Remember Starbucks’ “Indivisible” campaign and what it was for? No? Then your expectations are properly set for CEO Howard Schultz’s latest “nonpartisan” shot at political influence. Baristas around the Washington, D.C., area were asked to write “Come Together” on coffee cups this morning to inspire legislators to reach a compromise in fiscal cliff negotiations.

We didn’t hear if Barack’s cup had the message on it, but people like Jasmyn were left scratching their heads.

Many coffee drinkers, though, had heard about the campaign online, and were disappointed when they didn’t see “Come Together” written on their cup.

The whole campaign seems to have left many customers with a bitter taste.

Not everyone greeted the idea with ridicule, though. DNC vice chair Donna Brazile adopted Starbucks’ motto, infused it with some partisan spin and turned it into a Twitter hashtag.

No, you can’t. Shut up and drink your coffee.

With many observers calling Starbucks’ campaign a confusing flop, will the coffee chain stick to making lattes or can we look forward to more “nonpartisan” sloganeering?

  • stuckinIL4now

    So what’s next, DC Starbucks employees showing up at the House chamber on Sunday evening with 435 cups of coffee that say “Come Together”?

    • Larry Welling

      They should just write “Surrender Dorothy” on Republicans’ cups

      • mdtljt

        Good One!!! Nearly choked on my coffee!!!!

  • Garth Haycock

    That is one song by The Beatles that I’ve never liked.

  • TheOriginalDonald

    Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink Starbucks #IRunOnDunkin

    • SineWaveII


    • Michelle

      Isn’t it great we all have different tastes? Imagine how boring the world would be if we all liked and disliked the same things. It’s OK your friends enjoy Starbucks, they’re paying for it and not you, correct? I personally think Dunkin Donuts is to coffee what Coors Light is to beer, but I don’t put people down for liking it.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Dunkin’ Donuts coffee was MUCH better before they changed over to the huge coffee makers that make gallons at a time. I stopped going there a long time ago, and make my own at home. Home-made coffee definitely tastes better.

        • Michelle

          Oh definitely for coffee, made at home can’t be beat! But I love Starbucks for the espresso – Dunkin Donuts sells espresso premade and dispensed from a machine…nasty!

        • lillymckim

          I buy Dunkin Donuts whole bean coffee and use a
          Cuisinart Grind & Brew Coffee Maker it’s the best coffee and coffee maker on the market!
          When I’m on the run its always Dunkin on every corner and every airport!

      • mdtljt

        If you ever come to the Wilmington, NC area, or see a Port City Java coffee shop, give them a try…I’ve never had a bad coffee there and there’s no fish oil aftertaste like Starbucks…

        • Michelle

          I don’t drink Starbucks coffee, I drink their espresso and have never experienced a fish oil aftertaste – but thanks for the tip!

          • NCRelite

            Starbucks coffee is disgusting. I guess people go to drink the fancier concoctions anyway. Unecessary calories. May as well drink a milkshake.

          • Michelle

            I don’t drink the fancier concoctions and have never really paid attention to what others order. I drink a latte. I think Dunkin Donuts is absolutely disgusting, but it’s never occurred to me to judge folks who love the place. To each their own.

    • lillymckim

      I run on Dunkin!
      Starbucks is bitter just like the CEO/Owner

  • lainer51

    hey s.b. come together and clean your bathrooms &
    get the HELL out of politics… I would rather my 7 and 9 y/o “come together” with a plan compared to this vacationer-in-chief and old squealing lib Schultz.

  • RightThinking1

    Maybe they could try writing “No Labels” on the cups…, wait…, never mind.

  • almarquardt

    Slogans don’t put food in the table; hard work does. Same goes for financial crises. It’s so basic, every politician needs to hear it (read “pounded into their head because they’re too self-absorbed to figure it out”) and Starbucks should already know it.

  • SineWaveII

    Hmmm I thought that “come together” was that thing back in the 70s that was so important that couples were supposed to achieve to prove they cared about each other or some such thing…’cause um, I remember reading about that .. um… someplace……..back then.

    • lainer51

      another reference to Deep Throat in D.C. – imagine that?

  • disqus_ys7YLGvSbv

    Starbucks cares……..awwwww.

  • Michelle

    I visit several Starbucks in my area (Los Angeles area) and none of them wrote this on my cups, but if they had – I’m not sure I’d be tripping out over it, what’s the big deal? My primary Starbucks makes my drink the moment they see me walk in the door, they know it by heart and actually do write, “Hi Michelle!” on my cup, so that works for me.

    • People Corporation

      Uh, I know for a fact I wouldn’t tip someone for serving me a cup of coffee that cost more per cup than coffee costs per pound. Can’t stand it when (on the turnpike) I find that Starbucks has exclusive right to sell the coffee, because their coffee is crap.

      • Michelle

        I don’t think I mentioned whether or not I tip them. I don’t drink their coffee, I drink their espresso – bit difference.

        • TEXANONLY

          well woppie dooooo, good you are an idiot

          • Michelle

            Not sure the reason for your hostility and name calling, other than you enjoy making extemporaneous comments. Really, a benign conversation about coffee is cause for you to be rude and call someone an idiot? How…odd. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and have a fantastic New Year.

          • arrow2010

            I hope you enjoy being a leftist fool & tool.

    • lainer51

      little too much narcissism, I would say. They probably write “Hi Barry” also – oh my – I just threw up my poptart!

      • Michelle

        Hmmm, I think it’s nice that a store I frequent knows my name and what I order….and that’s narcissism? I encourage you to look up the definition.

        • TEXANONLY

          and I encourage you to keep your mouth shut.

          • Michelle

            And I encourage you to take a look at why you attack people for having a simple conversation about coffee. You seem pretty angry over a pretty meaningless conversation and folks doing nothing more than exchanging differing views. Over…coffee? Really? I hope things get better for you Jay – I usually save my hostility for more important issues. Have a great night!

  • Ken Alan Draper

    If they really want to promote Fiscal sanity they wouldn’t charge 6 bucks for a lousy cup of coffee. Just sayin’

  • Red Fred

    I’m sorry, but that’s just creepy. I think it’s some sort of sexual innuendo and it offends me. Must contact the alphabet networks for coverage. Maybe call Gloria Allred.

  • $30423294

    My Beatles lyric to my patrons would be:

    cause I’m the taxman
    yeah I’m the taxman
    and you’re working for no one but me

    that includes you, barista!


  • James McEnanly

    How many congress critters actually set foot in a Starbucks outside of election season?

  • BlueGirl

    Poor misguided Starbucks, STFU!! Stuff your pretentious “Come Together”.

    At 7 bucks for your coffee, I think I’ll just hit your shop and write on the cups for you……..”Buy Dunkin Donuts”

  • Samh09

    If someone wrote come together on my coffee cup I would continue by saying

    Right now, over me.

    He bad production

    He got walrus gumboot

    He got Ono sideboard

    He one spinal cracker

    He got feet down below his knees

    Hold you in his armchair

    You can feel his disease

    Come together, right now

    Over me

  • mhojai

    Infantile delusions…what passes for “liberal thinking”…don’t actually HAVE character, or actually accomplish something, just have bumper sticker cliches and everything will be fine…
    SERIOUSLY sick — or if that fails, post threatnening tweets, with no sense of irony…
    It’s really too bad they don’t have the sense to be embarrased
    by their idiocy!

  • Mickey James

    The only problem I see is you guys paying $7 plus for coffee. Talk about being stupid.