We still can’t believe President Obama stopped by Planned Parenthood this morning and lamented that he missed its “wild” party the day before. There’s a lot we’re still trying to grasp about the current president, and it seems we’re not alone. The number one trending topic in America tonight is a handy guide to knowing if #YouJustPulledAnObama.

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#youjustpulledanobama: Ridiculing abject failure; Will Obama become a verb?

  • Garth Haycock

    If you believe that Marxism is the answer


  • SineWaveII

    If you campaign for two years on the theory that the current office holder is the worst we’ve had in history. And claim that he has done everything wrong and then continue and expand all of his policies yourself once elected…YouJustPulledAnObama

  • Miss Clairee

    If you believe the repeated lies you tell #YouJustPulledAnObama

  • SJ’s Dad

    If you just got elected class president of your elementary school on a platform of free ice cream & longer recess . . . #YouJustPulledAnObama

    • http://twitter.com/Vurtax Mike

      And that’s exactly how I didn’t win the seat as class Representative in the 6th grade…

  • Scott Carroll

    If you’re the only man in the world who makes Rachel Maddow horny, #YouJustPulledAnObama

    If you wonder why you haven’t won a Nobel Prize in 4 years, #YouJustPulledAnObama

    If you bristle at being compared to the Messiah because you feel you’re being shortchanged, #YouJustPulledAnObama

    If your favorite thing in the world is a mirror, #YouJustPulledAnObama

    If someone asks you which Presidents have most influenced you and your first thought is……..”me” #YouJustPulledAnObama

    If you checked out the Wikipedia entry on Benghazi just to see what everyone was so worked up about, #YouJustPulledAnObama

    If Chris Matthews calls you at 2am begging you to talk dirty to him,

    If you look at a map of the 50 states and wonder, “Where are the other 7?”

    If you spill a glass of milk and blame it on the guy who poured a glass before you,

    • TexSizzle

      “If you look at a map of the 50 states and wonder, “Where are the other 7?”” Actually, it’s the other 10. He said he visited 57 and had 1 more to go, and his handlers wouldn’t let him visit the other 2.

    • http://insolublog.blogspot.com/ insolublog

      If you’re the only man in the world who makes Chris Matthews horny, #YouJustPulledAnObama

  • http://itooktheredpill.wordpress.com/ Red Pill

    It’s interesting that this hashtag was in use enough 7 months ago to warrant a Twitchy post then:


    And it’s come back strong again tonight. I think it may stay active for the remainder of Obama’s pResidency.

  • http://twitter.com/murgatr0id GTJessop

    If you hit on chicks at the local Planned Parenthood office because they… ‘Make you blush’


  • nc

    If you can give a first ever Presidential address to the national Planned Parenthood convention, promising them your complete support, in the very same week of the Gosnell trial AND you can manage to not get the MSM to make any connection between the two events, #YouJustPulledAnObama.

  • 3seven77

    If you can use **any** occasion – even a funeral – to push your agenda… YouJustPulledAnObama

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Substitute Tragedy for Occasion.. You got that right! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • http://itooktheredpill.wordpress.com/ Red Pill
    • JoeMyGodNYC

      Typical lie. The *actual* quote: “But my journey is part of a larger journey—one shared by all who’ve ever sought to apply the values of their faith to our society.”

      • http://itooktheredpill.wordpress.com/ Red Pill

        Not a lie. You failed to note the ellipsis, and I supplied the link to the full speech. Here is the relevant section, with bolding mine…

        But my journey is part of a larger journey- one shared by all who’ve ever sought to apply the values of their faith to our society. It’s a journey that takes us back to our nation’s founding, when none other than a UCC church inspired the Boston Tea Party and helped bring an Empire to its knees.

        The American Revolution was NOT about bringing the British Empire to its knees. But it’s enlightening to know that that is how Obama views it. In fact, that worldview is common to Jihadists.
        The American Revolution WAS about Independence from a tyrannical monarch, and establishing a government that would secure our God-given (endowed by our Creator) unalienable rights including Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

  • John Hill

    Too funny!

  • Conrad2010

    If you can get millions of dumb people to vote you a second term. #YouJustPulledAnObama

  • RememberSekhmet

    Damn, it just keeps going and going!

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Being a liberal sucks, doesn’t it? XD Jawamax 8<{D}

    • nc

      True, the nightmare never ends.

  • http://itooktheredpill.wordpress.com/ Red Pill

    If you do a job for four years, and things are worse now than they were when you started, #YouJustPulledAnObama

  • http://itooktheredpill.wordpress.com/ Red Pill

    If you repeat “Allahu Akbar” (the opening lines of the Islamic call to prayer)


  • proudhispanicconservative

    If you push for gun control “for the kids”, and later give a speech in the place that does 1500 abortions per day, Planned Parenthood #YouJustPulledAnObama
    If you have an idea called sequester, sign it into law and then blame republicans #YouJustPulledAnObama

    • rennyangel2

      I just repeatd your sequester jab above.
      If you write two books about yourself while still in your 40s and they are full of lies, invented events, and “composite” people, and then pretend in a biog that your are a Kenyan for 17 years #YouJustPulledanObama.

  • rennyangel2

    If you demanded sequester to approve a debt ceiling raise and then want to blame it on Republicans #youjustpuledanobama.

  • Bill Board

    If you advocate killing babies in an abortion clinic but want to take guns away from LAW ABIDING citizens, #YouJustPulledAnObama.

  • Right Wired

    If you fight for feminism but pay your own female staff members less then the men, #YouJustPulledAnObama

  • Right Wired

    If White House guests get a deeper background check than yourself #YouJustPulledAnObama

  • beebop1952

    If you use every tax deduction available and pay a meagre 18% while calling them “loop holes” and making sure no one knows the defininition of “fair share,” #YouJustPulledAnObama

  • bo1921

    If you gave away billions of taxpayer dollars to buy votes in the Pigford scandal, #YouJustPulledAnObama

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    If you take months and Years to investigate an incident in the Government and STILL have no answers (or more questions than answers), #YouJustPulledAnObama!! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • cscape

    If you tell the media to F off, and they love you all the more for it…. #YouJustPulledAnObama

  • cscape

    if you get caught on camera on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 smirking in agreement with your wife when she says “all this for that F-ing flag?”, then #YouJustPulledAnObama

  • Steve_J

    #YouJustPulledAnObama if you think you just visited the State of Heinz with one to go.

  • Dick Beninya

    Funny ’cause its true…

  • Joe W.

    If you married a Wookie, #youjustpulledanObama

  • http://lafayetteangel.com/ Kathleen

    When you demand a sequester to make Americans hurt. #YouJustPulledAnObama

  • JustLikeAnimals

    #YouJustPulledAnObama if you praise the organized, government-backed killing of 2,100,000 innocent babies every year, then punish all gun owners when a madman kills 20.

  • $27789750

    If you insist that Americans ‘share the sacrifice’ while arranging for a Hawaii vacation # YouJustPulledAnObama

  • Dennis the Dreamer

    Obama is a tool then #YouJustPulledAnObama

    • MyrmidoNOT

      …you forgot “useless”…after the letter “a”…

  • Sonya A. Willis

    If you tell entrepreneurs and small business owners, “You didn’t build that, somebody else did” while the economy grows an anemic 2% #YouJustPulledAnObama

  • MyrmidoNOT

    You blame someone else for your previous failures… YJPaO

    Inversely; you take credit for someone else’s success… YJPaO

  • Matt Wheat

    If you lie so much you believe yourself…

    • MyrmidoNOT

      Methinks he “doesn’t know the difference”…
      implying “why do we ‘even’ listen”… 😉
      (Or, do you believe “teh oone” is LOSING a rhetorical argument,
      w/himself?) YJPaO!

  • lukuj

    If you give Chris Matthews a tingle up his leg, you just pulled an Obama

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    If you have the loyal support of more than 100 million Americans and won reelection despite racist attacks by the Tea People #YouJustPulledAnObama

    • Adela Wagner

      If you offer to stump for fellow Dems, and they do everything they can to keep you away #YouJustPulledAnObama

      If you make empty promises to your base,crap on them,ignore them and they vote 4U TWICE #YouJustPulledAnObama

      If you can get low info’s 2believe you had nothing 2 do w/Sequester, that it was ALL the GOP’s Fault #YouJustPulledAnObama

      If you scream about Sequester cuts to scare Americans, but thinks it’s OK to fund the Muslim Bro’Hood #YouJustPulledAnObama

    • goldwater89

      If you carry less states the second time around than you did the first time #YouJustPulledAnObama

      If you win reelection with 4 million less votes than you got the first time around #YouJustPulledAnObama

      If you promise unemployment will drop to 5.6% in 2012 if you pass a $1.4 trillion stimulus and it’s still hovering near 8% in 2013 #YouJustPulledAnObama

      • nickshaw

        If you carried Indiana without even qualifying for the vote cause your guys are convicted for voter fraud #YouJustPulledAnObama

    • trixiewoobeans

      And if some of those “supporters” are actually dead, #YouJustPulledanObama.

    • http://twitter.com/bretzysdude bretzysdude

      If you feel you must attack a conservative website #Youreapathetictrollwith nosociallifeandweepsuncotrollablybecauseyoureacompletefailure

    • http://twitter.com/bretzysdude bretzysdude

      Hey, idiot. Don’t flag my previous response as inappropriate! Wow, you’re really pathetic.

    • beebop1952

      If you use the same post to defend the guy who made RACISM his entire platform and then call other people racists, you ARE 0bama!

      • http://twitter.com/The_Livewire Matthew Morris

        Now now. Don’t insult Obama by confusing him with JoeMyGod

  • http://www.freedomreconnection.com CO2 Producer

    If you say you think at a certain point I’ve made enough money, #YouJustEarnedStreetCredForYourDivisiveCliché.

  • Guest

    To which “God” was Obama referring,
    when he gave his benediction to the abortionists…
    himself, perhaps.

  • neoface

    If you can’t differentiate between truth and rhetoric, then you pulledanobie!!!

  • arttie

    If you and your family flew in 2 private Boeing jets for a Hawaiian vacation, #youjustpulledanobama.

  • lcky9

    IF you don’t mind your daughters killing your grand kids.. but getting a tattoo is immoral ..

  • http://twitter.com/AuntJoJo11 JoAnne

    If you (puppet) demand 3 teleprompters in order to READ a speech – #YouJustPulledAnObama