My guess is not one nickel.

      • Matt

        Well, Joe, you’d guess wrong. But of course you would, not knowing me or anything about me and being some random guy on the internet that makes assumptions (and you prove the rule on assumptions- shocker). So you think it makes sense to give money to Al Sharpton’s charities? You think he’s a good steward of said money? You can’t think of ANY other charitable organizations with legitimate front people to whom O’reilly could consider donating too, rather than a “charity” run by a race baiting lying piece of trash huckster like Sharpton?

        Why so hostile Joe? Maybe you should talk to somebody.

        • Joe W.

          I’m always hostile to idiots who denigrate and criticize others for doing as they are legally entitled to do with their own money. YOU are the one who said O’Reilly is “idiotic”, pal. Sounds pretty hostile to me. I don’t need to “talk” to anybody, shltforbrains. As for knowing anything about you?? I know enough by reading your pathetically presumptuous, unwarranted critique of what Bill O’Reilly chooses to do with his money. Maybe you should talk to somebody. If y’all can find anybody willing to talk WITH you.

          • Matt

            Strange that you completely avoid my point but make sure to throw out a number of ad hominims. Oh, no, the anger is all coming from you, its quite obvious. Take your meds. Pet a puppy. Do something that makes you a happier person. The point, which I’ll reiterate (and which a number of persons have also made on this thread) is if you want to contribute to charities, contribute to those run by legitimate persons, not con men like Sharpton. If O’reilly wants to validate a piece of racist human garbage like Sharpton, he certainly has the right to do so – it just makes him idiotic, in my book. But then one of the reasons I don’t like O’reilly is he has people like Sharpton on his show, which simply helps to validate Sharpton as a person who’s opinion matters and gives him another platform to spew his racist garbage.

            And as an aside, when I contribute to charities, its to charities like the Wounded Warrior Project and the Fisher House Foundation. I’d prefer my money to go to citizens who have served their country and are making a positive impact . The “poor and downtrodden” in Harlem get plenty of my money from the taxes I pay. No thank you.

          • Joe W.

            I smell a rat, pal, and you are it. Somehow or other, I doubt that you have given a dime to the WWP OR the Fisher House. Those that brag about such things and criticize others for their giving, usually do NO giving. Go to hell with your continue patronization and “advice” about meds and puppies. You, sonny, are merely a sanctimonious, pompous blowhard. Nothing more…nothing less.

          • Matt

            I do smell something and its not a rat- its a strange mixture of hostility combined with the stench of frustration and failure, all of which are coming from your direction. You’re a hostile little man. Maybe mommy didn’t love you enough? Or maybe you’re unemployable so sitting around the house, venting your anger on others is what you have left- alot of folks with anger management issues can’t find steady employment. Hence, my admonition that you seek help. And I note you STILL fail to address my original point. But that’s not surprising either- a troll by any other name…

          • Joe W.

            For someone who professes to be a conservative, you post like a liberal. When you are disagreed with, you claim your opponent is a failure at life, living in Mom’s basement, in need of therapy and yada yada yada. Sonny, you are as important to me as the wart on Obama’s nose. I am happily retired and living on my small little farm/ranch in West Texas. Not wealthy, but not in need of a job or any advice from a pompous, pontificating, petulant young punk who considers himself God’s gift to conservatism. As for your original “point”?? You made none, sonny. And with that…we’re done….

  • Right Wired

    Huge props to Bill.

    Al is a scumbag as usual.

    On a side note, did Fox get a new make up artist? He/She keeps missing a giant swath of Bills’s neck at the collar line..he’s so orange now it’s silly.

  • russellbennett

    Al Sharpton has developed a reputation for lying. Once that happens you no longer know if anything they say is true. He made a claim without any concern if it was true and now he gets slapped down by the true.

  • michael s

    Sharpton is friends with the documented sexual harasser of women,no surprise.

    • Markward

      Michael S is still an idiot, no suprise.

  • Pedro

    I gave up on Bill about a year ago. Bill’s show is about Bill. Bill is about Bill. If Bill does something good… it is to allow Bill to think highly of himself.

    • Avey Owyns

      Right. Let’s see how you’d feel if you helped someone in the past and they trashed you daily for monetary and political gain.

  • twolaneflash

    Well, Bill, Al proved two things about you: a fool and his money are soon parted, and it is immoral to allow a sucker to keep his money.

  • SpaceRacer423

    I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that the reason Al Sharpton’s charity ran out of money and couldn’t afford Christmas gifts was because 60-70% of what they took in went to “admin fees.”
    If Bill gave $25K to Al’s “charity,” what he really did was give $22.5K to Al and friends.

  • Rulz

    Only a lib could say something like that and not draw a lot of attention.

    Can you imagine if Sarah Palin or El Rushbo had something like that?

  • Rulz

    Only a lib could say something like that and not draw a lot of attention.

    Can you imagine if Sarah Palin or El Rushbo had something like that?

  • DefCon99

    Bill, the Salvation Army or Brookyln Tabernacle could have used the money as well.

  • AZGunslinger

    O’Reilly is a sucker for thinking his donation went anywhere other than Sharpton’s pocket. Sharpton is a lying, race-baiting whore of the first order.

  • Liberalism Is Nonsense

    Where we are subjected to centralized control, the decisions, actions, and interactions available to us are restricted by the limited capabilities of the central minds.

  • Spasmolytic

    Al Sharpton should give the money to the men Tawana Brawley falsely accused of rape.