Matt Drudge is exactly right. Sen. Rand Paul captured the attention of the nation today with his epic (and ongoing) filibuster, and he’s won the support of the usual suspects and some unusual suspects as well.

Sarah Palin and Herman Cain both have tweeted their support; maybe Sen. Ted Cruz will pass along their best wishes as he relays tweets of support.

As Twitchy reported earlier, Code Pink has thrown its support behind the #filiblizzard and, thanks to the time Paul has given them, has even gotten a little crafty.

One of the few who hasn’t been won over is Bette Midler. She’s bored.

Kathy Griffin’s watching, we think.


This happened:

  • Dick Beninya

    Bette Midler? She is the poor man’s elton john. the heck with that washed up wench.

    • Michael LeKites

      She still alive? Had no idea.

    • NY Republican


    • $23629333

      I was suspicious of her arrival in the twitter-verse, and visited her website yesterday. Sure enough, she’s soon* to be seen on Broadway, in a play entitled, “I’ll Eat You Last.” So – it seems – she has been advertising the fact that she is still alive, and – better still – on the PC side of politics.

      (* this spring)

      • ShadowGovernmentSeenHere

        No shortage of disinformation on top of this thread.

  • Tee Santee

    KMA Bette! You’re nothing more than a washed up socialist witch. If you can’t stand for civil liberties, them STFU! I Proudly “StandWithRand”!!

  • Tammy Wagner

    Bette who? #StandWithRand

  • Beth Larsen

    I guess Kathy Griffin and Bette Midler are FOR killing noncombatant Americans with drones. Good to know.

  • Lord Foggybottom

    All that time in those bath houses has caused Bette’s brain to prune up.

  • Scott Carroll

    After a week in which citizens of Venezuela celebrated the life of a tyrannical monster who kept them under his boot, it’s inspiring to watch a single American throw a wrench in the leviathan of government and make it come to a grinding halt.

    This illustrates in visceral way why the United States is the greatest nation on Earth.

    • JBean

      Yes and POTUS is sending a delegation to Venezuela.

      • 3seven77

        Chavez gets a delegation? And yet not even a single mention of American Hero Chris Kyle.

        • CovertWarOnAmericansLeaked

          Or the truth about Sarah Palin

  • rivers

    That’s right, the brain trust that is the dry-heaves inducing Kathy Griffin and Bette the nutte support the killing of Americans on American soil without due process as long as Obama is the one doing the killing. Because they are reeeally, reeally smart and not at all into the cult of Obama’s personality.
    Wondered what it would take for all the wingnuts to fully, undeniably out themselves as Jonestown crazies.

  • Spatial Awareness

    Here’s hoping .@kathygriffin & .@BetteMidler are sitting in a cafe together when the first USA drone strike hits it. #BecauseHollywoodDListMartyrs & #Caring

    • my2centshere

      Should be @DListHags.

      • Spatial Awareness

        I stand corrected. ~_^

    • Guest

      nah, never wish death on your adversaries. Remember they have mental issues. What they need is prayer, counseling and straight jackets so they can get a grip on reality.

      • Neil Leininger

        but not guns.

  • Adela Wagner

    Hey Bette and Kathy,thank God these Senators are NOT raunchy enough to excite you, go sniff around Menendez or that Conn. State Rep. Ernest “snake under my desk” Hewett.

  • Cambria

    Am I the only one who looked for hidden vaginas in that card?

    • Worship Dancer

      i would suggest rubber gloves when handling. no doubt they rubbed all over that thing.

  • cgraham77

    Just imagining either of these hags voices in my head makes me want to gag.

    Yes Bette, it’s soooo “DULL” discussing the President’s desire to be able to murder our own citizens with impunity. What a total snooze-fest. Yes, Kathy, the senators do not support “THIS POTUS” who desires autocratic power over our nation! Geez, what is the problem with these senators anyways??

    I wish these two bubble-headed dingbats would just shut the hell up! You are both IRRELEVANT! And no amount of plastic surgery will change that!

  • Andy Jacobson

    Hey Bette & Kathy, not to change the subject but since you’re board anyway, concerning Hugo Chavez, sorry for your loss.

  • Deborah Rosato

    Let’s see how Kathy Griffin or Bette Midler would like if if a Republican were in office with the power to drop a drone on them for just cause? May have a different way of thinking. Both are total nut jobs that don’t deserve to be quoted ..Who cares

    • Worship Dancer

      don’t u actually mean drop a drone on them just BECAUSE?

  • Jack Deth

    Didn’t Bette Midler and Kathy Griffin both start their careers in Gay Bath Houses?

  • AdoEdem

    And now VAN JONES on #StandWithRand. This has got to be one of the *weirdest* nights of my life.

    • aliswell

      Lol! Amen!

  • Jer

    The somewhat less than divine Ms. M. is a little bitter that people area actually listening to Rand Paul. Tito, get me a tissue.

  • Fred

    Almost every bodyguard I know (I’m one, btw) is a patriot and many are military veterans. Wonder who these two women think will protect them when the wolves are at the door or they find themselves in disfavor?

  • $23629333

    Imagine attending a single’s dance, and the women look like Bette, Kathy and the Code Pink trio.

  • aliwilcox

    The beauty of our constitution is that even Kathy Griffin and Bette Midler are safe from drone attacks, mores the pity.

  • 1lumpsum

    What Kathy Griffin was saying with the “Those 2 don’t support THIS POTUS hmmm (wink).” comment is “They don’t support him because he’s black and they’re racists!” Give it a rest you ignorant %$@#&!

  • Anthony Marquez

    This right here, is how the GOP comes back.

  • Mikeknosbest

    Absolutely! Rand Paul knows what is happening, keep up the gr8 work Rand…