Imagine thinking Fusion GPS is a group we should take seriously …

They are pretty much where all of the insanity around investigating Trump started and granted, many of us knew better than to take the whole thing seriously (a pee tape, really), but it was somehow enough for Democrats to spend years pretending Trump should be removed from office.

Well, that and their inability to accept he beat the most unpopular and corrupt Democratic candidate in the history of the Democratic Party and considering how disgusting they’ve been over the years, that’s really saying something.

Steele was buying crickets for his lizard when he heard the news.

This can’t be real life, right?


It seems strange looking at this now that Comey and others wouldn’t have taken one look at the dossier and just laughed their a*ses off, ya’ know?

The whole damn thing is a joke.

Don’t anyone tell Schiff! He’ll surely want Nadler to bring the Fusion GPS yahoos in to testify about how the crickets Steele bought for his lizard prove Trump was trying to bribe Ukraine into helping him take down Biden. Wait, Clinton.

At this point who knows. They could try and impeach him over that Rocky gif next … we wouldn’t put it past them.

Wait, so the lizard is code for Hillary Clinton? She is scaly, cold-blooded, and has a forked tongue.

That actually works.

Whoa, mind blown.

Whoa, mind blown AGAIN.

We’re sensing a lizard theme here.

Losing the election in 2016 really and truly broke them.

They do love to project.



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