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We regret to inform Chris Hayes that the Today Show used the same Biden clip as the RNC

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is “genuinely unnerved by how often [he’s] seen” the clip of President Joe Biden saying “there is no federal solution” to the Covid pandemic.

Hayes says the “the context of the clip was him doing utterly normal, banal, appropriate backslapping of governors and their role”:

Well, the context is also Biden previously saying *he* was going to shut down the virus to now, at best, saying we’re in this together with the states which is something President Donald Trump was saying all along:


And maybe Hayes can call somebody he knows over at the Today Show because they’re also using the same short soundbite for their report?

“What a difference a year makes”:

And spare us any outrage as this is *exactly* what MSNBC did to Trump for four years:




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