As Twitchy told you last night, Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison appeared to endorse the domestic terrorists of Antifa:

Ellison rightly faced a major backlash for that. But according to Newsweek, that backlash was from racist bigots:

Our post on Ellison’s tweet contained plenty of pushback from people who have nothing whatsoever to do with the Alt-Right. But that just doesn’t suit Newsweek’s narrative, now does it?

Opponents jumped on the tweet, with Fox News and other conservative outlets like Gateway Pundit and Alex Jones’s InfoWars covering it, and running anti-Muslim comments underneath the articles.

“A Muslim promoting terrorism is not news,” commenter Supah Cisgender wrote on Gateway Pundit.

Other comments labeled the representative a “terrorist.” Pundits on the far-right also recycled talking points about “antifa,” a catch-all word for leftist protesters that has been associated with dozens of fake news stories since the start of Trump’s presidency.

It’s never a good idea to read the comments section. But the comments section at Gateway Pundit or InfoWars? Come on, now.

In focusing on the reaction from fringe outlets’ comments sections, they disgrace themselves and completely ignore the mainstream conservatives who called out Ellison. Nice, isn’t it? Nicer still, they manage to carve out a little space to downplay the danger posed by Antifa:

“Antifa” is not a group; it is a word used to describe a means of protesting. The protesters involved in the movement have not been even “formally classified” as a domestic terror organization by the federal government. FBI Director Christopher Wray said in late November that some men and women who are inspired by “kind of an antifa ideology” were being investigated by the FBI to the House Homeland Security Committee, but that remark was embedded in a larger discussion about investigating white supremacists—the very people “antifa” protesters are setting out to disrupt.

For a publication with “News” in the name, they sure do suck at journalism.

That’s putting it mildly.

They’re definitely strong contenders.

Not likely.



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