This almost reminds us of Terry McAuliffe doubling and even tripling down on the narrative that parents don’t belong in their kid’s education. Except this from Charlie Crist is so much worse …


It’s a pretty damn easy question to answer, Charlie.

Watching him squirm and spin and avoid answering the question tells us everything we need to know about who Charlie thinks might vote for him. Oh, and if you’re wondering who was asking Crist this question (twice even):

And he refused to answer it. THAT should be the story here, Ernie. Just sayin’.

Christina Pushaw shared it:

We made a similar face.

How could he not just say, ‘No, no I do not support sexualizing first graders in schools.’ THIS ISN’T DIFFICULT, CHARLIE.

That tells us just how gross and disgusting the Democrat’s platform has really gotten.

Right? Protecting children from inappropriate conversations shouldn’t be a bipartisan thing and yet here we are.

Like McAuliffe, we imagine the local teacher’s unions have donated a good bit of money to Crist, and he can’t say something they wouldn’t like. So he’ll hide behind the rambling nonsense about the law to avoid simply saying he’s against the sexualization of six-year-olds.

Classy, right?

They can have him.

This. ^

So much THIS.



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