Things got a little heated during Joe Biden’s State of the Union address last night, with some Republicans going the extra mile to make their feelings toward him known.

Many liberal viewers couldn’t believe what they were seeing and hearing. One of those viewers was Heather Cox Richardson, a historian and history professor at Boston College. What she witnessed last night had her clutching her pearls so hard that her necklace popped right off:


Have the Republicans no shame? Have they no decency???

Well, Heather, we didn’t exactly come to this point overnight. And Republicans certainly didn’t get here on their own.

Does she even remember? Isn’t it literally the job of a historian to know what happened in the past? Like, according to her Twitter bio, Heather “[studies] the contrast between image and reality in America, especially in politics.” And yet she clearly has an image of Democratic politicians during Donald Trump’s presidency that just doesn’t line up with reality.

No kidding.

Actually, Heather the Historian hasn’t forgotten about how Democrats behaved while Donald Trump addressed the nation; she just thinks it was good and fair when the Democrats did it:

And there it is, folks: it’s (D)ifferent when it’s Democrats.

Once again, we have liberals defending Democrats who helped set a precedent that they want to revoke when the GOP has an opportunity to take advantage of it. We saw it when liberals and Democrats pitched fits over Eric Swalwell, Adam Schiff, and Ilhan Omar getting removed from their respective committees — according to the precedent set by House Democrats under Nancy Pelosi — and we’re seeing it again here.

Either it was also wrong when Democrats booed Donald Trump, or it wasn’t and it isn’t when Republicans boo Joe Biden, either.

That move by Pelosi made Joe Wilson’s “You lie!” moment look downright tame.

And Heather was right there with them, shouting at Trump through her TV.

Heather Cox Richardson should probably stop calling herself a historian one of these days.



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