Things got off to an early start as fans from around the region traveled to Philadelphia for today’s Super Bowl victory parade. 4:30 a.m. and it’s lit:

A reported 3 million fans are in attendance:

And here are some of the best things we’ve seen…

There’s the pope:

Thankfully, we didn’t actually see this, just read about it:

And there are many, many references to Nick Foles and the alleged length of his, well … you can figure it out:

Including this two young ladies with “Big D*ck Nick” tattoos on their lips:

More “Big D*ck Nick” fans:

ESPN’s Mike Golic reports that one fan broke his own finger in order to get out of work and attend the parade:

Tom Brady was mocked, as you’d expect:

Winner of the parade’s most poignant moment:

Early on the route, players and coaches actually hopped off the team bus to meet with fans…

…but Philly Police quickly put a stop to that as a safety issue:

Porta-potty run!

Here’s Eagles’ star OL Jason Kelce cursing while singing the “We’re from Philly” song:

And then he borrowed one of the cops’ bikes:

Some are wondering when one of the Philly fans will eat horse poop, like they did after the Super Bowl:

Well, with this could give them the munchies. Hopefully that stick to pretzels and cheese steaks:

More Tom Brady mockery, with broadcaster Chris CollinsWORTHLESS thrown in:

Even the younger generation is involved, but safely at home:

You can follow along live here: