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Drew Holden skewers the media with a mega-thread on the NYT's anonymous 'senior administration official'

Twitchy regular Drew Holden has another one of his mega-threads up, this one skewering the media on its prior coverage of Miles Taylor, the not-so “senior administration official” behind the Anonymous op-ed over at the NYT last year:


First up, from the New York Times:

And here’s Mr. Kellyanne Conway:

CNN, of course:

And we told you about Chris Cillizza last night:


Bloomberg news speculated that it could’ve been VP Mike Pence:

NewsWEAK has entered the chat:

They even did an article on Michael Moore suggesting it was President Trump who wrote the op-ed:

From the Washington Post:

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes with a take that has not held up well:

The Atlantic’s David Frum called it a “constituional crisis”:


Tom “the expert” Nichols:

Of course Dan Rather weighed in:

As did Kurt Eichenwald:

25th Amendment hardest hit:

So, was there ever an “uprising”?

And more!


The Times really does have to answer for this. It’s bad:


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