Earlier today, President Joe Biden dismissed the harassment and unlawful filming of Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema in an ASU bathroom as “part of the process.” “It happens to everybody,” he said.

Disgusting remarks aside, we couldn’t help but be morbidly curious about how Jen Psaki would try to spin what Biden said.

This is apparently the best that Psaki could come up with on relatively short notice:

Watch her squirm in response to Peter Doocy’s questions:

Joe Biden’s comments making excuses for the harassment of Kyrsten Sinema were just “shorthanding” what Sinema said in her statement? Come now, Jen. Surely you can do better than that, can’t you?

And while we can at least somewhat appreciate Psaki sticking up for the students whose privacy was also violated, why is she so obviously avoiding condemning the harassment of Sen. Sinema, specifically?

Of course Jen Psaki can’t do better than that.