Just as some couldn’t see why people would keep tweeting about Benghazi after President Obama won reelection, NBC’s Chuck Todd seems shocked that, on the day that Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, people would be tweeting about Obama’s campaign claim to have saved the city from exactly that fate. What was that he said again?

OK, but that was last October. What difference, at this point, does it make? Deep breath, people.



The election’s long over, and talking about Detroit going bankrupt only serves to make the president look incompetent. What would you like the public to tweet about, Chuck?

  • sardiverdave

    Damn. Thought my edited tape comment would make it.

    Not why I made the comment, mind you, but…

    • CombatDiver

      What was your edited tape comment?

      • sardiverdave

        I told Chuck that NBC should just edit Obama’s words to fit the narrative, Zimmerman style.

        • stellatruman

          Don’t they already do that 😉 ?

  • $18912735

    Detroit is sooooooooooooo last year. Move on people, nothing to see here.

    What’s that you say? Cincinnati? Memphis? St. Louis? Yes, yes, we’ll get there in due time…

    • tops116

      “What about the IRS, DOJ and NSA scandals, Mr. President?”
      “That’s so last year, too.”
      “But we found out about the scandals *this* year.”
      “Yeah, but they’ve been going on *for* years, so we don’t need to talk about it now.”

      • ObamaFail


      • poh

        Those scandals “happend a long time ago”. Just like what I said about Obamacare reducing healthcare costs and you being able to keep your doctor. Let’s talk about my trip to Africa. (sarc)

    • Wild_Bird

      Libtard policies = Greece.

    • Rainy

      What about the educators in Chicago?

      • Zane Henry

        You mean the very ones that went on strike on the 3rd day of school last year? DEMANDING 20% raises for absolutely nothing other than to squeeze a little harder during a recession?

  • Stephen K

    Poor little F Chuck Todd – sounds like he needs some “alone time” with his brand new copy of Rolling Stone.

    • TheOriginalDonald

      They decided to put Jenny McCarthy on the cover instead???????

      • JerseyTea

        Nope. Chuckie prefers Dzhokhar.

      • MarcusFenix

        By contrast, we’d rather see Jenny. 😉

        • TheOriginalDonald

          I prefer Heather Carolin. All-natural, unlike Ms. McCarthy 😉

          • MarcusFenix

            I have to give you that one….though i still do think Jenny is pretty hot, even with the extra body work. Been a fan of hers (though not of most of her opinions, just the looks sadly) since around the mid 90’s when she was in Playboy.

            But…you totally win, since i’m an absolute sucker for a redhead, regardless. Good call!

  • John Rebori

    So we have moved on from blaming Bush, the last president, to blaming Romney, who lost the election.

    Got it.

    • Catchance

      Actually, they’ve moved on to blaming both… along with the ‘Do-Nothing’ Republican Congress.

      • Stephen L. Hall

        Love how Rep. House + Dem. Senate = Rep. Congress

        • TexSizzle

          And Democratics in the Senate refusing to take up anything passed by the Republican House = ‘Do-Nothing’ Republican Congress.

        • TexSizzle

          And Democratics in the Senate refusing to take up anything passed by the Republican House = ‘Do-Nothing’ Republican Congress.

      • http://pamphlet-news.com Mojeaux

        Are you sure it’s “Do-Nothing” Republicans or just the incompetence of the “Know-Nothing” President and (surprise) “Knows-Too-Much” Senate Majority Reid.

        • Catchance

          Sorry… I put ‘Do Nothing’ in quotes… that’s not my opinion, that’s the excuse Harry Reid always gave for no budget.

          • http://pamphlet-news.com Mojeaux

            lol – sorry
            Misread it. 😀

  • Maxx

    Somewhere right now, Mitt Romney is smiling. Not because a city is bankrupt mind you…rather it always feels good to be vindicated.

    • tops116

      I’m guessing Romney’s been smiling a lot since Obama’s second term started, then. I have a feeling a lot of people he runs into say, “Yeah, I know. You told us so. Can we just drop it?”

      • SineWaveII

        I don’t think so. I think he’s too good a man and cares about this country too much.

  • Billie Slash

    Aww! Buttface is butthurt.

  • socalcon

    ‘I saved Detroit’ = ‘You can keep your doctor and plan’

    BS to gain adulation, however, all based on fantasy

    • Jeffrey Jackson

      Obviously Detroit was bankrupted by 2 low-level rouge Cincinnati employees who posted a YouTube video.

      • TexSizzle

        Rouge as in Communist (red), or rogue?

        • QueenB

          Rogues with rouge, perhaps?

        • QueenB

          Rogues with rouge, perhaps?

      • TexSizzle

        Rouge as in Communist (red), or rogue?

  • lainer51

    F. Chuck = F. Hack!

  • TJ

    They say trickle down economies do not work. You can’t give money to the auto makers of Detroit in a tax payer bailout and have that money save the city with increased tax base from a recovered and booming GM and Chrysler.

    • SineWaveII

      Especially since “Detroit” only refers to the Auto industry in a metaphorical sense. The Auto Industry isn’t really in Detroit. Apparently no one in the Obama admin. was smart enough to understand that. Giving billions to GM could mean the money ends up in Ohio, Tennessee, Germany, China or Mexico. Very little of it would go to the city of Detroit.

  • Brett Weir

    O.bama (Oct.13, 2012) “I refused to let Detroit go bankrupt” / O.bama (July 18,2013) “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

    • Rainy


  • agroulx

    So Obama takes credit for “rescuing” Detroit… Does that mean he is willing to take blame for its bankrupcy?

    • SineWaveII

      He!! No. “Obama” and “Take Blame” in the same sentence? That would bring about the apocalypse.

    • tops116

      12 hours later at a White House briefing:

      “It was Romney’s fault. I swear! Or… or George Zimmerman! The Tea Party! Bush! C’mon!”

    • TocksNedlog

      Here’s your sign:

  • Benjamin Johnson

    “Hey, I don’t like these facts. Let me ignore this story while we make up some new ones, and see about the batch of Obamacare lies we started cooking up yesterday. Hey, did you know your premiums will be cut in half next year???” -UpChuck Todd

    • tops116

      “If you like your insurance plan, you can keep it. It’s as sure as me keeping Detroit from going bankrupt.”

  • tops116

    And this is how you know it’s really embarrassing for Obama. Thanks for that clarification, Todd.


    If you voted for him once, shame on you

    Twice, smack yourself

    • ObamaFail

      And if you’re one of the numerous people who voted for Obama multiple times in each election, well, then you should move to an Islamic country.

    • poh

      Then sit the next one out.

  • TocksNedlog

    Partisan much, Chuck? Repeating the LIE that Mitt Romney said ‘we’ should let the City of Detroit go bankrupt smacks of everything BUT journalism.

  • APW

    Chucky, this is the difference between pre-election and post-election. And now you know…

  • rickg62

    Don’t worry, first they’ll deny that he ever said it, and then when confronted on it will call everybody racist. Works for them every time.

    • $23988033

      Oh I know…..we are racist if we do not support ZeroCare (although the Dems all exempted themselves), for supporting Zimmerman, for not supporting abortion etc etc…always our fault.

      However, whites will be the minority in the US before long so who are the Dems going to blame?

    • forgetyoutooo

      And Carney will say that the 2012 elections were so long ago.

    • forgetyoutooo

      And Carney will say that the 2012 elections were so long ago.

  • ObamaFail

    Chuck Todd is butthurt because he knows people aren’t letting Obama slide on this. He wants people to ignore this, and focus on that thing Bush or Romney did that one time. you know the one. You don’t? Google it. Better yet, go to a library. Anything to keep away from anything that will tell you the truth. Umm, SQUIRREL!!!!

  • 1azuce

    UpChucks lip hair keeps getting thicker. Sucker.

  • Kev_H

    The President’s gonna be mad when he reads about this in the paper.

  • waterytart

    I think Chuck just figured out where that dastardly “47%” live.

  • JohnMcaluneyJr

    It will be Okay for F. Chuck Todd. He will be on vacation in The Vineyard to see his friends from DC. Special.

    Jim Geraghty at National Review has the best line to paraphrase…”All Obama statements come with an expiration dates, some longer than others.”

  • chetnapier

    Someone quick how do we blame this on bush

    • gekkobear

      Well Detroit had a Republican for a Mayor…

      Clearly we blame Louis Miriani who screwed things up from 1957 to 1962 (last (R) Mayor was 51 years ago).

      Democrats couldn’t fix his disastrous policies (we’ll make some up if need be) and we’ll praise the hardworking Democrats who have been building an amazing recovery from the devastating Republican policies.

      You can’t fix something like this overnight you know, it takes time.

      Damn, now I’m sad. I’m more than half convinced this is what they’re going to say next.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    I’m not surprised Detroit went bankrupt…. Perhaps Chuck Todd can find someone else to blame, other than Romney…Like KING FINK OBAMA, and the Liberals who ran the city…I hope Eminem, Bob Seeger, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock beat the snot out of these Libturds. Jawamax 8<{D}

  • MarcusFenix

    Detroit going bankrupt ranks right up there with “News Flash! Water Wet, and scientists predicting sunlight is bright!!!!”.

    Detroit has been on a slide for a while. Obama was a cretin to ever say he was going to save it, in any way/shape/form. The policies and freebies handed out there, including the rather sizable pension plans that are still strangling the city, were never worked out. There might have been a way to solve this previously, but no one would accept the deal that Orr and a few others worked out to knock the problem out.

    Now, the once grand city stands as a testament to what advancing liberal, race-hustling, “gimme gimme” policies accomplish.

    • OldLady Norma

      Totally true and very sad.

    • Derek plt

      And the truly disgusting fact of the matter is that the statist, backward progressives will cling to their Marxist policies & ideology as they “community organize” the same destruction of a once great country….if we don’t prevent them from continuing to implementing their evil.

      • MarcusFenix

        You make a valid point, and I agree. Much of what they would seek to accomplish goes into the “bass ackward” file with regard to how things should likely be done.

        But I would be remiss to not include one minor quip.

        The liberal agenda has been running strong for quite some time now…decades even. At this point, while stopping their current agenda of stupidity is a solid win for everyone, we’re already way past the point of return on some things. The solvency issue in Detroit, and other places, is simply the result of those policies. The problems with public education is just another huge issue that’s been ongoing for some time, as well as others.

        In those cases, you might be able to put changes into effect, but in others it will simply amount to damage control instead of a fix.

        • Derek plt

          You’re absolutely correct. There’s immense damage done that’s “written in stone” as far as already made law (designed to perpetuate the leftist agenda regardless of who’s in power). You’re right that at this point damage control is one of the major remedies to the leftist-induced sickness effecting our country.
          Even if we win both houses & the presidency it would be a great four or eight years, especially with a majority of true conservatives in power. But like you said the progressive agenda has been relentless & they will not stop & just as they’ve been building on their agenda to fundamentally change/reduce America for decades, I truly believe that with committed people & dedicated constant effort by the people to retake the universities/professorships, the majority of the media (not in a partisan way, just honest reporting – restoring integrity to the MSM so it’s once again an asset to the citizens instead of a propaganda machine for Statism), & educate existing & future generations on the virtues of conservatism & the tremendous value of liberty, bad laws can be repealed & while we will have to begin with a lot of work concerning the damage control, if implemented in controlled steps effectively, I think that we can reverse this current course of their fictional “utopia” that we’ve been dishonestly led on which ultimately leads to hard tyranny.
          Even though it will also take decades of repair & incredibly difficult work I believe that it must be done to save our republic & I know that we conservatives/patriots/solid Americans can succeed.

          • MarcusFenix

            Yeah, the path to fixing anything is much longer, and more difficult, than the path that was taken to break it. Liberal ideology tends to believe in this social utopia, if we can just “educate” people about their way of doing things…and yet, we have miserable failures like Common Core standards in schools, the Detroit debacle, and much….much….much more.

            Progressive thought won’t go away, ever, I don’t believe. I would caution a careful approach to who is elected, such as majorities of conservatives or even base republicans.

            At the end of the day, they’re all politicians. Not that every single one of them are, but another good translation of that word is “liar”. Many of them will say or do whatever it takes to get your vote. It has always been my experience that the mass majority of people who would honestly run things well…never even get close to doing so, and sometimes avoid it on purpose.

            If nothing else, the best place to draw a line in the sand around garbage logic and progressive crap is right at home. With your kids, your family, spouse, anyone. Tell friends about things that are factually honest, and start small. If nothing else, you can help defend people around you with the truth.

            After that, just work your way outwards from there.


          • Derek plt

            Exactly, I’ve always made it a point to educate young people interested in the concerns of the country especially concerning the Constitution. I’m not naïve enough to think it even possible to “educate” those of the modern leftist philosophy & I realize there will always be opposition. the thing is that what the left has been doing for the past (nearly) 100 years is to eliminate the principles this country was founded on, they’ve put in tremendous effort to dismantle the simple ideas that John Locke (among others) put forward concerning a govt. chosen by the citizens, with three separate branches all adhering to Nature’s law that all men & women are equal concerning rights natural to all human beings while ensuring as thoroughly as possible safeguards against soft or hard tyranny.

            It’s unfortunate that so many otherwise intelligent & good people (who aren’t radicals but sometimes don’t recognize the difference) are so easily mislead because they are unaware of these truths or because they don’t grasp their significance which I think allows soft tyranny to infect the population & many are simply just misinformed. I wasn’t speaking of “educating” these people I was addressing this issue when referring to the universities, public school system etc. If they were able to plainly see (by being exposed to the truth) the benefits of a civil society, the free market system & the natural liberty every person is endowed with then I believe many will recognize why America has become the most wealthy, successful, healthy & exceptional country it is & they will want to preserve it like we do.

            I also didn’t mean to imply that all conservatives or any type of conservative in power would be the answer. There are many Statist neo-conservatives, marshmallow Republicans etc. & like you said, there are countless power-hungry self-serving politicians who’ve greatly contributed to this reckless & dangerous departure from the country the Framers created.

            I believe strongly that the govt needs to adhere firmly to the Constitution as it was meant to be interpreted. The process for any future amendments that need to be made out of necessity due to changing circumstances, technology etc. have wisely been provided for by the Framers with safeguards & common sense.

            I am sorry if I’m rambling, I just want to be clear.

            I personally have no problem with classical liberals, & even though I often disagree with them on some issues, they love America & they definitely deserve a place in the American govt. It’s the Statists who are the cancer to the civil society & liberty & I agree that the truth is the best remedy to this sickness. In fact exposing the Statist for what he truly is & spreading the truth is the massive undertaking I believe we conservatives/patriots/good Americans need to partake in for everyone’s benefit, even the mentally twisted statist will pout but he will benefit.

            Good day friend.

          • MarcusFenix

            Not rambling at all. A well thought out, and well elaborated, point. Was an excellent read, and i totally agree. My apologies for jumping to the conclusion on the “all conservatives” part, my fault entirely.

            Good day to you as well, sir. :)

          • Derek plt

            Thank you & no apologies necessary my friend.
            take care

  • John W.

    You’d think by now that some of the LeftStream Media would tire of shilling for President Derp.

  • americanexile

    What Obama meant to say was ” I refused to let my corporate and union donors- based in Detroit- go bankrupt.”

    Screw the voting base.

  • Wild_Bird

    Liberals are like locusts. They sniff out a rich, fertile land of milk and honey…and they SWARM in and devour it into a wasteland. Then they stand there and shrug, and blame Republicans.

    • LtColO

      FANTASTIC! I want to use this if you don’t mind. Incredibly well said.

      • Wild_Bird

        Full disclosure, I picked it up from someone else who shared it with me. Please pass it on. We need to get the truth out about how disastrous liberal policies are. Just look at Detroit or Greece.

    • LtColO

      Only thing I’d add is that, they don’t stand there and shrug so much as they cry “Racism!” at any attempt to fix the situation and then call for even more of the same policies that got them in the situation in the first place.

      • Wild_Bird

        I know, liberals don’t let facts get in the way, they tend to double down on stupid. More taxes, more bureaucracy, more social engineering, more central planning, more running roughshod over the constitution, more meddling in the private economy, more subsidies for companies like Solyndra that end up going bankrupt and costing the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, more stupid gun laws that restrict the rights of law abiding citizens, more IRS agents to run roughshod over the American people, more redistribution of wealth from the producers to the takers, more war on fossil fuels, more wasteful spending, more debt, etc. etc. etc. You get the point. Enough is enough!

  • Wild_Bird

    Somewhere in Kenya a village is missing its Idiot.

  • Jeff H

    I haven’t watched NBC (or any of their bastard children) since we got cable in the ’80s.

  • Brian

    EVERYTHING Obama touches turns to $hit. Can’t wait for the obamacare to kick in. This should be fun.

  • bill_a_bob

    Standing on the deck of the Carpathia, Captain Obama authorizes more men and buckets to bail out the HMS Detroit Titanic. “Snow cones, anyone??!!”