As Twitchy told you earlier, sounds like the Internet has blocked Infowars.

Ok, so not the entire Internet but several large social media outlets have, including Apple, Spotify, and Facebook.

Prison Planet seems angry at Ben Shapiro, and for no reason …

And little? Hrm.

Of course Ben is going to defend Infowars, even if he thinks the outlet is a ‘flaming dumpster fire’. Like most Conservatives, he seems to understand the importance of defending all speech, especially speech we may not agree with. Sure, any outlet that claims that fluoride in the water is turning frogs gay or babbles about vampire goblins (we’re not even making that up) might cause people to question how legitimate they really are but hey, if CNN deserves to be on Facebook so does Alex Jones.

Just sayin’.

All kidding aside, even if you’re not a fan of Infowars (or if you are), when these big social media companies start banning one outlet it’s a seriously slippery slope (say that five times fast). That’s why Ben and others like him are defending Infowars because to Prison Planet’s point, who’s next?



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