Unless Jimmy Carter’s grandson has gone so far into opposition research that he’s actually working for Mitt, we’re not sure how to blame the Romney campaign for mishandling the leak of video shot in secret and uploaded anonymously, but someone’s managing to do it.

Plenty of liberals are sounding the death knell for Romney 2012 following the release of the video, even as conservatives are finding a lot to like in Romney’s not-so-shocking revelation that the nation in pretty evenly split between those who subscribe to an entitlement mentality and those who don’t.

Too late for a do-over for the GOP? So say those who were never going to vote for a Republican candidate anyway.

Romney supporters aren’t so sure this “gaffe” is such a gaffe after all. A new Rasmussen poll shows Romney with a two-point lead nationally, a position made possible by a large number of people who agree with his sentiments, even if they were as he said later, “not elegantly stated.” If this is a gaffe, pick it up and run with it.

Romney supporters have their own way of stating things with a certain elegance.

  • perdogg

    Go Romney Go!

  • rinodino

    LOL, you righties are something else, you say he did nothing wrong? Then why have the quick interview to defend himself? That’s right; DAMAGE CONTROL, as usual for Mittens…. calling millions upon millions of Americans LAZY and who you say wouldn’t vote for you is just plan stupid, because you just made sure NOT ONE of them LAZY americans stays home on election day; GOOD JOB MITTENS!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/johnny.banco.7 Johnny Banco

      Be honest here – did you expect the Dems to receive the wipeout they did in 2010, or for Scott Walker to win his recount by 7%? Are you savvy enough to know why I am asking you? LOL

    • NCRelite

      good job indeed. he said what we’re all thinking. Obama supporters are nothing but a bunch of parasites that have been convinced that they’re victims of a nebulous conspiracy perpetrated against them by nefarious millionaires and billionaires.

    • http://www.facebook.com/rafael.penariosribero Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

      as you said, its MILLIONS of people who have decided to vote and wont change their minds. Its like if I went to an OFA rally with a Romney sign. What do I win? They are people who wont change their minds. Same goes for the ones who are certain to vote for Romney.
      As for the lazzy part, say “I will make this free” and some wont ask how it’ll be free, they just care about it being “free” and not having to work for it

    • Dio Heerai

      Did you see the press conference, Romney was loving this WE WANT THIS FIGHT its socialism vs capitalism . The food stamp president vs the jobs president . Everything Obama did not want to discuss he will HAVE TO now .BRING IT ON

  • Dio Heerai

    THIS is the real campaign socialism vs capitalism . I looked at Romney’s press conference he is liking this very much , it’s about the economy, jobs, food stamps, employment, all the things they don’t want to discuss they will have to discuss now..GO MITT

  • http://www.facebook.com/rafael.penariosribero Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

    I dont know how many voters are in the US but 47% is more than 15M i know.
    And im amazed that just because they are trending they think they are winning; 15M+ tweets are enough to trend
    BTW: this sign of “incompetence” hasnt put the life of diplomats in danger, just saying

  • Dio Heerai

    Wow this has fired up the conservative base like nothing ever seen before. Give um hell Mitt

  • Harlan Hikaru Fox

    I no longer have any friends because everybody I thought was a friend have taken this as gospel proof that Romney is the most evil man alive. I’m sick of everybody I know only caring about who gets what free stuff.

  • Love of Country

    Liberalism is a lie and as such, desperately advancing narratives with lies and ridiculous conjecture just comes naturally for democrats. For the next two months, any and all gaffes made by team Romney will be called the straw that broke the camel’s back by the state run media. Don’t believe it!

    We’re going to win this just like when Gov Walker won his recall election … we’re still up by 15 points in enthusiasm. The middle will not turn out for Barack Owebamao … trust me.

  • http://twitter.com/Campbell2976 Campbell Connolly

    Romney is speaking for the forgotten man- those of us paying the bills for the Sandra Fluke’s of the world. A lawyer begging for free bith control pills in front of the entire world is a new low for America.

  • Archangel1

    No Mitt should not pander, but he really should reach out to those on the Government dole and make the case how he will help them be more self reliant & not depend on Government sugar daddy, as well as not be enslaved & controled by same.

    • Kevin Krom

      The point is that from a political campaign standpoint, it’s a waste of time, effort, and money. The vast majority of those who have become dependent on handouts aren’t going to be open to a message of personal responsibility. The effort it would take to bring a significant number of those folks around would bring a much higher return going after independents.

      • Archangel1

        Yes I do agree that it would be costly to go full bore to
        reach out, but at least one Ad to at least try and it’s never a waste of time
        to least try. Like the testimonials from his convention he reached out when he did
        not have to, yes I understand that it was a handful of people and maybe more
        that we don’t know of and I understand that was different as to how he helped. But
        now he has to go on defense and that takes him off message, if at least he
        would have said that he would give it a try. Even if it was just a single Ad to
        get the message out, then they really would have nothing to attack him.

  • http://twitter.com/johnnyangel10 JohnnyAngel Advocacy

    Romney has paid so many taxes,he’s forgotten the hardships of the man with no tax payments,the ones that collect all that’s handed out,fighting amongst themselves for first in line too. Well if telling it like it is hurts someone,that’s just too too damn bad!!!

  • Saiga

    I’m afraid plenty of the 47% dislike Obama and their predicament. Not acknowledging that was a mistake to be sure. But, it may work to his advantage by increasing voting turnout for him, and reminding the 47% what a sorry state they are in and what a threat the situation is to the Country.

    Just words…….

  • http://evilbloggerlady.blogspot.com/ Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Roxeanne DeLuca has the new bumper sticker for this: “I am the 53%”

    I also agree with Mickey Kaus: The media can only tweet that Romney’s campaign is dead once. Use that power wisely media.