Remi Kanazi is a Palestinian-American poet living in New York City. We’re not quite sure why he’d live in New York City, given that there are also a lot of Jews in New York City, and Remi doesn’t seem to like Jews very much:

He seems like a reasonable person.

Yep, like we said: totally reasonable.

Which probably explains why actress and fellow totally reasonable person Ellen Barkin would be nodding right along with what he’s saying:

Huh. She seems to have deleted it.

Oh well! Not to worry! We’ve got it right here:



Really, though, what the hell is this “Zionist lie” business? Because usually when we hear terminology like that thrown around, it’s not by someone with great intentions.

Quite a comment she was making.

Quite an attempt to dig her way out of it:

Ellen Barkin apologizes to all other Jews for getting her Zionist lies confused. It happens!

Ignorant antisemitism is pretty on-brand for Ellen Barkin:

Nice gal.