How’s that for service? Who could imagine that an outlet like MSNBC would actually tell its progressive Twitter stalkers to hold tight while we get to your story? “Your Mitt Romney smear is important to us; please stand by while we dig up a sympathetic victim to exploit.”

ABC’s Jake Tapper says he’s on the story as well.

After all, this is really it — the Bain Capital scandal that will bring down the Romney campaign once and for all. Would Pam Grier or the Daily Kos lie? This could destroy Romney. It’s the “Beltway Benghazi!”

You see, Romney’s blind trust includes holdings in Sensata Technologies, an Illinois company which Bain Capital purchased from Texas Instruments in 2006, years after Romney left Bain. Sensata has been outsourcing work to China and the Illinois plant faces closure in November. Even the New York Times notes that Romney had nothing to do with the decision to close the plant; however, Romney created the monster that is Bain, and should the spouse of any laid-off worker die, Romney might as well have murdered that person himself (hypothetically speaking, of course).

Progressives argue, though, that Romney still profits from the plant closing through his blind trust.

Well, that’s not so hard to imagine, really. Obama supporters fail to mention that the president is invested in Sensata as well. Again, the New York Times notes that as a former Illinois state senator, Obama “has as much as $100,000 in a state retirement plan that contains shares of Sensata Technologies.”

Did we mention that all of this is happening more than a decade after Romney left Bain?

The Daily Kos, which is pushing the story, acknowledges that by “having so much power within Bain and owning 51% of it’s [sic] shares, I’m sure Romney could pull some strings and make some calls and stop Sensata from being outsourced.” There’s also the possibility that Obama, having been president of the United States for four years, could have done something as well, perhaps between “Daily Show” appearances. Bin Laden is dead, GM is alive … was there something else?

Romney opponents have promised a “Twitterbomb” of Sensata tomorrow to keep the issue trending. Will the lapdog media pick up the campaign-destroying Sensata story as promised? Stay tuned. In the meantime, it’s good to know that the media are just now taking Twitter requests for investigations. Any questions for the president?

  • TheAmishDude

    Cedric the Entertainer actually tweets that way? That’s not a manner of speaking, that’s an affectation.

    • Kristi Reagan

      Depends on who you are and where you’re from. It’s not the queen’s English, but it is standard in many communities. When you factor in that he’s a complete idiot, it’s a miracle he can string that much of a sentence together.

    • Kelly England McDonald

      Well, as I found out when trying to respond to Cedric the IDIOT you are limited to 140 char on twitter and his name is 15…so it hardly lends itself to proper English grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Which is frustrating because I think it makes someone appear ignorant.

      • Maria

        I’m sure even if there were 500 characters allowed per tweet or 1,000, that the quality of the English in the tweets would not go up.

  • [email protected]

    Guys the is not going to work. Romney was not even with the company anymore

  • CalCon10

    Seriously? I hope this doesn’t rebound, but…this doesn’t sound like something a confident campaign does.
    To recap:
    Four dead Americans, including an Ambassador: move along, nothing to see here.

    Investments in a company that has investments in some Chinese company (in which Obama also reportedly has investments): STOP THE PRESSES! IT’S THE END OF ROMNEY!


    • Kelly England McDonald

      That is what confounds me how far up your ass does your head need to be lodge to make excuses for the Abysmal failure that is the O-bysmal administration….I know most celebrities didn’t graduate from H.S. but some are educated how is it conceivable that they are all so stupid…IDIOTS!!!!! Do they have NO integrity??!! Then again they do play make-believe and dress-up for a “living” I wonder how much taxes they pay??!!!

      • EEKman

        Is this the delusional right wing hate corner or what? You guys sound miserable. What exactly do you consider a failure by Obama? Unemployment is under 8% he added more jobs than the entire 8 years of bush, lowered your taxes, shrank the government sector and made it more efficient and killed Osama bin laden and ended both wars. What more do you idiots want? You’ll vote against your own interest just because the president is black.

        • Andrea Beaulieu Cunningham

          Shrank the government sector?! Are you crazy?! The only jobs created were government jobs! The unemployment was 4% under Bush. My taxes have doubled under Obama. Ended both wars? Are there not still soldiers dying in Afghanistan? Not voting for Obama cause he is black ? My half black sister would beg to differ. I hate when asses say that. I won’t vote for him because he is incompetent .

          • Judith Lewis

            I could not have said it better myself.

          • EEKman

            Yes contrary to right wing propaganda he lowered taxes for 95% of Americans and the government shrank as a % of GDP. I’ll give you that the affable war won’t be over until 2014 if you admit your taxes haven’t really doubled

          • GaryTheBrave

            Hate to break the news to you but EVERYONE’S taxes are going up on Jan 1, 2014, because Obama is making the Bush tax rates die plus the 20+ Obamataxes will have kicked in.

            My taxes certainly have not gone down and I am Definatly in the 95% you claim got tax cuts.

            Thanks to Quantitative Easings that have literally flooded the world with new dollars not backed by debentures the dollar in your pocket is worth less than four years ago. That is an invisible tax because it robs you of your purchasing power. All taxes are robbery.

          • Tina Dykes

            Our taxes nearly doubled!!! I look at my husband paycheck and weep as his job cut his hours….. I wonder what planet you are on Andrea have you been to the gas station, the grocery stores , have you got up out of your basement looked around in the real world and see how many business are going under or are cutting jobs ? WAKE UP women! the only tax cuts here in Kansas is the illegals who dont have to pay taxes for 7 years !

          • rivers

            Yeah, and the median income for the middle class dropped $4300.00 annually, unemployment is only at 7.8 if you don’t include California, and fyi, that’s NOT better than when he took office. 47 Catholic institutions and individuals are suing the fed. govt. over the HHS mandate, our soldiers continue to die overseas (but hey, the wars have “ended”) An egregious cover up of a terrorist attack, a dead Ambassador whose pleas for security were ignored, a scandal worse than watergate is being uncovered, Obamacare is a non-solution to an ongoing problem, 47 million households are on
            foodstamps, the DOJ and the administration continue to obfuscate on Fast and Furious, but your right, it’s just because he’s black. I swear, people who continue to play the race card are disgraceful and should be ashamed. And by people I mean YOU.

        • vicki jakel

          Medic!! We have another Kool-Aid overdose! EE (I can call you that, right?) not one thing in your post is true….just so you know. Obama did not kill binLaden, that was the Seals. The true unemployment rate is north of 14%, Obama created MOSTLY gov’t jobs that were temporary (and a few part time spots at McDonalds), my taxes have NOT gone down (you would know this if you actually paid taxes), and we’re still in Afghanistan. The government has never been and will never be “efficient”. And Obama is half white. I don’t like that half either…

          • TexasMom2012

            Andrea seems to miss the FACT that FEWER people are working now than when Obama took office. Obama hasn’t created a single net new job. He has been a complete and utter failure on the economy. Romney said it best when he talked about the stimulus that didn’t work because the Obama admin picked losers to gamble away our tax dollars on green energy cronies.

        • TexasMom2012

          The bottom line is there are far FEWER people working now than when Obama was SWORN into office January 2009. Get it? And the color of Obama’s skin does to get him a pass. Look at the cost of energy. Obama said to make green energy viable traditional sources must skyrocket. This is not a pro growth agenda. Obamacare is not just a huge tax, it is not sustainable. I imagine my family will be paying approximately $500 more per month at a minimum because the health care we had was catastrophic with a $6K deductible, the price was negligible and we paid the balance into our Medical Savings. When we don’t need the deductible paid in full, we kept the money not the insurance company, earning interest and accumulating for our retirement or any medical emergency. Obama took that great option away and has EARNED my contempt and loathing. I. Wanted to keep my low cost insurance and the GD Democrats took my CHOICE away. So to Dems choice is only okay when they agree with it, my way or the highway indeed, despicable.

        • Dave Bowen

          I am so sick of liberals calling the right racist because we actually hold this man accountable. Unemployment is NOT under 8% those numbers have been manipulated by the Obama campaign and the guy who ran the report said so himself and it has been under 8% for like 42 months.If one looks at all jobs (including government jobs) over the entirety
          of Obama’s time in office — as the Obama campaign does when it looks at
          Romney’s record as governor — there has been a net loss of jobs. He says that untrue statement because he just starts counting late into his term. I’m sorry it doesn’t help your spin, but last time I checked he is responsible for his entire term as president, not just the good parts. He did NOT lower taxes, I would refer you to the eight tax increases in the health care law “directly hit low-income people. NO ONE CARES HE IS BLACK EXCEPT YOU!!!!!

        • AimToMisbehave

          In what alternate dimension of reality is unemployment under 8%? If you read any news after your little happy dance, you would have seen that the number was again revised upward because an “unknown” state *coughcoughCaliforniacough* didn’t send its numbers in time. As for the other stuff, none of it exists outside the fantasy world generated by your addled brain.

        • rivers

          Are you a fan of Obama’s drone strikes? You do know they don’t just kill ONE person. And what of this:

          • EEKman

            No i’m not. I don’t pretend to say Obama is beyond criticism. That’s why I genuinely wish you guys put forth a better candidate. We need good conservatives in this country. conservatives are independent minded people who tend to be innovators. You also cant have a free market economy based on competition without catching the people who fall. In healthy competition someone always loses, but it shouldn’t be a death sentence, let people pick themselves up and get back in the game, that’s why we need programs that let people get their basic needs met.
            Anyway, Whats Mitt’s position on drones? The only thing I can find is that he criticized Obama for losing the drone in iran and that he doesnt like the press talking about drones. What other ideas does he have?
            We should be debating the drone question. I don’t like that the president can kill someone on his authority alone.

      • Dave Bowen

        O reaches out to them to tweet this shit, and they do because HE called and asked them and that’s all they care about.

  • MrBuckley

    This is pure desperation my friends……they are digging deep trying to find the missing dirt on the cleanest politician since George Washington….

    • EEKman

      Are you kidding me? I know you guys are biased and hate Obama but you seriously have to be kidding.

      • Fred Zanfardino

        Yes, we are biased, biased toward facts and reality. And the facts are that BO is a lying, manipulative, America loathing fraud who deserves to be hated. And the facts are that this is another desperate and weak anti-Romney non-story put out because they can’t find any actual dirt on Mitt.

        EEKman, I know you are biased and will blindly latch on to any attempt to hurt Romney now matter how thin and moronic the effort is but seriously, *you’re* the one who has to be kidding.

        • EEKman

          No I don’t latch onto any particular Ideology. Terms like “America Loathing fraud” have no meaning to me. I think blind ideology is very detrimental. You assume a certain set of beliefs are true then filter out any information that doesn’t agree with those beliefs. I see that mentality on sites like this. Take a look at this list objectively if you can:
          I I realize its on a progressive blog, however these all have citations and are not just a collection of liberal op-eds

        • EEKman

          Regarding Romney, he scares the crap out of me. I don’t understand what redeeming qualities he has other than hes running against Obama,.The more I read and see about the guy the more disturbing he becomes. He is used to being at a position of power and runs as if hes a King and not an elected official that has to actually work with people. He strikes me as a dangerous Authoritarian. His politics are like a salesman closing a deal who will say anything to get the account. You guys are more driven by ideology than I am, Why doesn’t it bother you when he completely changes positions based on who hes talking to? Not a refinement like all politicians do to relate to people, but a complete reversal! Often he is fact checked and corrected by his own campaign not hours later.

      • rivers

        What is wrong with people like you who think that disagreeing with someone is the same as hating someone? Saying Obama is not a good President is not that same as saying I hate Obama. You sound like a child when you speak that way; between that and your race-baiting, you completely lose all credibility.

        • EEKman

          Maybe not you, but i see alot of Owebama, NOBAMA, Odummer blah bla. Welfare work requirement comments, Obamaphone comments. Things based on critisicms that are falsehoods. What is that? The racial thing is there, im sorry to say. I didnt want to believe it either but throughout the GOP the racism seems rampant this season. I had my jaw open at the Scott Brown and Newt stuff. I wish Mitt would condemn this BS. The fact is that politicians wouldn’t do it if they didn’t think it could work.. That tells me there is still a lot of angry southern racism still out there.

  • mikal

    Hey Twitchy, I am a former employee of Sensata. Let me know if you want to interview a former Sensata employee. I guarantee you, MSNBC would not like what I had to say.

    • mkreider

      So contact Fox…

  • DianaRae_FL

    If they do the “Twitterbomb” everyone just keep retweeting @SooperMexican, or make your own. Make a point to keeping reminding them that Obama has investments in Sensata and that Romney left Bain 12 years ago, etc.

    • Jimni27

      Yep, you gotta hijack their hashtag as soon as it starts and it would be even better if Twitchy or Soopermexican started it and we keep retweeting that tweet so it will stay in top tweets.

    • Maria

      I just retweeted @SooperMexican. Absolutely love him!!

  • Penny Robinson Fan Club

    Oh my, they are sounding desperate!

  • MovingToNevada


  • Pete Futz

    You really can’t fix stupid, can you?

  • mkreider

    It is always that this will bring down Romney…One of the “Bain” employees at the DNC convention didn’t even work at Bain when Romney did and they proved it …ooops paid the guy.. Blind trust means that Romney does not actively control the trust. It is like the DNC has gone ghoulish to find anything they can. Scandal: Obama tried to look good with foreign policy and 4 dead Americans happened on his watch…then the lame cover up. That is what will bring down Obama. He has a failed foreign policy and a failed domestic policy. Oh yes, and Ben Bernanke is still printing money. My bet is that he will stop printing when the dollar is worth about 10 cents. Another thing: Check out just how many in congress have foreign investments and accounts—even Debbie “the liar” Wasserman Schultz. BTW: Even Clinton said Bain was a good company – the head of Bain is a Democrat.

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      @Maxine Kreider:
      Dollar worth 10 cents?
      That’s a really close guess!
      I think we passed that point end of July.

      A suit that cost $20 when dollars became fiat money now costs $200.00. Other commodities follow at about the same. A little harder to calculate since sizes aren’t congruent. For example a loaf of bread was heavier (1-1/3 lbs), etc. But it works out to a devaluation pretty close to the suit.

      What I’m worried about is that they want to push it down to a penny.

      Of course they might want to test the effect of a negative valuation. We’ll know when we reach it when all the dollars in existence suddenly clump together and form a singularity…

      • GaryTheBrave

        I think Maxine was saying ten cents to the dollar’s value when O took office!

  • Melanie LeBato Branham

    I’d like to know whatever the White House new about Libya security problems. Lets rlj deaths not money..

  • J. Cox

    Just read about 100 of those tweets.Desperation sure does smell funny,huh Obama?How many jobs were lost to the Obama economy overseas..or his outsourcing?Crickets MSM?Failures.

  • ShawnP

    Chris Stevens says this story about Sensata is stupid.

  • $26594359

    Libnoranus (n): A person who’s both stupid and an asshole

  • wild pitch

    I love the smell of desperation. Keep up the distractons lefties, the country is so over caring about Bain.

  • JonInVa

    The left will stop at nothing, legal or illegal, because they know that their constituents, the 47%’ers who take, take, and take, will believe anything that is thrown out there. And the media is guilty of enabling it.

  • Kristi Segovia

    Shit is like a boomerang…be careful how much you sling!

  • vetgal1970

    Those twits are stupid. Blind trust = no personal control of the investing. There’s nothing to see here, but I can guess what one of the questions will be at the townhall debate.

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    Oh, my word. Well, it’s not like they have anything better to do. They’re just Zombies after all…

  • SansMercy

    All this story is, is KOS trying to gain readership and stay relevant. Lately they’ve been looking very Air America-esq. Pitty.

  • Cruz2016!!!

    Oh gawd, boring…Romney has noting to do with Bain anymore, while Obama owns this horrible economy now, ships GM jobs to China, blew millions on Solyndra, and now is involved in one of the biggest coverups in American history regarding Benghazi…not to mention Fast n Furious…Sensata=snore

  • ozconservative

    Sensata + Another Epic Liberal Fail…..

  • John Hanover

    How about Al Gore making money off of Apple ( an out-sourcer and exploiter of labor in China ) and prior to that as VP and taking full cash donations at Buddhist Temple in L.A. from Chinese Nationals in 1996 election? So long after Romney left Bain, and this is the best they can do? Hate to see if they had any real evidence of any wrongdoing. Wait can we have all prominent Democrats please tell us how much they have invested in China? Can’t hear you over the screaming hypocrisy.

  • Owen007

    I just know Obama will bring this up during the debate and have the gall to act surprised when Romney effortlessly counters.

  • Nonya

    People are missing the point.
    1: Romney apparently started the acquisition of Sensata.
    2: Obama has stock in a company that Romney started acquisition.
    Enough said, Obama supports Romney business’ models!

  • in_awe

    Huge progressive bankroller and Obama donor George Soros was the largest shareholder in Brazilian oil company that received $5B of US taxpayer money to do deep sea drilling while Obama defied a court ruling and prohibited US oil companies from doing so for a year – causing drilling rig operators to abandon them in favor of helping the Brazilians. Other major Obama donor bundlers received $500MM in taxpayer money to front Solyndra. The list of other Obama bundlers receiving US taxpayer money is lengthy. Where is the outcry about those?!? Let me say it again: TAXPAYER MONEY going to Obama cronies. Why the heck should I care that a blind trust holding Romney’s money is invested in a company that makes money offshore – a company he had nothing to do with?

  • philomena

    Want to talk about outsourcing, Dems? Obama trumpeted giving billions of dollars to Brazil for oil exploration, stating that we would be their best customer. In the meantime, he has waged a war on oil exploration in this country. Response from the press? Cue the crickets.

    • GaryTheBrave

      There are not enough crickets in the world to cover the MSM lack of responsibility in uncovering this administration. Can the press be sued for malpractice?

      • philomena

        The founders gave us a free press, not a fair press. So I guess it’s up to we the people to make them more fair. Quite a task, eh?

        • Red Blues

          The press has enjoyed a huge waiver from any accountability with the 1st Amendment. They have become *lapdogs* instead of *bulldogs* in protecting our freedoms from tyranny by exposing waste, fraud and corruption in all level of government.

          The people should revoke the business licenses of any media organization that show bias against or preferential treatment of any politician. Then they can’t pay any slimy journolistas and presstitutes.

          While the amendment says “Congress shall make no law”, there is *nothing* that restricts we the people from doing so.

          • EEKman

            My god people you have so many choices of information nowaways. Get information from many sources and quit blaming people. Media outlets that dont adapt will eventually fade away. J

    • EEKman

      How has he raged war? What about the 7000 permits for exploration already approved but not utilized? What about the delay in companies complying with new safety regulations after the BP spill before permitting can commence?

      • Anonymous

        Please ignore EEKman he is an obot who whines to the moderators when no one agrees with him.

  • mark thomas

    solyndra and the 90 billion of wasted taxpayers dime has sensata trumped!

    • EEKman

      Solyndra doesn’t compare. Only a very small percentage of the green investments have failed. The only reason why Solyndra failed was because China came out with more competitve parts that would have pushed Solyndra’s return on investment to 10 years. It still would have worked but investors got cold feet.

      • TexSizzle

        Since when is almost 100% a very small percentage?

        • EEKman

          It’s a claim that our colleagues at addressed this week, pointing out that might be true of companies that got loan guarantees in a single year — a sliver of a sliver of the money that Romney’s talking about. But less than 12 percent of the 26 companies that ultimately benefited from the program filed for bankruptcy, reported.

          And the entire loan guarantee program represented just a few billion of the $90 billion investment outlined by the Council of Economic Advisors.

          “A very small percentage of all the companies that benefited from the $90 billion in green job spending have gone out of business,” said Grabell, the author of Money Well Spent? “Not half of them. Not even half of the loan guarantees. ”


          • Anonymous

            No one cares about the bigots at politispin except for you EEKman.

      • Anonymous

        You’re a moron if you think Solyndra works EEKman.

  • Concerned
  • Marty Luther

    Under this logic, anyone who owns an import car is unfit for US citizenship.

    • vicki jakel

      That would eliminate 50% of lib/progressives right there. I like it.

  • BeeKaaay

    Meanwhile, the same leftwingwackos should rail against Obama for what he did to the thousands of employees laid off by SOlyndra.

    Oh wait, they’re awfully quiet about that!

  • Susan Elmore

    More desperation from the koolaid drinkers.

  • MrUniteUs1

    Jake a makes a great point. Romney is pointing his finger at the President while his company sends American manufacturing jobs to China. The truth is Romney never left Bain, according to his taxes, he claims to be a partner as justification for being taxed at a lower rate.

    • TexSizzle


  • Jimni27

    If you haven’t already, please retweet soopermexicans tweet Twitchy posted above about the last 4 years. It’s already the top tweet under the #sensata hashtag.

  • pistach

    anybody ask POTUS how many jobs he off-shored with fanatic focus on ‘green energy’ shipping most of the wind turbine manufacture overseas AND increasing the number of Chinese miners for the special elements needed for electric cars? Makes Sensata look pale by comparison.

  • $18449752

    Uh, excuse me, but what about our four dead Americans? What about Obama outsourcing GE and GM to China? The list is endless…

  • Red Blues

    The slime in this administration is sickening. Just saw this story… don’t know how widely circulated it is; Big Obama campaign donor has ties to big pharma… and by big donations, we’re talking $1.1 MIL – definitely *not* chump change as the constant barrage of pleas for $3.00 donations would have many believe.

    Welcome to “Politics: Illinois Style”, America!

  • BigTBoom

    Daily Kos needs an English and a math lesson!
    “Mitt Romney owns $8 Million in Bain Capital funds that holds 51% of Sensata shares. So Romney still owns half of Sensata and will profit from the company being sent to China.”

    Romney owns $8M of a FUND that owns the 51% of Sensata they reference. This is not the same as Romney owning 51% of the company! And according to a NYT article Kos references, Bain owns $2.6B worth of Sensata. Some basic division tells us that, at most, Romney could own is 0.31% of Sensata ($8M / $2.6B x 100%)!!!!! And this assumes all $8M of Romney’s is invested in Sensata, but funds are rarely invested in one company, they are other investments too, so it is definitely less than the 0.31% I referenced.

    This 0.31% potential ownership is a far cry from 51% isn’t it!!!!

    • BigTBoom

      Correction, his max ownership should be 51% of the 0.31% I calculated, or approx 0.155%. The .31% is his how much of Bain’s investment he could control, not Sensata.

  • SumItUp N. A. Pic

    What will be interesting, that I wish this article covered, is if Obama’s State Retirement plan is something he can elect where, when, how his money is invested. At a minimum by electing in funds. The whole point of a blind trust is to have 0 knowledge and controlling interest in your own money so you don’t have a conflict of interest in legislating.

    MSM are filled with so many lying idiots.

  • weRbroke

    Well for my efforts on #Sensata, I got sent to TWITMO. Could someone help get me out. @treadleon. Thanks!

    • Silence Dogood

      Sending tweet out now!

      • weRbroke

        Thanks! You know you got under some Libtools skin when they get nasty, swear at you and then report you.

  • Fred Zanfardino

    Well, gee, maybe if our corporate tax rate and current business environment didn’t suck (a situation Obama has done much to create) companies wouldn’t “outsource” to China and elsewhere to stay afloat and.or competitive.

    And the suggestion by the Kosmonuts is hilarious. So Romney is supposed to call Bain and unduly interfere with how they choose to run their businesses, override the stockholders and plead for them not to “outsource” jobs and hope they don’t? And BTW, Romney does not own anywhere near half Bain’s stocks. Kos couldn’t even get that basic bit of info right.

    And then the company goes out of business because it’s running an
    unprofitable plant and putting itself under the control of the
    bloodsucking unions and then no Americans (or anyone else) at the
    company has jobs. Brilliant, really!

    And of course you know the Kosmonuts would be attacking him for dictatorially pulling strings and engaging in cronyism to make his campaign look good. You know, like Obama does but which morons like Kos ignore when it’s Dear Leader involved.

    P.S. Outsourcing is not necessarily bad and Romney never said that *any* and *all* dealings with China or it’s people is bad or wrong anyway, just that there was parts of China’s policy he didn’t care for. Next they will say Romney is a hypocrite because he has not advocated banning Americans from visiting the Great Wall!

    • Anonymous

      Kos is as popular as hypothyroidism.