It’s not difficult to make the argument that Donald Trump’s remarks about AOC and her squad this weekend were out of line and that he chose the absolute wrong way to make a point about their history of anti-American rhetoric.

That said, it’s also important to point out the hypocrisy from the media and the Left who have spent the past few days hyperventilating over those tweets. When you consider the rhetoric these pearl clutchers have gotten away with, Trump’s remarks don’t seem quite so notable.

Tweeter @CaptYonah added some much-needed perspective to this mess:

You don’t have to excuse what Trump said in order to acknowledge that this is just who he is. He says awful things on a regular basis. It’s how he operates. But for the media and Left to feign shock at stuff like this while at best ignoring and frequently employing hyperbolic invective against conservatives and Republicans — particularly given their roles in making sure Trump won the 2016 nomination — reeks of intellectual dishonesty and hypocrisy.