It looks as if Twitchy caused a minor dust-up in the nation’s capital today. Will Sommer of the Washington City Paper took notice of our post mocking the photo ID requirement at Marion Barry’s Thanksgiving turkey giveaway — and caught the attention of Marion Barry himself!

The ex-con ex-mayor thinks we’re heartless for dissing his turkeyfest, but we have nothing against giving turkeys to the poor. We just think it’s a bit odd that he needs a photo ID to protect his turkeys from people who don’t live in his city council ward (yes, he’s still on the city council). Yet, somehow he doesn’t seem to think that our sacred voting rights deserve the same protection.

The back and forth between him and the City Paper reporter got especially interesting after the reporter seemed to suggest that the photo ID requirement is unfair.

At this point, the paper’s editor had to cut in and say that the intent was really to mock us here at Twitchy. 

Really, Mike Madden? Did you have to ruin all the fun?

Oh well, don’t mind us. We’re just a little conservative website. The opportunity to kiss up to a notoriously corrupt politician is well worth throwing us under the bus!


Shorter Marion Barry:



Thanksgiving suppression? Marion Barry giving away free turkeys; Photo ID required

Marion Barry: we must do something about the ‘dirty’ Asians; update: Barry doubles down

  • irishgirl91

    This turkey give away is covered every year in the local media and every year they find people who turn around and sell the turkey. This ward is so poor and violent, they deserve better than Barry, but they keep electing him because he does stuff like this. True “boss” politics.

  • SpinMeNot

    That is because there is no crack here … somebody get some crack, and will you all please start being a bit more slutty.

    Sorry, I apologize … really, I … shucks.

  • FreedomRecon

    Sad that he doesn’t even understand the hypocrisy of demanding id for a turkey but not to vote.

    • Brett McMicken

      not to mention the irony of an i.d. to get a turkey and no i.d. to vote for obama

      • Pete Futz

        So, they all got two turkeys.

    • $1014973

      Well, it would help if Marion actually knew what hypocrisy was. As it’s not a form of black tar heroin, he’s in the dark.

    • disqus_eric

      Probably too stoned on coke.

  • Michelle

    Drugs are bad. This is your brain on drugs.

    • $1014973

      Drugs are bad. Mmmkay.

  • soJa

    Why am I not surprised these people are too dumb to realize the irony of the photo ID requirement? More likely they do and that’s why they turn it into “you don’t want poor people to have turkey”. Obviously you are just racist and hate poor people.

  • ricci

    quick someone get ahold of the attorney general william holder and have him do something isnt this disenfrancising i mean thats what they say voter id laws are….here here congressional hearings even……we must get to the bottom, of this very serious matter

  • Jeff Douglas

    I just hope Moron Barry makes sure those turkeys are tested for dihydrogen monoxide contamination before they are handed out.

  • Cosmic Girl

    Just tweeted the following to Marion:

    “Good grief! They’re mocking your hypocrisy not poverty. You want ID to get turkeys, but no ID to vote”.

    • Hiraghm

      And how are poor turkeys supposed to get ID in the first place?

  • Mama Bear

    Dear Marion,
    Go hit the crack pipe.


    Twitchy Readers

  • $1014973

    I was going to care about the people in Marion’s district, but then I didn’t.

  • traffic_robot

    For an explanation of Barry’s logic, may I suggest a viewing of The Nine Lives of Marion Barry. How people can fail upwards like this…

  • TugboatPhil

    Barry commenting on the Twitchy post about his ID for Turkeys: “The b**ch set me up!”

  • TocksNedlog

    Santa Barry is coming to town. Make sure you leave out some milk & crack for his arrival!

  • TocksNedlog

    Here’s an idea: How about you find the people of your ward some JOBS? Then they can afford their own turkeys.

    • BananaCharger

      No, it’s much better to keep them on the lib plantation. No freedom for you, just a free turkey, and a bamaphone.

  • o0Nighthawk0o

    Wonder if he will be dropping them out of a helicopter ala WKRP??

    • Jimni27

      “With God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!”

      • Steve_J

        Difficult to say which was funnier in that episode. That quote or Les Nesmans coverage of the event (remininscent of the Hindenburg disater).

        • Jimni27

          Definitely Nessman!

  • Christian Collins

    “Twitch(y) set me up!” – M. Barry

  • tsluf273

    No love for Twitchy, because all of his love goes to crack.

  • Streetiebird

    lol Michelle’s hate makes the news again. What a turkey!

  • Greg Mayfield

    Give a person a turkey, they eat for a day.. Allow a person to vote without ID, govt. will provide for a lifetime

  • gman213

    Was Barry’s tweet sent from his “Crackberry” or his Obamaphone?

  • EastValleyConservative

    Twitchy is so insignificant that it keeps raising the hackles of the left. :)