There’s absolutely no shortage of media and liberal handwringing over the prospect of Elon Musk taking ownership of Twitter, especially now that he’s actually offered to … take ownership of Twitter. A few examples:

Their outrage is ridiculous enough on its face. But dive a little deeper, and it gets more ridiculous still:

That’s a really, really good point. None of the folks freaking out today expressed anything close to this when other billionaires used their money to buy other major speech platforms. The Kings College professor and Acton Institute Research Fellow Dr. Anthony Bradley can’t help but be struck by the uniquely over-the-top reactions to Elon Musk potentially buying Twitter when such a move would hardly be unprecedented:

It’s fair to ask what makes Elon Musk so much more of a threat to free speech when plenty of billionaires have taken control of other outlets. Particularly since Musk has notably spent a great deal of time and energy advocating for free speech on this platform, while outlets like the Washington Post and the Atlantic have spent a great deal of time and energy arguing that some free speech is more equal than others.

To be fair, Twitter is not the same as a newspaper or magazine, and it has the potential to reach many more people than, say, WaPo. But that doesn’t make the Left’s response to Musk’s offer less hypocritical and dumb.

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