Don’t tell Geraldo Rivera, but his potential opponent in New Jersey’s 2014 Senate race, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, is tweeting about his heroic deeds again. Rivera might be tired of Booker’s shtick, but that’s not stopping Booker from using social media to micromanage his city, to the delight of his constituents.

The cat’s rescue caught the attention of the national media … sort of.

  • CR

    @Cory Booker… there’s a crook in the white house trying to rob America blind. Can you help us? Go Mayor Superman, Go!

  • RushLpig

    If that was a republican mayor, he’d probably use it for target practice and post the after pic.

    • Calcat36

      If the owner of the cat’s mother were a liberal, the cat would not have been on the roof. It would have been aborted.

    • Andy Rigo

      If it was a dog, Obama would have eaten it.

    • Tim jones

      Shooting the cat would be cheaper then having firemen rescue it.

      Heres the recap of this very democrat helpless very worthless cat-owner:
      A democrat has a cat, doesn’t take care of said cat resulting in said cat ending up on the roof. Said democrat relies on numerous government agencies to resolve this minor predicament opposed to go rent a double-tall ladder from the local tool and equipment rental to simply retrieve said uncared-for cat.

      In minority democrat land eventually someone will fix your problems, even if by not taking responsibility you prolong them.

      • annoyinglittletwerp

        I’m a Texas conservative with 3 cats. If I EVER see someone attempting to shoot a cat or dog…

        • Tim jones

          How mad would you be if they irresponsible people down the street left their cat on the roof for 3 days? Would you just go get the cat off the roof for them?

          Naturally it’s the humane thing to do, but as a matter of principal would you rescue it or let the siuation play out further days until the dem takes action and gets the cat down with a ladder? It’s symbolic and ironic and so very unnatural to me, the whole situation.. How’s the cat outside for 3 days?

        • Judy B

          I’m a FL Conservative with 2 dogs, 2 cats, if I EVER see someone attempting to shoot a cat or dog…

      • Rightturn

        Great synopsis, but what is meant by ‘minority’ in the “minority democrat land” bit?

        • Tim jones

          It means this guy relies on government to accomplish his needs, like what we’re experiencing as a nation, a growing population of “needy” people who won’t think a problem through and solve it on their own. They will just reach out for another “helping hand” instead of solving the very simple problem on his own.

          So I have made a pun of this situation, and attempt to poke at the liklihood that this man’s predicament, one of his own creating, and the way he resolved it, unacceptable in my opinion, are a trait of this growing needy population which would rather starve then work toward accomplishing their goals.

  • Andy Rigo

    Roman Friday, be a man, rent a ladder if necessary, and get the damn cat down yourself!

    • Calcat36

      That’s NONSENSE. He will have to pass a bill and appropriate taxpayer funds for a ladder. Better yet, send in the fire-dudes.

    • Hiraghm

      If it weren’t for gun control laws, he could get the cat off the roof in a couple seconds… j/k

    • catb55

      Need Obamaladder (like Obamaphone don’t you know 😉

    • bobbymike34

      Agree 100% you leave a cat on the roof for three days and then Tweet THE MAYOR for gosh’s sake, jeez people do it yourself. This is a perfect example of what;s wrong with the country can’t anyone do anything for themsleves anymore.

  • waltermitty2012

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Bookerman! Faster than a speeding ticket. More powerful than a 5-hp snow blower. Able to leap over a tall parking meter.

  • Stone Bryson

    I seldom agree with Cory Booker’s politics, would never vote for him… but I love this guy. I hate to say it, but how he is writing his own narrative through social media is masterful. Even if every single incident is pure BS I don’t care – he’s entertaining as all hell.

  • Scott Carroll

    This guy is like a progressive super-hero. Liberal Man! Fights for relative truth, social justice, and the totalitarian way!

    Seriously he must sit in his pajamas cradling his police scanner 24/7 to be Johnny on the spot at all these pet rescues. How many fires do they have in Newark anyway? He’s probably setting them.

  • 1azuce

    “The cat’s rescue caught the attention of the national media…sort of.” (The Special Snowflake) twitchyteam…you guys are awesome.

  • ToyZebra

    Yay Cat Team 6!

  • Randy W

    It would not surprise me if the cats’ owner got a bill from the FD for $3000.00

  • stellatruman

    I love cats…but the rule of thumb is if they got up there, they can get down. Did I mention that I love cats ?

  • $18912735

    Jeebus people can’t even borrow a neighbor’s ladder and do the simplest tasks anymore.

    What a hell hole this country has become.

    • $18912735

      “my mother called many services for help but they said they cant do anything”


      Losers. All of them – losers. Kid, mom, and whatever “services” she called.