Is school choice the civil rights issue of our time? We’re pretty sure Texas State Rep. Gene Wu would say no, seeing as he’s been on a tear against school vouchers for a good part of the day while arguing for “mo money” for struggling schools. Here is just a sample of today’s tweets.

If Wu’s Twitter feed today is an opening skirmish in the Democrat #WaronChildren, we like our chances. Teachers unions should be mobilizing soon to defend Wu on Twitter, but in the meantime, he’s facing quite a battle against school choice advocates.

It’s probably best not to take Wu’s advice when it comes to math.

  • Peyton

    I work in a Texas Public School. I wish our kids had the choice to go to better schools.

    • 96leroy

      I worked for a union in Oregon – a non right-to-work state. Union dues are used for political purposes. If you pay dues there, spread the word to others and get some of your own money back.

      I wrote a letter to the state union office each year objecting to the use of my
      “non-char geable” dues and requested they be refunded to me. Union
      members need to see this and decide for themselves if they want this or
      not. 43.3% of all the dues I paid were for non-char geable purposes, like politics. This totaled almost $215.00.

      Look at your total dues paid for the year. Nearly half of that could have been in your own pocket if your union just obeyed the law (without being deceptive to employees.)

      If you’re a union member, you too can get the non-char geable portion of your dues back. Then, if you want to give it to the party of your choice, so be it. That’s your freedom to do so.

      The law all unions must follow:

      United States Supreme Court’s decision regarding: Chicago Teachers Union, Local no. 1, AFT, AFL-CIO v. Hudson, 475 U.S, 292, 206 S.Ct. 1066 (1986) and Communications Workers v. Beck, 487 U.S. 735, 108 S.Ct. 2641 (1988)

      You want to be refunded for all “non-chargeable” dues paid. That is the keyword to use. Go for it!

  • dunst43

    “Every penny LOST to vouchers DECREASES this CHOICE.” Note how he screams LOST. That means out of his control and out of his union overlords’ control. It’s interesting how ‘choice’ is only relevant when Dems advocate for killing babies.

    • pinkelephant22

      Good observation….

  • annoyinglittletwerp

    My state rep-Charles Perry(R)-is also against school choice. WTF?

    • SpinMeNot

      My understanding of Perry’s objections to school vouchers is based on his belief that vouchers will take money away from public schools which have funding issues without vouchers that take money from the public schools, giving it to private schools.

      While the point of “shifting money” away from public schools is valid, if the schools are not meeting the needs of children and families, the problems of said schools is not simply a lack of funding. Perry is a Republican, he is not a conservative.

      • annoyinglittletwerp

        I’ve heard him speak-‘live’-and he’s crossed me as conservative. Then again-I’m a former Chicagoan LoL I live in one of the lower-achieving districts in the area. Though my son is @ Tech ,from what I’ve read…the students in ‘my’ district would certainly benefit from school choice.

        • Neil Leininger

          He’s conservative when it suits him.

          • annoyinglittletwerp

            Just goggled him-and that thing from the AJ where he claimed the school aren’t broken came up. I live in LISD. The schools here-especially the far east side ones-are DEFINITELY broken.

        • lcky9

          another former Chicagoan here..the schools in CHICAGO and all of IL have been on the decline for YEARS.. have nieces and nephews as well as a few grandkids in the system right now and you best believe the only real teaching they get is at home,, it’s sad that after 6+ hours in school you have to drill your kids when they get home and give them actual facts

  • SpinMeNot

    There can be no rational opposition to vouchers. Such opposition can only come from one of two sources — (a) It breaks the power of the government and teacher unions to indoctrinate our children or (b) the desire of the elite to keep the middle class out of their private institutions.

    The telling factor to success in life is not how much education, but the quality of the education. Children in public schools are not taught critical thinking and fundamental skills, but rather drilled to produce scores on standardized tests “prove” the students have learned something.

    There is an episode of Big Bang Theory where Penny regurgitates some semi-scientific babble she memorized to impress Sheldon. She has no idea what it means, but she can regurgitate it.

    When textbooks continue to propagate the lie that during the so-called Pontiac Rebellion, the Americans gave blankets to Native Americans that were purposefully infected with Smallpox, well, quality is not an a desired attribute of public education. When states are passing laws to explicitly make sure that history textbooks include sections on the contributions of LGBT people, in a fashion similar to racial quotas, well, quality in education is not a desired attribute of public education. (The sexual preferences of an individual should be immaterial to the inclusion of said people into a history textbook. Either they did something of historical import or they did not)

    To short circuit the inevitable liberal progressive puke that is going to claim “but the white settlers of America did try to give the Indians blankets contaminated with Smallpox here are the facts.

    (1) It was 1763, there was no America. (2) The Smallpox epidemic sweeping through that area of Pennsylvania had already spread into the Delaware tribe before (3) a subordinate of Amherst (I forget his name) had already given blankets to two Delaware Tribal Chiefs, and they lived for some period of time after they received the blankets, and there is no evidence to prove or even suggest that either man died of smallpox Finally (4) historic documents indicate that the Delaware Chieftains had said, before they received the blankets, that the cause of the smallpox in their tribes was their raiding of settlements and removing blankets, fabrics, and other items from the homes of the settlers they killed.

    The entire incident was legacy of the French and Indian War, and both the British Army and the Indian Tribes were killing civilians on the opposite side in horrific acts of violence and revenge.

  • Spatial Awareness

    My youngest attended a Texas public school. Thank GOD is was only for one year.

  • Mapache

    It would seem that if a kid had a voucher for $1K less than the government pays for them in public school than they public schools would have less kids and MORE money per child left behind. Looks like a win-win to me.

  • TonyMitch

    Parents and kids do have a choice in school. Do your job and get your education. Parents make sure your kids do the homework assigned and talk to your teachers regularly about your childs progress. if a kid is a dumbass and the parents are not supportive it doesn’t matter where the kid goes to school.
    Education reform is far more complicated than these ridiculous notions of vouchers, privatization, teacher evaluations etc… Blaming teacher unions and assaulting teachers is not the answer or the problem. This is the reason the GOP lost the White House. The GOP attacked the middle class which consist mainly of white males. They are the ones that turned away from the GOP not the mexican/latino/hispanics. The GOP never had their vote and will never get it.

    • Stephen L. Hall

      Your foolishness is quite amusing, To say that the GOP never had the middle class white vote when the Democrats have not managed to get the majority of the white male vote since the 60s.

      • TonyMitch

        You misread my statement. Let me clarify I can see where people would misunderstand. The GOP never had the mexican/hispanic/latino vote. They lost many middle class whites in 2012 due to the assault on unions. hope this calrifies my statement

        • Stephen L. Hall

          Ok, that does make more sense, but I disagree that the GOP attacked the middle class. I think they lost because they tried to be democrat-lite instead of their own party.

          But I see every day the ill effects of the modern education on young people who can not even put a sentence together which contains an actual verb, or if they have a verb, it will not agree with the subject.

        • SpinMeNot

          You might want to take a look at GWB’s number in the area of hispanic/latino votes in 2004. I believe you will find that those numbers contradict your assertion.

        • SpinMeNot

          You might want to take a look at GWB’s number in the area of hispanic/latino votes in 2004. I believe you will find that those numbers contradict your assertion.

  • marcellucci

    Government should get out of the education business.
    No Government, Fed or State, should be in direct competition with private institutions….
    Just like PA shouldn’t be selling its own brand of wine against private wineries…
    Collect our taxes, fine….administer distribution of the taxes, fine….
    Just don’t pretend you have our kid’s best interest at heart.

  • Stephen L. Hall

    “A well educated workforce = more good jobs = fewer on welfare = fewer prisoners = lower future tax burden.” — Gene Wu

    Repeating that same Regressive nonsense that education is a public good, a special service which magically does not respond to market forces like every other service. Real education undermines the Regressive agenda of a compliant electorate and more spending on ever larger government, or to paraphrase Mr. Wu’s words: “Mo money = lower classroom size (more teachers), training for teachers (teachers’ teachers), school supplies (government purchases), counselors for college prep (more overhead staff) … etc. (more and more spending).”

    Obviously this quality education didn’t teach Mr. Wu that “Mo” is not a word.

  • Lisa Dean

    Liberals hate choice, independence and choice, even though they scream it from the roof tops.

  • Billie Slash

    And people think Texas will become a blue state?? Guys like Gene Wu keep us deep red. Thanks, Gene–keep talking!!

  • Calcat36

    Every voucher is a lost democrat voter! First, the parent(s) would support more choice advocated by republicans, and eventually the child will learn how to read, write, and do math instead of being indoctrinated into a failing liberal agenda!

    Get the government out of education, and like everything else the government does not regulate or control, it will THRIVE! War on poverty anyone? War on drugs? Epic government failures slowly bleeding us of our wealth.