Alec Baldwin stooped to a new low tonight with his pathetic, unwarranted tweet about the late new media legend Andrew Breitbart. In an apocalyptic showdown with fellow actor Adam Baldwin of Full Metal Jacket and Independence Day fame, Alec invoked Andrew Breitbart’s name for no apparent purpose, causing conservatives and even some of Alec’s own fans to hold him accountable.

Though it’s foolish to expect civility from a man who offends the families of 9/11 victims and calls his own 11-year old daughter a “thoughtless pig,” Alec’s comments show an unrepentant disrespect for the wife and children who survived Andrew Breitbart.

After Alec’s initial tweet, it didn’t take long for Adam and his fans to start fighting back.

Translation: I forgive you if you’re drunk tonight, I know it’s late in Cannes.

Translation: He who searches for truth six days a week is not searching for truth.

The Twitter reaction was not favorable for Alec. Even his fans distanced themselves from his callous, unprovoked remark about Andrew Breitbart.


Alec Baldwin still has more “questions” about Andrew Breitbart’s tragic death.

  • Brian Cates
  • Brian Cates

    Why is Alec such a backward human being? Success, money, decent looks; ah yes, he’s a lost lib.

  • Michael Mullis

    if Alec has blocked you, join my support group. #AlecBaldwinBlockedMe

  • lazypadawan

    As they say in France, quelle sac de douche.

    • Taxpayer1234

      Oui. Alec Baldwin manges merde.

  • Talon

    Zombie: A mythical dead flesh eater. Considering Alec’s move to TV, and eventually dinner theater, coupled with the way he talks to children, I’d say the term ‘Zombie’ fits pretty well.

  • Hating Breitbart

    Let’s let our friend Andrew have the last word regarding Alec’s hatefulness:

  • Kevin Alderman

    Adam Baldwin’s best work was “Firefly” IMO. The ‘verse just isn’t the same w/o it. #bringbackfirefly #themantheycalljayne

  • mhojai

    Alec = poor pig trying to be relevant – and, as usual, failing miserably

  • VeganPalinista

    Didn’t we find out a few weeks ago the answer to Alec’s question? Why doesn’t he pay attention to the news?

  • Tula Montgomery

    I would have hated to have been Alec’s younger brother, any of his children or any of his unfortunate wives. This guy acts like he can’t die. Look at this guttersnipe. He’s a prime candidate for a fast and deadly heart attack. It’s written all over his red-as-a-beet face. His weight fluctuates.. He best watch his P&Qs. Karma is a heavy thing.

    • III J

      IF Karma is for real he will come back as a fish turd.

  • Mick Psyphon

    IMHO, Alec Baldwin = Moronic miscreant

    On to the next specimen, please.

  • etchasketch44

    People are shocked that Alec Baldwin is an ass? He calls his daughter a pig.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Yo, Alec, when you croak, you’ll be lucky if you’re not so irrelevant that nobody recalls who your were or gives a crap enough to mock you.

  • ntxokie

    Alex is not a callous uncaring man, he only plays one in Capital One Commercials and stays in character 24/7

  • wolfie773

    Should have been you, Alec. And given your anger management problems, it probably will be soon.

    • III J

      Let’s hope.

  • cfb65

    I loved Alec in “Team America: World Police”, best puppet impersonation ever!

  • ToursLepantoVienna

    What’s in YOUR wallet?

  • Brian Roastbeef

    Is he suggesting that there was foul play? What does he know? I’d like to see police bring him in for questioning, if he’s going to shoot his mouth off like that…

  • Carl Alexander

    When they find Baldwin’s brain, mail it back to him.


      Brain? Alec? He’d have to have had one first before you can mail it BACK to him.

  • Adjoran

    Alec Baldwin tried Viagra, but it only made him taller.

    • III J

      THAT is the funniest thing I’ve seen since the hogs ate cousin Pete.

  • Pat Bateman

    And they still don’t get it.

    Seems like a lonely life always lacking the competency to get jokes. No wonder you turn into RW zombies and your “funny” hashtag games.

  • Mr. Grammar/SpellCkr

    I wonder if that credit card company will drop him now. At least Adam made a decent showing in “Chuck”. But aren’t there 2 more besides them?

    • Danny Bannister

      Probably much to Adam’s relief, they aren’t related.

    • BevM

      There’s a Steven that is a Conservative, unlike his not-classy-bro!

  • Psycho Sock Puppet

    I thought Alec Baldwhiner was suppose to leave the country back when Bush43 was in office. Who let him back in?

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Alec only makes sense when he plays a conservative on 30 Rock. He needs a writer to feed him lines.

  • Michael

    I do not understand why conservatives that run around with signs and flags continue to support Hollywood through theater tickets,video& audio downloads,dvd’s,games,etc. purchases. Quit buying Hollywood!

    • BevM

      Did that a LONG time ago, when Hussein first came on the scene with Oprah. Quit watching her show then, now I NEVER go see movies but wait till they’re free at the library! I will NOT spend one penny on the hollywierd libs. Hope they ALL go broke and have to give their fave potus ALL of their money. Will Smith balked at 75%. Wait till it’s 99%!!

  • Ryan

    Poor victimized wingers. The world’s out to get you all!

    • Meekrob

      I’m presuming you omitted the word “left” as it’s leftists who’ve made victimization into an artform.

  • Meekrob

    To quote Dean Wormer: “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life.”

  • $1788068

    Quel dicque.

  • BwBarrnone

    Mr. Breitbart’s excellent work and a stiller past is still hunting those who are greedy for power. Alec’s actions proves how easy it is to exposes the left for their true intolerance towards those they despise!

    Liberals = hate = bigoted actions.

  • III J

    Well, give the guy a break – he can’t beat his ex-wife or beat his kid, so what else is an angry, impotent coward to do than mock the dead? Like his butt-boy, Clooney mocking Alzheimer’s patients when Charlton Heston developed that disease.