Former President George W. Bush saved thousands, if not millions of lives with the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, or PEPFAR, a $15 billion program dedicated to curbing the spread of HIV globally. Earlier this year, singer and activist Bono said he was hopeful President Obama would “follow through on what President Bush did … George kind of knocked it out of the park.”

While the former president now works mostly behind the scenes though the Bush Institute to promote global health, many are taking the occasion of World AIDS Day to remember Bush’s efforts.

For its part, the White House issued a statement observing World AIDS Day, overlooking PEPFAR but managing to promote Obamacare.

Here in the United States we are implementing a National HIV/AIDS Strategy and concentrating our efforts in communities where HIV rates are highest, including among gay men, Latinos, and African Americans. We are investing in comprehensive HIV prevention and care, including through the Affordable Care Act, to prevent infection and ensure that all people living with HIV have access to life-extending treatment.

Even critics of the former president acknowledged Bush’s efforts.

A handful, though, seem to have succumbed to Bush Derangement Syndrome, for which there is no known cure.

  • riddler1620

    Feminists, gay activists and sex worker unions did more to combat aids in Africa then president bush? Some people need to put down the damn crack pipe and realize that idiocy is a learned behavior and with therapy it can be cured.

    • SpinMeNot

      Unfortunately, past a certain age, it has been shown to be very difficult to teach critical thinking. I guessing that the last two tweeters above a hopeless causes that will forever only be able to reason at the level of your average Dr. Seuss reader.

      For the first one, talk to anyone in Africa that benefited from the billions of dollars that GWB (the cold heartless war monger, Christian rich white guy, with a down to earth attitude and respect for the military). For the second one, well, I would suggest it was actually very risky sexual behaviors that killed your friends, not GWB.

    • Rulz

      Have they even been to Africa?

    • Rock

      They’re in Nepal. Who cares?

  • Bigeddie173

    If we are broke, why were we giving money to help fight AIDS in any country other than our own? It is a terrible disease, but is preventable if you don’t engage in risky social behaviors. Cancer is also terrible. As is heart disease, diabetes, MS etc… I didn’t blame the president when my grandma died from heart failure. AIDS gets more attention because of certain groups of people in mostly affects.

    • SpinMeNot

      @BigEd, On target … fire for effect.

      It buys votes, it makes them a man of the people. Now, that having been said, you raise a good point, right now — we need to be cutting, not spending.

      Normally I am 100% against the vast majority of foreign aid; I have no problem with directed, dedicated, and managed efforts to curb the spread of illnesses such as AIDS. The problem being that 10’s of thousands of children are either orphaned or are born HIV positive.

      The blame game is how the irrational liberal progressive pukes deflect attention from real issues and their own lack of moral character, integrity and values. I suspect you had a great relationship with your Grandmother (by the way you mentioned her specifically), I am sorry for your loss.

  • syvyn11

    Remember, everything must promote the greatness of the “O”. There have been no Presidents before, no Presidents after.

    • SpinMeNot

      If BHO has his way, you might be right on that latter bit.

    • Rock

      The only great “O” I know of is in the bedroom, and these days, not often enough…

  • Lisa Dean

    I don’t recall seeing a group of feminists, gay activists and sex worker unions (WTF) going to Africa for the benefit of those with AIDS. I don’t recall seeing our current President going to Africa regarding AIDS or his wife going there regarding AIDS (a vacation yes). It just hurts libs so much to give Bush credit for anything including something that seems to be so close to their hearts (cough) like AIDS.

    • righthook38

      Of course Michelle hasn’t been to Africa. It’s much more important to stop American kids from eating a french fry or drinking a soda. Priorities, people! 😉

  • Red47

    Where are the pix of Preezy sincerely hugging little kids in Africa? Or even insincerely?

    • righthook38

      No, but we did see him hug the lady from Hurricane Sandy, who he promised to help, then forgot about. Turns out her insurance won’t cover her business losses, because they cover water that comes down, not up. Yes, seriously, that’s what she was told. Good lookin’ out, Obama.

  • Lidsamy

    I do love this picture of W. Personifies him

    • 1CatEye

      I miss the man terribly. No, he wasn’t perfect, who is? He’s a lot better than the ignorant egotist we have in office now.

  • nc

    Compare this photo to the one of BHO on the Rosa Parks bus. Which one warms your heart?

    • Rock

      The one of the bus driver riding over a speed bump..

      • Terika

        …on a narrow bridge…

  • orringtonmom (D)

    i thought the answer to all the world’s ills was to throw money at it. W did that… not happy? no. Rick B in CT apparently thinks GWB gave his friends AIDS…

  • Frank Julian

    POS ex POTUS Worst president EVER!!!!

    • 1CatEye

      No, dear. That would be the one we have NOW.

    • righthook38

      EVER? That’s a pretty strong statement. What did he do? Get us into a war? Obama has kept us in it. Spend too much money? Obama will more than double Bush’s debt. During most of Bush’s term, unemployment was under 6%, even as low as 4.75%….with Obama it’s never been below 7.9%. So….could you enlighten us?

    • Stephanie Warren

      Want some lotion for that butthurt?

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    BULLSHIT! He cut funding leaving US citizens on waiting lists for ADAP. President Obama has provided the funding needed for all to get ADAP.

  • BeeKaaay

    Bushie boy, despite his failings, STILL ran rings around the current Narcissist in Chief.