While Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was trying to connect the deaths of seven Marines killed during a training exercise in Hawthorne, Nevada, to sequestration cuts, others were more tactful in their responses. Palin’s tweet was no surprise, but we didn’t expect a post from Courtney Love Cobain. It’s unexpected, but no less welcome.

Is it possible that Reid could take a lesson in class from Courtney Love?

  • Pablo

    Dingy Harry could take a lesson in class from dog feces.

  • ProudAmerican247

    Dirty Harry blaming the sequester for the tragic accident taking the lives of seven Marine heroes is typical of the Dims trying to make political hay out of a human tragedy. Shame on him. At this point, no one knows HOW it happened. What a jerk.
    To the Honorable Marines and their families and friends, we will NEVER FORGET. RIP.

    • Michael Smith

      I don’t think he really has any clue about the Military Ma’am.

  • blueniner

    Sarah Palin always tweets thoughtful condolences and Happy Birthday greetings, to folks. Courtney Love. a pleasent surprise, Courtney herself is always under scrutiny, she has made some good music.

    • idesign2

      Pretty much sums it up..:)

    • http://palinsdirtylittlesecret.blogspot.com/ CovertWarOnAmericansLeaked

      You should just tell everyone the truth about her and why your aliases and 10 others run the conversation full time at Conservatives4Palin.

      • wwbdinct

        And how many aliases do you use Cariboob? 10,20,50,100?

      • blueniner

        Hateful kook troll Boobie…….

    • Karin_A

      I agree, I have purchased some of her music in my life. This tweet shocked me.

  • http://batman-news.com gallifrey1

    Harry Reid could take lessons in class from what my dog just left in the back yard. The man is a disease.

  • stellatruman

    Go figure..Courtney Love

  • DoctorZin

    I helped check Courtney Love Cobain into a hotel in New Orleans one time. Her first credit card was declined; then her second CC was declined. She and her two heroin-chic girly companions were stranded at the front desk for well over an hour while she was working things out with her agent, whose first credit card was ALSO declined.

    Throughout this whole episode, not ONCE did Miss Love Cobain utter an irate statement or in any way display impatience or arrogance towards any member of the hotel staff. She was miserable, of course, but was, given her reputation and those of celebrities generally, incredibly humble and I’ll always have a soft spot for her for that night.

    They finally got into their room and proceeded to call down to the desk every 15 minutes to see if their FedEx package had arrived. When it finally did, they were quiet the rest of the night.

    Seinfeld was a c**k: “I want my F***ING bags NOW!!”

    • Michael Smith

      I was late coming back from leave in the Military and trying to get a standby seat same as Louie Anderson and he flipped out when they gave me the only seat. It was surprising.

      • ⚔Christophuh⚔

        because he would have required 2 seats.

    • rivers


    • disqus_LASIg6epmj

      I am terrified to think of what was in that Fed Ex package. lol

      • bo1921

        Probably a valid credit card.

  • Heather_A

    Geez, so far, the White House has been called out by a $cientologist and Courtney Love has outclassed Harry Reid. Will wonders ever cease?


  • disqus_LASIg6epmj

    Not a fan of Courtney or her music, but she impressed me here.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    My thought on Courtney was always, “If she’s Miss World, Somebody Kill ME!” #MusicTriviaTime But this is a pleasant surprise.. She seems to have mellowed (FINALLY!), and is making the media that once scrutinized her sit up and take notice. And, I’ve always been a fan of Sarah Palin…. Praying for those brave Marines and their Families, Jawamax 8<{D}

  • bo1921

    Well, good for Courtney. You know, many people have to work things out for themselves and then, when they do, they’re OK with their lot in life and go on to become decent people. Maybe Courtney’s gone through that and now she’s on the right track.

  • ernst1776

    She must finaly be off the drugs and realizing the future is her daughter. People change

  • Stan

    Ms. Love on a few talk shows seemed a little kooky, like a lot of stars, but her tweet should be a slap in the face for Dirty Harry. Classy thing for her to do.