Netflix acknowledged in a tweet that a Christmas Eve outage was indeed “terrible timing.” Users testing out new tablets, game consoles and TVs suddenly found that they were locked out of the service, and they turned to Twitter to share their frustration.

Terrible timing indeed! How many people were counting on that streaming video of a fireplace to make the holiday complete?

Word online is that the trouble originated with a problem in Amazon’s cloud infrastructure. Several hours of movie depravation have driven some to try their hand at poetry.

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  • R0nin

    First World Problem? Yeah, I think I’ll go with that. Too bad we may have to focus on the meaning of Christmas, instead of distractions from it.

  • vcferlita

    My daughter was pretty upset

  • OtakuMom2

    Didn’t realize it was on their end until this morning. I thought it was on my end, and it took me a few attempts before I could watch “Nightmare Before Christmas” last night.

  • מרטין

    I had some issues earlier in the evening but it just repeatedly crashed my browser as (thank you, Microsoft) Silverlight apparently can’t handle slow server responses.

  • $24835958

    I forgive you Netflix. It was actually a relief that it was you and not me. Should I really have been watching Breaking Bad on Christmas Ever?? Well, yes, but… Those of us lucky enough to be home with our families should sympathize with those working on Christmas.
    I was mad at first, and then realized it was Christmas Eve and I needed to put things in prospective. Not lecturing on anyone who is upset. Just feeling bad for the junior engineer getting hell from his boss at Netflix.

  • Netmilsmom

    We saw that it was down and went straight to Amazon Prime to watch the last BBC Sherlock Holmes.
    Well played Amazon. Well played.

  • TomasHunter

    Some of those are pretty funny; I can only imagine what my brother might have tweeted. I don’t subscribe to Netflix, but my brother does, and he was pretty upset. I had come home from work at my DISH office, and our family was gathered in the living room. My kids had some kind of noisy cartoon on, so my brother and I each turned to our phones and preferred streaming apps. He couldn’t get Netflix to work at all, but I had the DISH Remote Access app streaming live TV from my DVR at home in just a few minutes. I don’t really trust cloud those services because of outages like this one. Thankfully, the DISH app uses a Sling Adapter connected to my DVR; no cloud hosting required.