Twitter is abuzz with anticipation tonight as Matt Drudge has lit up his siren and slowly drips out information about a “curious” tape airing tonight, the eve of the first presidential debate.

News outlets are scrambling to get the details of the tape out first before it airs on Sean Hannity’s show tonight. BuzzFeed claimed to have found the video of the speech, first pointing to a nine-minute edit of remarks then-Senator Barack Obama made in 2007 at a ministers’ conference at Hampton University.

Drudge, however, keeps adding quotes that appear neither in that edited video nor in an online transcript.

Time’s Mark Halperin has already thrown a fit, labeling the video a #freakshow and advising followers in a tweet to “Look away.” Progressives, Obama campaign staffers and other media outlets too are doing their best to keep passerby moving along, with the admonition that there’s “nothing to see here.”

Satisfied? Nothing to see here. Forgive us if we check it out anyway.

  • Lori

    You know that Obama is seething and will start the debates off with an angry chip on his shoulder.

  • $18912735

    “Romney should answer for this lame/divisive crap being peddled by Drudge/Hannity. ” says Brad Woodhouse, Democratic Party Communications Director.

    WTH? Why should Romney be held responsible for what Drudge and Hannity do? What about free speech?

    I mean, I suppose if he were President he could have the filmmaker arrested… ooops, I mean Drudge and Hannity arrested… filmmaker was something different…

  • Guy_Montag_OG

    Move along. Nothing to see…but Lady Parts!

  • radjahshelduck

    There is one thing that has occurred to me about the relationship between President Obama and Reverend Wright that I have never heard addressed, and which seems to me to indicate that Obama is telling a falsehood one way or another. You know how Obama declares he never heard Wright making one of his anti-American screeds from the pulpit? Well, the sermon in which Wright brought up Hiroshima and said “America’s chickens are coming home to roost” was delivered on September 16th, 2001–the Sunday immediately following 9/11. So Obama either 1) was in the church that day and DID hear that, or 2) he was NOT in church that day, which raises another problem for him. How does a man who lauded Wright as his spiritual adviser, who titled a book after one of his sermons, NOT find a way to be in his church the Sunday following 9/11? Thousands upon thousands of Americans who are not regular church goers were in pews that particular Sunday; if Obama wasn’t in church that day one must question what he had better to do, given that he claims to be a spiritual man.

    • Guy_Montag_OG

      The answer is obvious — eighteen holes.

      • $18912735

        Well I see it like this – when Obama is sitting in church, he really isn’t listening to the sermon. He is listening to all the voices in his head, telling him how handsome he is, how accomplished he is, what a great orator he is, how intelligent he is… you know, the same things the media keeps telling us about him.

      • c huck Fobert

        couldnt afford 18 holes untill he turned preeezy,

    • cracky

      Obama said in 2004 that he NEVER missed a sunday service at Wright’s Church of Hate. He said in 2008 that he never heard wright say those horrible things about 9/11. Which statement is a lie?

      • Pete Futz

        You know the saying….if his lips are moving…..

        • TugboatPhil

          With him, it’s even if he’s merely awake.

          • nc

            I bet he could do it in his sleep.

  • Rob Roth

    “Romney should answer for this lame/divisive crap being peddled by
    Drudge/Hannity. Is this how you are going to conduct your campaign, sir?”

    Someone seems to fail to grasp that unlike the bought and sold media for the liberals, the conservative blogosphere speaks it’s minds unprovoked by any party.

    • Douglas Moose

      Well said! Give that man a cookie!! :-)

  • King_of_Fools

    Test comment android

  • Pablo

    Tapper does it right, I think. Noting that he’s used a clip from it, but doesn’t know what’s in the full speech.

    • Pete Futz

      So really, shouldn’t Tapper just stfu until he sees the whole clip?

  • john smith

    JUST KEEP THE PRESSURE ON if the MSM tries to bury this they will be exposed and excoriated by the public and their credibility will be mud, they (msm) will then be neutralized and Obama’s main weapon will be silenced.
    Their are many many more of these little Obama gems to come. TOO MUCH TO BURY and NO time to attack when constantly defending

  • vino veritas

    “Jim Wilke @JimWilke
    @jaketapper Perhaps you should watch the video before you decide what is in it.”

    Naw, see that would mean approaching it rationally and liberal MSM hacks like Tapper just cant have that! They prefer the Pelosi way instead.

  • Belinda Henry

    I’m curious , if the libs are telling you to run along theres nothing to see,then maybe I want to see.

    • c huck Fobert

      its worth seeing 4 sho

  • CalCon10

    Hey, libs, what’re you so worried about? Your man is PERFECT, right?

    Everybody loves Obama. He’s already won the election. The polls say so.

    So, why draw attention to this what-you-call utterly meaningless, totally stupid video? Why even comment?

  • nc

    I’m watching this on Hannity and let’s just say BHO will not be happy.

    Lefty media scrambling as we speak.

  • Love of Country

    Progressives are just groups of people who are united around the central idea of controlling black people to achieve political power regardless of how the heinous and unintended yet 100% predictable consequences befall the black community in the most selfish and most racist vision/quest in the universe.

  • Timothy Noonan

    Ummm, seriously folks, there is nothing wrong with the above video.

    • Chip

      If Katrina had happened during the Obama administration and Governor Romney had made these comments about Obama, what do you think would happen in the main stream media?

      • Timothy Noonan

        If Katrina happened during the Obama administration the federal government response would have been profoundly different and Romney would have nothing to say other than, good job Mr. President…By the way, who are the main stream media?

        • Chip

          Nah, I’m pretty sure Obama would have flown off to Vegas for the rest of the week to play some golf. while the MSM blamed the whole thing on every Republican they could find.

  • Chip

    “Cuz a dollah makes me hollah!” Barry Boo Boo.