RedState Editor Erick Erickson said today that he is “prayerfully considering”  a primary challenge to U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss, a Republican from Georgia. Erickson has been forcefully advocating for a primary challenge to Chambliss on RedState, and said today on his radio show that “serious people” have approached him about becoming the challenger himself. Peach Pundit editor Charlie Harper broke the story online, and has been in personal contact with Erickson about the subject. Here’s his take:

I’ve traded a couple of texts with him and would say this isn’t a publicity stunt. Nor has he decided he’s running and is being coy about it. It’s something he needs to think about. So he will.

Reaction so far has been mixed:

This is apparently a recent development, as one week ago Erickson forcefully shot down the idea when someone mentioned it on Twitter.

So, are you ready for the first blogger in the United States Senate?

Update: Erickson tweets about how he would vote if he were Senator:

* * *

Update: Georgia Tip Sheet has the audio from Erickson’s show. A partial transcript:

For a week now, I’ve been getting calls to see if I would challenge Saxby Chambliss, once he really got into the whole ‘raising taxes issue,’” Erickson said in the opening segment of his radio show Tuesday. “Well, the pace quickened. I got a lot of people pledging a lot of money in the last couple of days if I did something like this. And I’ve been very adamant, I wasn’t going to do it, but after a few conversations today with a few heavy hitters in Washington, D.C. and some here in Georgia, I should at least consider it.



  • Danny Wheeler

    A conservative blogger for US Senate?! I’m game?

  • BeyondPolls

    What about Herman Cain?

    • talkradio200

      I’d go for that. I like Cain more than I like Erickson.

      • BeyondPolls

        Yeah, and Cain needs to win a small election before he goes for POTUS again.

  • Terry in GA

    Read my lips: It’s time for someone who understands that NO means NO!!!

  • kate_middleton

    No thanks.

  • ember

    Someone needs to replace Saxby Chambliss. I’m tried of being represented by a guy that thinks I should be honored to live in his area. HE should be honored to serve and actually listen to what the people want. He lost my vote with his email saying he didn’t call for Eric Holder’s resignation over F&F.

  • Brian Roastbeef

    No idea who should primary Chambliss, but I gotta admit I would appreciate the “liberal heads exploding” value of a Sen. Erickson…

  • SpinMeNot

    In other news … Harry Reid is rushed from the Ritz to Bethesda apparently in some form of convulsive apoplectic fit.

    • Brian Roastbeef

      Is he “infirm?”

  • goldwater89

    Yeah, let’s throw away another Senate seat like Nevada, Delaware, Missouri and Indiana.

  • radjahshelduck

    I should run. My TV spots will show me doing pushups, with the voiceover saying “What kind of Senator will Georgians get if they vote for radjahshelduck? They’ll get a Senator who stands up for all the great men and women of the state, whether they live in Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Albany, Athens, Columbus, Valdosta, or any place in between. They’ll get a Senator who will stand up to President Obama and tell him to stop hanging around with George Clooney and Eva Longoria and do his damn job. They’ll get a Senator whose hobby is reading books about the United States Constitution, not golfing with wealthy donors.” Then the camera focuses on my sweaty face and I add “And they’ll get a Senator who can do 150 pushups in two minutes, which you know none of the Democrats with their girlish little liberal bodies can do!” Think I could win with an ad like that?

    • Danny Meeker