Upstate New York towns are all interchangeable in the minds of MSNBC, or rather on its maps.

Reporter George Zornick from The Nation tweeted out the above screenshot from Martin Bashir’s show, noting that his beloved  hometown of Buffalo was rather extremely misplaced on a map of President Obama’s bus tour. (It’s supposed to be on Lake Erie, not the Hudson river.)

But that’s not all that was wrong with this picture.

Actually, not really:


We can debate the meaning of “close,” but it’s probably safe to say that the actual location of Scranton, Penn., is not near the center of the state as suggested by Mess-NBC.

So, that’s four — count ’em —  four cities misplaced by our friends at MSNBC. Between this and last month’s deletion of New Hampshire from an NBC map, you’d think someone could spring for a few interns to double-check these sorts of things.

In fairness, the S&P 500 did rise 4.69 points today.

  • Jd1367

    That’s the Obama Gulf Coast Bus tour, right?

    • sybilll


    • lainer51

      on the path to all 57 states!

      • Worship Dancer

        actually it would be 58 states. he visited 57 and had one more to go. meh but who’s counting right? if you add in egypt, lybia, iran, kenya, saudi arabia, oh wait i think those are part of the 58.

    • Chris

      That one made me actually LOL. Not much does that while reading. Kudos to you!!

  • DV S1EOG

    And there are morons that actually trust MSNBC as a news source. So sad.

  • BoscoBolt

    Huh? So, obama’s gonna ride around on a bus? Obviously state-run MSNBC is trying to throw the creepy-ass crackas off his scent.

  • trixiewoobeans

    What a freakin’ Dog-and-Pony Show they are. They’d be embarrassed… if they had the brains.

  • midwestconservative

    This is what happens when everyone you hire is from either NYC, Washington D.C. or Boston.

  • Lord Foggybottom

    $10 bucks says they’re screwing up on purpose because there’s most likely a soundbite of Obama getting them all wrong yesterday.

    • CatHerder

      Find another sucker.

    • OLLPOH ~ America


  • Zaire67

    You people just don’t get it, that’s where they are from this day forward. You conservatives have been wrong all these years. When are you going to stop living in the past.

    • Robert Patrick Moscato

      I live in Buffalo There is a Lake as well as a River here. One thing I know for sure neither the river or the lake’s name begin with an “H”

      • OLLPOH ~ America

        Don’t you know they are just trying to Find…another name for “________ ” Wings.

  • JeffWRidge

    With so many people having been thrown under the Obama bus, I’m surprised that the tires still touch the ground.

  • MNWoman

    They must get their geography information from President Obama.

  • nc

    Come on, you nit picking people! What difference does it make?

    (do I really need the sarc tag?)

    • Leslie Davis

      Good Pun…. lol

    • lainer51

      Actually, to the water-carrying, shoe-shining lapdogs, it doesn’t make any difference. Look at how many sheeple still worship Barry.

  • Clayton Grant

    If Obama doesn’t know where he’s going, how can the Monstrously Stupid Newspeak Barack Channel?

  • Jay Stevens

    After throwing so many people under the bus in his first presidential campaign, Obama needed a new bus:

    The Obamabus 2.0:

    At the start of his second term, even that was too small. The Obamabus 3.0:

  • Bruce

    What an insult to the folks in Scranton. Didn’t NBC produce “The Office” for, like, seven years? I guess, as far as MSNBC and their parent company are concerned, all “flyover” America looks the same.

    • el_polacko

      i think that’s what it is. once you get away from the coasts, everything else is just considered to be ‘out there somewhere’.
      as for sitcoms, they are taped in L.A. not in whatever mythical town they purport to be in.
      WKRP wasn’t really in cincinnatti.

      • Bruce

        Oh, I’m aware of that (simply a case of sarcasm “overreach” on my part). It’s just that you’d think if someone was going to do a show based on your town, they’d have the decency to know where it frickin’ is (more sarcasm) Take care, my friend (by the way, love the avatar).

      • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

        Neither was :I Dream of Jeannie”
        XD Jawamax 8<{D}

      • bcostin

        Actually, a lot of TV shows are taped in Vancouver. Which, as NBC will explain, is located in the state of North Canada. Just to the right of the real big airport. Can’t miss it.

        • Chrissy the Hyphenated

          bcostin ROFLLLLLLLLLLL

        • Thomas Darkvane

          Okay bcostin, that was f’n funny.

        • TomJB

          But they won’t tell you why they have production in Vancouver: unions.

  • SideshowJon36

    Apple Maps strikes again!


    Calm down people,

    This is the Obama map, It just looks like they’re off because the country has been divided into 57 states

    • Worship Dancer

      58 states. what he said was he had already visited 57 states and still had one more to go.

  • Maxx

    Give the graphics department at MSNBC a break folks. It’s not easy when your promotional ladder entails moving from the sanctimonious Martin Bashir to the 6 pm race hustler.

    …and God forbid if you ever get demoted. EEEGADS!

    THAT could mean working for Toure.

    • TomJB

      Having lived in NYC 11 years, the prevailing knowledge of NY geography is: Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn (don’t you dare tell them they are located on Long Island), Long Island, Staten Island (maybe, its full of white people and should really be NJ), Westchester County (interchangeable name for the Bronx), and “upstate” (which may, or may not, include Westchester Co itself depending upon how long the individual speaking has not owned an automobile of their own and includes the rabble of Republicans that begins somewhere north of the city)

      • GaryTheBrave

        When I was growing up in California all I ever heard about New York was NYC and upstate. I thought upstate was a city.

  • FFlintstone

    They probably do the same thing with all the states between NY and CA, too. South Dakota and Wyoming are the same thing to liberals.

    • GaryTheBrave

      I saw a joke map that shows nearly every state from Iowa to California as Another Square State.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    The map was provided by WH staff.

  • The Masked Avatar

    “Whoa, slow down. There’s a NEW Mexico?” – MSNBC

    • GaryTheBrave

      People traveling from NM often get asked for their passports when they get stopped by the police. It isn’t that they did anything wrong. The officer saw the NM license plate and thought they were illegal aliens or possibly drug runners.

      • algonquinmatt

        not sure where you are located, but here in Illinois, if the police see a vehicle and think there may be illegal aliens involved, they just leave it alone until it crashed into something.

        • mickeyco

          In IL, like the WH or DOJ, we don’t pass laws, We just ignore them. It goes much more smoothly.

    • mickeyco

      Friend of mine, an arts BS, told me she couldn’t accept a job offer in NM because everyone knew you can’t drink the water.

  • HARP2

    Wait until I tell Sheila on my GPS this news……SHE`LL FREAK OUT.

    • MNWoman

      I laughed at this comment. Loved it!

  • Spasmolytic

    What do you expect from a network who employs this freak?

    • Just Me

      Is this a “real” picture of a “real” person??? That is the scariest Halloween mask i have ever seen!!!

  • Insubordinate

    Isn’t that the 57th state they’re depicting?

  • InformedNow

    It’s MSNBC viewers they are catering to, so at this point location-wise, what difference does it make?!

  • stuckinIL4now

    So you think they could even find an intern who actually knows geography?

    • Finrod Felagund

      They’d have to hire someone that wasn’t a liberal, which is against their charter.

  • Buffalobob

    Now you know why the MSM doesn’t correct obama’s gaffs. They don’t know any better.

  • 3seven77

    Nobody at MSNBC knows their @ss from their elbow, so what difference does it make?

  • tjp77

    Don’t you know that cities are wherever Obama says they are? If he wants to put Syracuse on the exact opposite end of the state from where it belongs, then we’re all just going to have to deal with it. Why should this be any different than Obamacare or amnesty or any of his other dictatorial decrees?

    • nc

      It sure feels that way sometimes, doesn’t it?

    • Stephen L. Hall

      But do these people have to move their whole cities just to make sure that Obama is never wrong?

  • ogama843

    Why is Obama going on a bus tour? I thought he was already elected and there is no more need for campaigning.

    • grais


      That was funny!

    • ObamaFail

      Obama learned a long time ago that campaigning is the only thing about being President he’s actually good at. That and killing jobs.

    • alanstorm

      Cut him some slack. Campaigning is one of his only skills.

      The other is lying, which sure helps with the campaigning.

  • Axelgreaser

    AND OBAMA DOESN’T KNOW IF THE CAROLINA’S ARE IN THE GULF OF MEXICO OR SKIRTED BY THE ATLANTIC! It’s the result of generations of Demotards skipping their vegetables and staying too long in the Choom Wagon. And, what’s with the bus tour? How many conveyances does this man require to rehash the same old lies? What next, skywriting: “You Can Keep Your Doctor….Obamacare Is Deficit Neutral…Rush Revere Says Drink Two If By Tea.” It’s always the sponsors of skywriting that are more interesting.

  • Marty Luther

    It’s not MSNBC’s fault. That’s the map they got from the Obama Bus Tour Czar.

  • Just Another Guy

    When your “leader” has 57 states to deal with….

  • Just Another Guy

    That’s what happens when you use Microsoft Maps …..

  • Snarky D

    Have they blamed global warming and predicted future geographical shift yet?

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    If Twitchy’s map is correct, Scranton would be right next to Promised Land State Park…It’s actually a little further west (I’ve been to Promised Land once, camping…)
    That being said, KING FINK OBAMA and his lapdog Media Cronies must be in a “New York State of Mind” #BillyJoel #Turnstiles #MusicTriviaTime over his visit there… XD Jawamax 8<{D}

  • mapache

    The t-shirt done for the Jimmy Buffett concert after hurricane completely eliminated a gulf state from the map…..facts are stubborn things but not to liberals.

  • socalcon

    Math… er… English… doh… Geography is Hard.

    Thanks to Liberal Union Public Education.

  • socalcon


    Raise the minimum wage?

  • BoltUp

    Everything is subjective in the age of Obama.

    Apologies to all who use the word subjective, as it has now been added to the code-word list for racism…

  • Axelgreaser


    • AAABTonto

      MSLSD could f*ck up a train wreck ….

  • Nancy DeVisser

    Maybe Obama will follow this map and get lost. HOW LUCKY EVERYONE WOULD BE

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    C’mon, facts smacts, all you need to know is Obama’s on tour. Or, as Pelosi would say, “You’ll find out where he is when he gets there.”

  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    Looks like that NTSB intern found another internship.

  • DaMav

    Hah hah, that Sarah Palin is sooo.. oh, wait a second.. forget it

  • Stephen L. Hall

    Between this and Obama’s relocating cities from the Atlantic to the Gulf, Cartography is dead.

  • Rcfx1

    The US is his adopted home. He’s not going to know it as well as his homeland.

  • bbroome62

    OT Huffington Post is trying to drive a wedge between conservatives and the Asian minority. It think their code word for conservative is “white”. Please read and tell me if I am off base in my interpretation of this article.

  • jwmiller

    Prog Geography just like Prog Dictionary. No doubt-It’s a ‘misspoke’. @msnbc

  • bill_a_bob

    With that Publik Screwl Edumakation I guess they were never too good at geometry

  • bill_a_bob

    Look like they’ll need a Fareed Zakaria GPS to find those places on the map.

  • bill_a_bob

    Is Special Ed taking them on his “short” bus?

  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    Sad part is that after insulting their city, most Buffalonians will still get their “newz” from PMSLSD (when not getting it from TMZ or E!).

  • eeddggy

    MSNBC should hire a terrorist for future geography expertise. I’m sure they know and like a few as they share a hatred for America.

    How inept can this collection of Crazies be. They can now add Geography to the long list of shortcomings they possess.

  • sickofitall1096

    Math, Geography, Economics…is there anything that libs are competent at other than being ignorant, smug, racist, completely out of touch nimrods?

  • OLLPOH ~ America

    Attended the same Geography classes that O did and passed with a D -, .

  • TDS

    Here’s hoping he follows that map…

  • Melanie Oberg

    “I was just following the maps put into place by George W Bush”

  • Andy Rigo

    This is what happens when MSNBC uses voter registration data to pinpoint cities.

  • JR48

    It’s not four cities that are incorrect on a map. As there are a total of four cities on the map, it would better to say that ALL of the cities on the map are misplaced. OR that none of them are correct.

  • OneStoryteller

    Geez, I wonder where they would’ve placed Rochester.

    • FedUpLibBS

      Rochester is West of PITTSBURGH, I guess… </ sarc off

  • Ailsa Nordstrom

    Idiocracy, here we come!

  • Friode28

    NYC, Washington DC and LA are the only ones that matter to them.

  • Jim Denney

    It seems obvious that the displacement of these cities is due to exploratory fracking; imagine what might have happened if they had allowed more wells. /sarc

  • OLLPOH ~ America

    Folks we have to tell the
    C.reeps…. that they need

    Not To Worry as NSA will incorporate U.S. Marine to be Obamao Marine1 Bus Driver…
    as You Know they are a.k.a. as Marine1 Umbrella Holders, Marine1 Osprey Obama Snack1 and Executive Basketball Delivery Service!

    And should they get lost (we hope) the will blame the Marines.

  • pgson

    Failings of our Public School system on display. The dumbing down of generations worse and worse each year, also on display. It’s Idiocracy playing out before our eyes. Liberal, progressive communists (Fabian Socialists, if you like) on display. They don’t consider geography important, only hate and bigotry, anything that leads to America falling.

    • pgson

      They also probably got word to place those real American everyman cities on his bus tour route, to hide that he’s really only visiting multimillion dollar gated communities, like he did before the election in his communist black and red buses.

  • bo1921

    You don’t really expect the typical TV graphics person to know anything about geography, do you? That’s what their “smartphone” is for. Come on, geography is so 20th century.

  • ibiwisi

    Gotta love Obama. Always looking for new vacation spots. Now he has an excuse to visit the Adirondacks. Not exactly Martha’s Vineyard, but still, very nice.

  • ibiwisi

    I wonder if Gov. Cuomo is worried that Obama’s handlers don’t know where Albany is, either? I’m guessing Cuomo wanted to get an audience with the Anoninted One to tell him how well gun control is doing in this state.

  • ibiwisi

    And yes, I meant “ANOINTED” One…dyslexic fingers….

  • Mike V.

    Lean forward, fall flat on your face. MSNBC, aka Romper Room. Martin Bashir needs the American classroom for a change.

  • ibiwisi

    MSNBC, worst network in the history of broadcasting, #1 supporter of the worst prez in U.S. history. Like attracts like.

  • Freedom_Isnt_Free

    Could Obama possibly have provided the map of his tour? After all, he doesn’t know how many states we have!

  • Richard Willey

    They are not only totally biased , they are dumber than stumps…

  • I M Free

    MSNBC staff are products of liberal educational system. Remember 57 states?

  • John Andrews

    I guess they should have picked up a geography book a few times instead of re-reading Karl Marx 100 times.

  • ObamaFail

    Obama’s taking a bus tour to talk about how he’s got a plan to strengthen the middle class, followed by him returning to D.C. where he will put more policies in place that hurt the middle class and the poor.

  • TDS

    They were obviously using their copy of ‘Obama’s Atlas of the 57 United States’ (now with updated maps of the Gulf States of South Carolina, Georgia, and Wyoming!)

  • Bryn Watkins

    It’s hard to understand how you could make those mistakes, unless you just didn’t care about truth and accuracy, which basically sums up MSNBC.

  • Mark_Krieg

    Now which one of the 57 states is Buffalo actually in?
    Number 53 right?

  • Walknot

    The deal was; they could anounce the visit of the POTUS but they would have to disguise the actual location of the cities for security reasons…

  • right_on

    First, fuzzy math. Now, fuzzy geography. That explains MSNBC’s fuzzy logic on all things political, and adaptation to progressive points of view. I wonder, if the question of Obama’s eligibility to run for president, you know, the “natural born citizen” question, is, in their view, fuzzy constitutionality?

  • Mike

    It’s to throw off domestic terrorists who only learned geography through our progressive government schools.

  • John Ploth Lutes

    MSNBC is still on the air??

  • jukin

    These are the people that are smarter than you, just ask them.

  • Bob Nelson

    From where his native Buffalo was placed, Tim Russert must be rolling over in his grave

  • Pendy1

    MSNBC anchors were educated in public school. What do you expect?

  • Julierae2332

    They’ll figure out a way to blame Republican’s for this.

  • World B. Free

    There’s a new troll among us (Kizone Kaprow) and we seem to have struck a nerve with him/her/it.

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    Meh. Fox News doesn’t even know where EGYPT is.

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    Fox News also has a problem with Arkansas and Missouri.

    • FedUpLibBS

      Looks like Government run Public Schools at it’s finest… you point out 2 example of 1 mistake… but 4 at the same time???
      Stupidity, thy name is LIBERAL.

  • ibiwisi

    Does anyone really wonder why the Dem’s symbol is the jackass?

  • NotaLemming

    So that thing we heard about a Brain Drain. I guess we don’t have to worry about the News Networks. Those brains checked out a LOOOOOOOOOOooooonnng time ago.

  • FedUpLibBS

    Collective intelligence of NYC … NOTHING Exists West of the Hudson River.. and the area between the Hudson River and I87 is ..”Upstate”

  • stillinthe60s

    Shouldn’t the title of that slide be Obama Buzzed Tour.

  • ibiwisi

    Frankly I wish some of the news networks WOULD get a clue as to where Buffalo is, and start giving the area more coverage. I’m a resident of a Buffalo suburb, and if any of the news networks would send a couple of reporters over this way for a few weeks to look around, I can guarantee that they’d find a lot more to report on than just the weather, starting with the foundering Buffalo school system, which is a train wreck and a disgrace.

  • wdfmap76

    Why are liberals so bad at geography???

  • David Brown

    In all fairness, I give them credit for even knowing there is an upstate N.Y., it only took Barry 5 years to learn that

  • David

    Yeah, but I’ll bet those MSNBC geography wizards could accurately pinpoint the 57 states Obama has visited.

  • bluewaternavy

    I’m waiting ’til they have NYC smack in the middle of Gardiner’s Bay. Ought to be soon at this rate….

  • Dencal26

    Scranton should be directly under Binghamton. Binghamton needs to be moved west and Scranton east.

  • Scotty G.

    Seems MSNBC has hired the same graphics designers who did such a great job at the Democrat National Convention.

  • littleones

    Does this mean he won’t actually be going there?