There’s been a massive explosion at a Marathon refinery in southwest Detroit, according to local sources.

Authorities on scene don’t know much yet, but it’s never too early to politicize an explosion. How could Gov. Rick Perry let this happen?

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Update: WXYZ-TV reporter Andy Choi says that the smoke has cleared out and residents have been given the all-clear to return to their homes.

Twitchy will update this post as details emerge.

  • sybilll

    God forgive me, but my first thought was “let it burn”

    • whiteinterloper

      Urban renewal.

    • Infinite_Indeterminism

      No particular reason for that start of your sentence: Sometimes, the only practical way of handling such things, is to let it burn, but controlling the area around it, so that the fire stays contained. (I would actually think that that’s how they handled it, by surrounding the initial fire with foam, so that only what was already on fire, burned.)

  • Rip_Ford

    Maybe I should ask this of the Sacramento Bee but is Detroit another of those places with low safety regulations?

    • Brett McMicken

      yeah, but it’s not flyover country so it won’t get the same treatment as Texas.

      • tdpwells

        Also, run by Democrats. No outrage to be found.

    • Ariadnea

      This is beyond just accident or negligence, there are just too many explosions for this to be believably just carelessness. There’s Texas fertilizer co, Albama’s fuel barge explosion, and now this – Detroit’s refinery.

      • Infinite_Indeterminism

        Timing sometimes gets weird even without there being a common, timed, cause. (Carelessness can very well be a common cause – but by its very nature, it’s never coordinated…)

        So, actually I don’t think these are coordinated – but I’d like to get all the evidence on the table before I conclude anything. Premature conclusions are the worst kind, since they tend to linger even after the evidence says otherwise…

      • TocksNedlog


        • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

          Environmentalist Jewish Boyos, Faith an’ Begorrah! XD LOL Jawamax 8<{D} (Irish joke, not Jewish)

    • Right Wired


    • Devlin Carr

      Maybe your an idiot Rip!

      • Rip_Ford

        I know you are but what am I?

  • NRPax

    Good thing that they have all that union labor making sure everything is safe.

    • Brett McMicken

      don’t forget: they have Michael Moore, also.

      • Matt

        Yeah that is a lot of hot air to have near an oil refinery.

      • TocksNedlog

        Are they gonna use him to plug the hole?

  • scot9191

    rip_ford , no it is a very safe refinery! As safe as a refinery gets.

    • Rip_Ford

      And yet it still blew up. Perhaps there is a limit to how safe government regulation can make things.

  • descolada9

    Seems to be a surfeit of explosions lately. While this question is based on no facts that I know, I have to wonder if there aren’t some human fingerprints on these refinery plant explosions??

    • TocksNedlog

      Who said they had to be ‘human’ fingerprints?

  • Guest

    I can’t wait for the nut Sac Bee to politicize this now… Oh thats right, lib town so they aren’t fair game.

  • SineWaveII

    Must be the sequester’s fault. No seriously. Explosions at refineries are not that big a deal. They happen all the time. Boston, Texas and Alabama though… that’s still very curious.

    • TocksNedlog

      It’s almost as if the Bermuda Triangle has somehow shifted to the West (literally, in the case of West, TX).

  • TocksNedlog

    Jack Ohman: “What’s that, Michigan has a Republican governor? Quick, Robin, to the sketch pad!”


  • Right Wired

    Well, at least now it’ll match the rest of the buildings in Detroit.

  • camnpat

    “See? WE NEED MORE REGULATION!!!” // Sac Bee

  • Doug Hershberger

    I’m sure there is a republican to blame somewhere there.