The Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it many calls to “trust the science” (Dr. Fauci has even claimed that he IS the science), all while the constantly moving goalposts, one-eighties and nonsensical edicts have sparked a fresh round of skepticism.

Actor Rainn Wilson of “The Office” fame wonders what happened:

First of all, “EVERYONE” loved and trusted scientists?

As for the last few years, there are so many ways to respond to what Wilson’s astonishment that everybody doesn’t just “trust the science and scientists”:

It’s really that simple. Many in the replies also blamed Fox News, Reagan etc., but the real reasons are quite simple…

Political agendas thinly disguised as “science” aren’t difficult to spot (well, for some they are obviously).

Political agendas? What political agendas?

Things like this also add to the skepticism:

The “Chicken Little” factor hasn’t gained the science community or the media that uncritically cover it any extra credibility.