New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie took some time to eulogize James Gandolfini on Twitter tonight, which we guess is appropriate considering that both the actor and his best known role were iconic in the state. While the tributes to Gandolfini himself are in order, we can’t help but wonder if mob boss Tony Soprano is the image that Christie wants other Americans to have of New Jersey. Still, we’ll give him this one. Gandolfini was one of the greats.

  • Ben Bollman

    Trying too hard methinks, Chris.

    • Rightturn

      The dude’s friend just died- no need to be a douche.

      • ⚔Christophuh⚔

        people die all the time.

      • Ben Bollman

        Christie is just kissing up to the celeb worshippers, also they were acquaintances at best.

        • Zanshi

          Dude! Chris Christie *is* a celebrity worshipper! Didn’t you see his reaction to Bruce Springsteen?

          • Ben Bollman

            I agree, I have no love for Christie and think he is pretty much a Democrat.

    • GrindingMills

      Jersey is a pretty possessive and very proud state. I’m definitely giving him this one.

      • wwbdinct

        For the record, I am a huge fan of The Sopranos and when the show ended I cancelled HBO because there was no point continuing to pay for the other crap that they have on there. I’m also repulsed by MTV’s Jersey Shore. But Christie slammed Jersey Shore and felt it was an insult to New Jersey and to Italians yet he praises The Sopranos and James Gandolfini’s character which is a completely stereotypical portrayal of New Jersey as well. It’s hypocritical. One statement would have sufficed. Christie is just a star struck hack.

        • GrindingMills

          I’d say a strong majority of Italians are repulsed by Jersey Shore. If they don’t like the mafioso content of The Sopranos, most do see the brilliant writing and great characters. Certainly one of HBOs finest.

          • grais

            They may be repulsed by it, but it is a true depiction of what descends on us every summer.

        • grais

          Speaking as someone from the coast of NJ, (I refuse to use the other term, which is used by folks Not of the coast of NJ), I agree with you. Except that I would never watch the Sopranos or that other, most God-awful show that depicts everything that ruins the coast of NJ every summer.

      • Ben Bollman

        Proud of his state being full of mobsters?

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    4 soldiers died in Afghanistan on Monday.