New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie showed a classroom of children today just who’s in charge in the Garden State. It’s not quite helping a cat down from the roof, but Newark Mayor Cory Booker can’t be everywhere. Besides, Booker probably would have captured the spider alive and found it a new home.

We don’t imagine Christie spends a lot of time worrying about what PETA thinks of him.

Update via Jeryl Bier:

Christie may not care what PETA thinks, but that doesn’t mean the group won’t go ahead and weigh in on his “thoughtless act.”

  • Spatial Awareness

    @GovChristie -I wonder how many disease carrying mosquitoes that spider would have killed and eaten to save HUNDREDS of school children??

    • Fire and Adjust!

      Excellent point…….you may be on to something there……… in fact, the butterfly effect (chaos theory) would also leave open the possibility that this very same spider, will now not be able to kill and eat a butterfly this spring………that same butterfly will now get to flap its wings all summer long greatly increasing its chances of causing hurricanes half a world away in asia. Does Christie secretly want asians to have to deal with hurricanes?

  • john mason

    If this the same Christie who, only yesterday was screaming BULLSH*T!!!! at the top of his congested lungs while teachers covered the children’s ears with their hands? That Christie? Go ahead and sign up to the Democrat-Socialist Party. We don’t know or trust you anymore.

    • grais

      Got any citation for that?

    • grais

      That’s what I thought, no citation.

  • rinodino

    Got to love Gov Christie!!! Sad the right doesn’t get it, when it has a good thing……. Oh well, here is to 2020!!!!!!

    • fernmayo13

      It’s funny, because he’s their only chance of winning back the WH.

      FIrst they loved Christie, then it was Paul Ryan, then it was Rubio, then it was Rand Paul, now it’s Cruz. Six months from now they’ll throw him to the wolves too.

      • GaryTheBrave

        Christie and Rubio are both Dems in GOP clothing. We still love the other three though very disappointed that Ryan couldn’t carry his own state.

      • tops116

        The same way Democrats will throw Obama to wolves when Obamacare hits the fan.

        • Rulz

          Obama campaigning for someone in 2014 will be like the kiss of death.

        • lainer51

          Dems don’t stray from Dems…. they can lie, steal, cheat, degrade, mock; difference is the libs don’t care about any of that; just NEVER vote for anyone or anything that isn’t a loony lefty… morals and ethics be gone!!!

      • Lady 12

        Nobody’s thrown Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, or Marco Rubio to the wolves. We just believe in holding our leaders accountable, unlike you libtards.

      • Rulz

        Actually, Nate Silver notes that Hilary’s popularity will decline if she runs.

      • lainer51

        You are so oblivious….. it’s not about throwing anyone to the wolves, it’s about standing up for what you believe; something the water carriers for Barry know nothing about.

      • rinodino

        Ha ha exactly!!!

    • tops116

      Why not 2016 when America will still be feeling the Obamacare hangover and want to make Democrats suffer for it?

      • Gary Freeman

        Because people like fernmayo13 up there will be blaming Republicans for passing Obamacare, because they will defend Liberals no matter what they do.

    • Jeffrey Olah

      because we did so well in 08′ and 12′ with McCain and Romney…we need a true conservative and Christie Creme isn’t it

      • Mellow Melon

        sorry dude, those elections weren’t about policy, they were about popularity. And the future elections will probably be even moreso. McCain couldn’t compare to a hip black guy promising hope and change. Romney got turned from the average businessguy into a cancer-causing monster. And neither one of them knew how to do good PR. I don’t like Christie, but he would probably have a much better shot at winning than Romney or McCain.

      • V the K

        Definition of irony; liberals who taunt Republicans as nothing but a bunch of fat, white old men…. lecturing that a fat white old man is the savior of the Republican party.

    • Gary Freeman

      Chris Christie is a liberal. He ran as a Republican, but he sucks OBama’s nutsack like the rest of you braindead morons.

      • rinodino

        Um hello twitchy ??!!! Anyone there???? You are so quick to delete a liberal point of view without cursing but leave some shit like this up … And yes delete my comment just as long as you see it

        • HWarrior13


  • Jeremy
  • tops116

    Sad fact is, both campaigns will be running ads about this.

    • Guest

      Well, if the American people weren’t so dimwitted….

  • Lady 12

    This is going to become the new “Rubio’s sip of water.” Ads will be run, and no one will let it go.

    • Rulz

      Good. It’ll help us get a republican gov re-elected in the heart of liberal land.

      • Lady 12

        Except Christie’s not much of a Republican.

  • Brett McMicken

    did obama show up for a photo-op with the dead spider and christie slobbering all over him?

  • Michael D. Strowbridge

    If you want to live and thrive.. let a spider run alive.

  • cscape

    He should have called his BFF Barack, to request a DRONE strike vs the Spider

  • andycanuck

    I thought Christie liked bugs or is that only in November?