As Twitchy reported yesterday, the House is scheduled to vote Friday on $9 billion in immediate aid to victims of Superstorm Sandy. Even though that aid package is virtually certain to pass, equally certain is that the House GOP will be blamed for denying help to the citizens of New York and New Jersey. We give you Exhibit A, courtesy of Cher.

So, is $9 billion not enough to count? Congress will consider an additional $51 billion on Jan. 15. Much of that $51 billion has been exposed as pure pork that has nothing to do with Sandy — and who wants to bet the House GOP won’t pass that too? Will Republicans then get credit for helping Sandy victims? Will Cher ever make sense?

  • Gibs


  • Josephine (D)

    Hey, remember when neighbors used to help each other out, instead of just waiting for the government to come in?

    • silly girl

      Like a good neighbor…….State Farm is there. Right?

      • TocksNedlog

        Say, you’re right! A lot of the storm damage IS covered by casualty insurance.

    • Jillane Kent

      That is what residents of “flyover” States must do, after every hurricane or tornado. Personal responsibility and limited help from the federal government must be quite the plebeian and alien concept.

      • $19215176

        Hardly. Flyover states receive much more in aid from the federal government than its residents contribute. It’s the states in the Northeast which help fund programs in flyover states.

  • SanDiegoMerchantServices

    Cher,and her misguided fellow Democrats confuse charitable giving with forced government redistribution.

  • to me

    Cher? who is cher and why should I care what she thinks

  • ember

    I’ll bet that Sandy victims would gladly accept any and all moneys that Cher can give up. Open that wallet, Cher. Let’s see you start the ball rolling.

    • AlmaAlma

      and the rest of Hollywood. I mean, they like to ‘inspire’ the little people with ads and such.

  • Kevin Roe

    Wondering how much of her own money she has given Sandy victims? Oh wait,I forgot, that’s the government’s job…

  • Steve_J

    Information for Cher, “Sandy” was a natural phenomenon. Mount Rushmore is not.

  • HARP2

    Cher…..Have you been eating those little white breath mints from the urinals again ?

  • Todd Amend

    People just ignore the idiots ofthe hollyweird left. They seem to think we people actually care about what they have to say. Which is they are just parrots for sick minded left.

  • silly girl

    Yeah I saw how those mafia boys’s faces got all purple when Boehner told them to get their greedy lying hands out of the pork chop plate.

  • LoriGirl

    Clearly, Cher has reached the age of senility.

    • TocksNedlog

      For the second time.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    a) thank heavens… the recent lack of all cap cher tweets was making me think she was dead.
    b) maybe it’s because it is late and i’m tired, but… i found it funny that the only words not in all caps were “is pissed”. seriously, cher, wtf?

  • Sydneyck

    Cher will never make sense! That takes a brain and apparently she does not have one big enough to think reasonably with! She’s as stupid as most of the other Hollyweirdos who are overpaid, overblown and so hung up on themselves that they think America thrives on their every word!

  • TocksNedlog

    What, all of a sudden Kelly Ayotte and Michelle Bachmann aren’t horrendous?

  • $23629333

    How much money has Sonny’s better half contributed to Sandy relief?

    Wish these hypocrites would put up and shut up.

  • Fido


    that aptly describes the thought “process” of the mutated former chanteuse,

    daughter of [an Armenian truck driver with drug and gambling problems].

  • kiddopup

    Her face must be to tight from her latest facelift I mean nhave you ever listen to nacey pelosi cher is nno different facts make no difference to brain dead people