Today isn’t the first time juicy rumors about the Senate majority leader have spread on Twitter. For some reason, these rumors — such as whispers that Harry Reid might be a pederast — pop up whenever Reid starts spreading things he’s “heard” from his reliable sources. During campaign season, a little bird told Reid that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes in a decade, and today, Reid told reporters that his opponents in the fiscal cliff negotiations aren’t getting along.

“We’ve heard about all the infighting going on with the House leadership. I don’t know how valid it is,” Reid said. “I just got a message here that there’s a battle going on between McCarthy and Ryan and the Majority Leader in the House … and Boehner.”

We don’t know how valid these most recent #HarryReidRumors are, but we thought we’d better pass them along.

Outrageous! What else do you have?

Apologize? Reid never backed down from his Romney tax return rumors. What will his imaginary friend tell him next?

  • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

    Why would Dirty Harry want to pass a new budget when the one they are using (extending) includes TARP and the Stimulus, they would have to cut spending with a new budget. Why do you think they haven’t passed one yet?

  • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

    ive seen corrupt senators that burned down a townhall so that nothing would be able to be traced back to them
    ive seen evil senators that plot the murder of a presidential candidate so that the drug bussiness of their friends doesn’t go down
    and then ive seen harry reid

  • edward cropper

    viscous rumor that Harry Reid is sane

    • mhojai

      It’s not only mean, it’s icky! (and quite unbelievable)

    • mhojai

      It’s not only mean, it’s icky! (and quite unbelievable)

  • Jack Deth


    Harry Reid is still a pederast. Censured for bending Pages instead of using Stapler!

  • cmdorsey

    Harry Reid is needs a larger set of NEW false clackers that will STICK TO gums and keep his BIG MOUTH SHUT!! #HarryReidRumors

  • stuckinIL4now

    I just want to know when Boehner on behalf of the US House of Representatives and the American people is bringing a lawsuit against Harry Reidiculous and the US Senate for not having passed a budget in 1,322 days. As required by law, there have been no budgets for the past 3 fiscal years and it’s time do-nothin, deadbeat, obstructionist dingbat Harry and the Senate Dembeciles answer for it.

  • my preciousss!!

    rumour has it, Harry hacked it.
    rumour has it, Harry spent it.
    rumour has it, Harry is the one he’s leaving him for.
    credit: adele

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    I sa…I sai…I said, Harvey… #HarryReidsBigPinkRabbit