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Biden Pardons Turkeys, Talks About 'Ripritney's Tour,' and... WHAT?


Today at the White House the annual tradition of pardoning a pair of turkeys took place. Dana Loesch thought maybe Hunter might try to sneak his way into the line:


Hunter apparently wasn't there, but the turkeys and plenty of people who must have been confused at times were on hand:

Biden acknowledged his 81st birthday, and... well, let him tell you what happened:

Also, another Biden-ism dropped today:

That's quote's got solid Kamala energy!


Biden also took a crack at talking about pop music, and guess what happened next:

That appears to be what happened unless there's somebody on tour named "Ripitney":

A question about the hostages being held in Gaza was also answered, though somewhere Antony Blinken probably made that face he makes when Biden talks to the press. 


"Mr. President, is a hostage deal near?"


Biden left the event quickly but at least he didn't appear to be lost this time:

Has the Biden White House yet started gaslighting about how much money they've saved us on Thanksgiving dinner this year? 


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