Sounds like activists are forming websites outside of Twitter as a ‘meeting place’ for the resistance to work on banning certain Conservative accounts by putting more popular folks on lists for targeting.

For example, this group has a ‘Most Wanted’ list, which is actually pretty creepy phrasing when targeting individuals for what they think:

Seems it’s not just ‘right-wing’ they are targeting, but anyone and everyone they disagree with.

Tammy Bruce shed some light on these nasty cockroaches:

Gosh, groups are looking to target Conservatives on Twitter.

We’re so shocked. *eye roll*

Surely Twitter will step up and do something to protect these accounts …

HA HA HA, oh man, we crack ourselves up.

Psh, didn’t you get the memo? Truth is racist, sexist, homophobic AND bigoted.

Get with the times, man.

Of course, his followers know, but that doesn’t mean Twitter won’t suspend his account if groups of people are making a concerted effort to report him and others for no reason.

Yup, Twitter is sending out emails to various accounts explaining that evil Russian bots were tweeting and that they are doing everything they can to protect their site from more evil bots.

Meanwhile, plenty of evil accounts like the one targeting innocents for having different opinions remain untouched.

In fact, we’re surprised they haven’t verified the guy making these lists yet.


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